Samegypt tours

*Samegypt tours is the Brand Name and dynamic developed image of the online tourism & travel of Blue Heaven Travel Company under licence No, 2024 from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism plus IATA membership No, 90229801 *Samegypt tours is the flip side of the company that enables all clients to know and book tours, trips, packages, transfers or special tailor made requests in an easy advanced way. *Constantly we work on offering comprehensive and wide selections of holiday packages, complete supporting personally and via phone or social media saving costs of many elements and getting the most competitive rates. *Samegypt tours experience Our staff having a long and extensive experience and have been working with prestigious travel agencies inside Egypt and abroad, team of talented and professional experts under licences from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, membership of the Egyptian General Guides Syndicate with Bachelor Degrees in Tour Guidance & Egyptology. Deep knowledge of every part of destination Egypt *Samegypt tours & Responsible Tourism:- We are deeply committed to Responsible Tourism, offering authentic travel experiences and minimise our impact on the environment, people and places, respecting local people life style, culture as well widely dealing with them and encourage clients to buy their products, eating in local house, hiring drivers, local tour leaders and tour guides. We use Bedouin local desert camps and stations in desert safari tours, we do our best to help in person and financially the wildlife and environmental protection local organizations as well include the local natural reserves visits into our tour packages, Taking responsibility for our actions and trying to spread and encouraging the others for the responsible and sustainable Tourism, train our staff and people so that they can put our policies into practice.

Reasons to tour with Samegypt tours

A well-chosen variety of things to do in Egypt (History, Sea trip, Adventure, Transfers, Nile Cruises and Packages)

Secure online payment under NBE (national Bank of Egypt) or even cash before the event using $, £, €, LE (Egyptian pound) according to the daily bank rate.

Easy online booking or even WhatsApp business lines shown in the contact us page

High quality service as targeting the extreme satisfaction of our esteemed customers

Supper professional guides and Egyptologists with excellent experience of every part of Egypt

Very competitive prices comparing to other tour operators in or outside Egypt

We are available all times 24 hours / 7 days a week in Hurghada, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria

Safety is our priority so why we carefully choose our local suppliers and Drivers

3 Nights $990
1 Nights $340
7 Nights $975
1 Nights $340