Morocco Tour Packages

Morocco Tour packages have been developing a large selection of Marrakech Excursions and desert tours since 1992. These tours cover all the attractions and cities of Morocco in order to allow individual and group travellers to discover the authentic side of Morocco with its deserts, valleys, coasts, and atlas mountains. Our tours and day trips are also well-chosen to offer a real contact with the indigenous people, whether you take a desert tour to meet the nomads of the Sahara, or take a day trip to one of the valleys to have some mint tea with the Berbers of the heights, you will definitely appreciate the ambiance, the hospitality and the warmth of deep Morocco with us. Morocco Tour packages is always innovating to create tailor-made tours for all ranges and budgets, from fancy luxurious tours to low-cost and shared small group trips, but always making sure to deliver a professional service in all aspects. We provide independent travellers with daily Morocco vacation ideas and activities to do in Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, and the rest of Morocco. This includes sightseeing tours, cultural heritage background, desert tours starting from all cities, one-day trips to the attractions surrounding Marrakech. We also organise some wonderful High Atlas Mountains trekking and hiking tours, we have carefully chosen the best routes to push your muscles and lungs to the limit, while enjoying the fresh and cool air of the Atlas heights, and getting an inside look and feel of the indigenous lifestyle. This is truly the best way to enjoy your holiday visiting morocco.

Reasons to tour with Morocco Tour Packages

Comfortable vehicles and professional local guides

Get to know Moroccan culture closely

Small group trips that bring you together with other guests from different countries of the world, give you opportunities to make friends and share and exchange ideas.

Excellent service with the cheapest price.

Enjoy locals hospitality

Our tours combine culture, history, arts, savor delicious Moroccan dishes and more.

Our tours Include the most beautiful landscapes in the mountains, desert and seas.

Excellent choice of accommodation with friendly staff and the best services.

1 Nights $92
2 Nights $142
2 Nights $166 $149
3 Nights $260
4 Nights $317 $301
2 Nights $154 $146
3 Nights $177 $160
5 Nights $449
1 Nights $59 $53
6 Nights $402 $362
11 Nights $1159 $1043
7 Nights $638 $575
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