One Horizon Africa

In 2007, One Horizon was born out of a desire to help people out of generational poverty. A range of sustainable programs emerged which targetted women, grandmas and youth. And to help[ fund the initiatives we invited travelers to become involved. Incredible Holidays One Horizon holidays are incredible journeys. We take you beyond Kenya's famous wildlife parks to the communities and villages that are home to its extraordinary people. One Horizon's sustainable tourism tours are unique opportunities to truly immerse yourself in Kenyan culture as we invite you to visit our programmes and communities. Our tours stir equally emotions, but they conjure a different sort of holiday magic as you laugh, dance and share life experiences with the amazing Kenyans you’ll meet. Some of their stories will touch your heart, but all will inspire you. Simply by travelling with us you are helping to change Kenyan lives.' Our tours are part of the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection – curated, unique, authentic and exceptional once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan travel experiences accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

Reasons to tour with One Horizon Africa

We are a humanitarian organisation which established out tour arm to fund the sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable programs are the bedrock of our work.

We focus on tours that showcase the incredible people of Kenyan (women, grandmas and their families).

Our sustainable programs are funded by the fees that tourists pay.

Our tours emphasis interactions between local Kenyans and travelers

Its Happening Now
4 Nights $2650
Kenyan Culture and Wildlife Holiday
8 Nights $5250
All Things Maasai
1 Nights $1060
Heroes and Heroines of Kenya
2 Nights $1590 $1490
Insights of Kenyan Life
5 Nights $3180 $2980
Together We Can
3 Nights $2120 $1900