500Rai Resorts & Tours

We introduce our guest the opportunity to explore the ancient rain — forest, teeming wildlife and towering limestone mountain. Eco-friendly is at the heart of our operation, and we do care for the lake through sustainable waste management, water treatment systems and supporting local fishermen. With the perfect combination of Thai hospitality, we combine this with a comfortable room, at the heart of nature. Couples, families, and all those who appreciate nature will find a home here to explore our beautiful nature-friendly resort. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to 500Rai Floating Resort

Reasons to tour with 500Rai Resorts & Tours

Unique Experience with luxury

Offers you authentic Thai Gastronomy

Community based Tourism Tour

Disconnect to Reconnect

Flexible tailor-made tour

One stop service

Guarantee Best View in Khao Sok Lake

Local develop based tour company on international standard

2 Nights $550 $545
1 Nights $357 $350
1 Nights $300 $290