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Find out more on how to upload your content, promote yourself to tour operators and monetise to fund your travels by becoming a tourhub influencer.

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Our team review the content daily, and will be in touch via Email and Instagram. We have an audience of 1.5million on socials, and work with over 700 travel operators as partners who will also see your content!

If that's as far as you'd like to take it, you can upload your content here. Or you can take it to the next stage by earning as an affiliate.

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Here at tourhub we aim to connect travellers with unique and interesting adventures, in order to do this we only work with the best tour operators to ensure we show only the most interesting tours on our website. We also work with a plethora of travel gurus, bloggers & influencers so we have insider knowledge on must see destinations & unique/niche experiences. Our customers have the ability to book any of our 15,000+ tours right on our website!


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Find and promote your niche, your followers are likely to share your interests! Posting a lot of winter adventures? Pick a tour from our site that visits your favourite locations.

Stay authentic, your followers are there because they get value from the content you already post, you're just offering an extra way for them to join in the fun!

Check your insights and review what performs best. Is it engaging Instagram stories? Maybe a link in bio after posting a guide, or a link in a blog. It's different for everyone!

Finding that a link is working particularly well for you? Add it to your highlights, pin it to the top of your feed or keep it accessible on your blog. Think smarter not harder!

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Find out more on how to upload your content, promote yourself to tour operators and monetise to fund your travels by becoming a tourhub influencer.