Horizon Sail

We at Horizon Sail are a small team of travel experts, passionate about Croatia and all it has to offer! We do Croatian island sailing tours like nobody else. After operating tours in Croatia and Europe for most of our twenties, we came together with one important core value – spreading our love for Croatia globally. We provide laid-back, small group trips for like-minded adventure seekers. Horizon is for people who want to travel in comfort, experience culture and nightlife, while not having to party all day, every day. We love what we do! We believe that Croatia is one of the absolute best destinations in the world and it is hard to not brag about where we work!

Reasons to tour with Horizon Sail

Our Inclusions - Don’t you hate arriving to a trip to find out there’s a whole bunch of extras not included in the trip price? Not on Horizon Sail. Our long list of inclusions is unmatched.

Our Destinations - We have handpicked the best destinations that showcase Croatia’s unique historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage. Of course, we don’t skip any of the unmissable places like Dubrovnik or Hvar

Our Trip Managers - You know that well-travelled friend who always knows the best places to eat, that hidden bar, or the best place to take your insta pic? That’s our Horizon crew. The best in the business

Our Passengers - Our boats are full of people who love to travel, just like us! Passionate travellers from all over the world, who share a sense of adventure and appreciation for this beautiful country. Guaranteed laughter!

Our Environmental Commitment - No Single-use plastic. We understand the importance of protecting and preserving the outstanding natural beauty of this country we love so much.

We are passionate, We are fun, We are sustainable, We respect Croatia, We create memories

7 Nights $1111
7 Nights $1170
7 Nights $1170
7 Nights $1406
7 Nights $1111
7 Nights $1347