Expect In Africa Safari

Expect in Africa Safaris is tour company based in northern of Tanzania best-known and most widely trusted tour operator. With a proud of hands-on experience in the travel business, we continue to deliver Quality and Value with a genuine commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We pride ourselves on innovation, flexibility and a comprehensive range of travel services, but our primary focus is always the client. We are irrevocably committed to “telling it as it is” and delivering what we promise. For those of you who have never traveled to Africa or Tanzania, I am sure you have many questions and concerns about safety, health, language, logistics, etc. and we are here to answer all of your questions and help you design an itinerary tailored to your interests. We will help you prepare for your trip, and once you arrive in Tanzania, we will greet you at the airport to begin your African adventure. Expect in Africa Safaris exceptional service from the moment you contact us to the moment you board your plane to head home.

Reasons to tour with Expect In Africa Safari

Years of experience Born and raised as locals, we have acquired superior knowledge rooted from our local as well as guiding experience over the years.

Trained in Customer Service Equipped with exemplary customer service skills that will make sure you will have the optimum African safari experience

Fluent in several languages Each staff is well-versed and able to speak multiple languages fluently including English, French, German

9 Nights $5660
6 Nights $2650
8 Nights $1960
10 Nights $4320
7 Nights $3420
3 Nights $970
5 Nights $1940
7 Nights $1840
5 Nights $6420
8 Nights $4260
7 Nights $3260