Red Rocks Eco Tours

Red Rocks Eco tours is all about the community, the wildlife, tourism & travel thus promoting sustainable tourism through community and conservation program. Our pioneering cultural tourism scheme involves developing our community and promoting our nature preserve through tourism. Red Rocks brings under-served communities into the tourism supply chain and supports community development projects that help people help themselves through our initiatives ( Through our works we have launched many projects, which are helping local community get access to education, health care and sustainable income that honours their traditional way of life. Ours is to provide a sustained, reliable source of funding for the local organisation through the tourism industry. We created a respectful environment where the local community feels comfortable with tourists and work to position conservation as a competitive land use that delivers benefits to local communities, creates jobs, stimulates local micro-enterprise development, promotes local procurement, develops skills and knowledge and ultimately improves livelihoods within the Volcanoes National Park. We would request if you may include us on your itineraries then we promote Ecotourism in Rwanda. Visit our website: for more information about the cultural tours we offer.

Reasons to tour with Red Rocks Eco Tours

Intercultural exchange experiences

Meet the locals

Nature and culture visitation

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