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Welcome to Seven Wonders Safaris L.T.D based in Arusha Tanzania. We
organize safaris holidays trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda. The Company is
owned by indigenous Tanzanian couple who are well organized, focused
and dynamic professionals with a deep understanding in the tourism and
hospitality sector by sharing common values.
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Seven Wonders Safaris Reviews

Pete W

Best Guide



Ten days on safari with George Mollel ("Mollel") in Tanzania will never be forgotten. Along with exploring five parks (Arusha; Tarangire; Manyara; Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti) in addition to Leakey's Olduvai Gorge and a Maasai Village (with school in session), we saw and identified over 200 species of birds, saw the BIG 5 in under three hours, witnessed a lion kill and took over 5000 pictures of amazing wildlife and Tanzanian culture under his guidance and direction. Next time I'm able to embark on another African Safari my first and only choice for Safari Guide will be George Mollel.


Great experience with great nature!



We were extremely happy with our journey. Thanks to our guide, Hoza, and our chef, Godson. Hoza is a person who is both strict and polite yet very professional and informative about various topics. Though the tour company is known for highly skilled tour guides, it is rare to find a guide such as Hoza, who is a professional and can care for all customers. I enjoyed casual conversation with Hoza about lifestyle in Tanzania which was eye-opening. All meals prepared by Godson were delicious! Especially I loved the zucchini soup which I now regret not asking him a recipe. I think he tried his best to cook food that accepted by most diversity, which included spaghetti to rice. I appreciate that, but I wanted to enjoy some of more local recipes too! The tour itself was equally good! With our tight schedule, Everlyn, the coordinator, restructured the whole travel so that we would not miss a thing while we are in great nature which was truly thoughtful. We saw the big five, the great migration of zebras and wild beasts, the endless plains of Serengeti, the animal paradise of Ngorongoro. Each of the experiences was astonishing. Everything I saw made me speechless. This tour truly is a life experience. Though--I cannot emphasize more that this is none of the tour company nor guide's fault, yet, unfortunately, our travel companions were (simply put) terrible. They were gullible, arrogant, filthy, ugly, uneducated, and shameless African Americans who cannot respect this great nature but constantly murmur about the most trivial "problem" they can find to bother both the guide and other customers. (If you happen to be one of those who cannot show some respects to the locals/culture or only care about how many "likes" your selfies can get, do me a favor and don't travel at all. They are truly a cancer of tourism.) I feel sorry for Hoza for what he had to go through; regardless, he tried his best to accommodate all those uneducated swine while trying to be fair to the rest of the pack. That is, after driving more than 11 hours of bumpy roads of safaris! It was truly shameful! I feel sorry for the tour company, that a customer can freely pick a company, but not vice versa. All in all, we were very happy with what we experienced and all of the services which we receive from Seven Wonder Safari and Hoza. With all the hospitality which they offered, we now only wish to come back again to Tanzania in the future (perhaps with longer periods with a little more flexible schedule), and when we do, hopefully, we do have a better tour companion.


Well Planned Unforgettable Trip to Rwanda



This past February we traveled in a small group to Rwanda through Seven Wonders Safaris. Evelyn could not have been more helpful with her guidance for our tour of this beautiful country. After arriving late in the evening we went directly to our hotel Chez Lando which was great. Our guide, Nicholas Kanyesigye met us early the following morning at the hotel. He was quiet and kind and as we all got to know each other better he had a great sense of humor, was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We were in an elephant traffic jam in Agakera National park and he knew exactly what we had to do. The accommodations were all unique and exactly what we wanted. The food at each location excellent. The trek in Nyungwe National Park to see the chimpanzees and in Volcanoes National Park were memories none of us will soon forget. Just outstanding. Rwanda is a beautiful country with incredible people. Be sure to put it on that bucket list. You will not be sorry. Thank you to Evelyn and her staff for a well planned vacation to Rwanda.

Troy Gladwell

Seven Wonders Safari gave us an Amazing experience. Thank you Evelyn and George!



We had a seventeen day safari with Seven Wonders. Words can't describe just how wonderful the experience was or how great Seven Wonders Safaris was. Evelyn and George met us in Rowanda and Nicolas took us to our Gorilla trek. We were there for five days with one day of Gorilla trekking. We did get to see the Gorilla's in the wild and it was an amazing experience. The tourism for the Gorilla's is providing the funding that is helping to preserve their habitat and protect them. We also did a walking tour in Kigali that was very good. We were in Rowanda for 5 days and flew to Arusha for another 12 days driving with George. He was AMAZING. One of the kindest men you will ever meet. His Love, Knowledge and Passion for the animals and joy at being able to share them with his guests was evident in his every action. His ability to spot animals at great distances while navigating rough roads was uncanny. He has some sort of Spidy sense! He wanted to take us off the beaten paths and give us a more authentic experience. We went back and forth with Evelyn early on to customize our trip and accommodations. She was wonderful to work with and delivered an incredible experience. We wanted a local, smaller, Tanzanian based safari company and feel so lucky that we entrusted this once in a life time experience with Seven Wonders Safari's! Advice; We upgraded a few hotels and were very happy with our accommodations but I would discuss having hotels close to the game drives or even tented camps closer to the game drives. Make sure the company does not have mileage limits. Seven Wonders does not but some companies limit how many miles their guides can drive. This can mean that you may not get out away from the crowds. Bring more cash for tipping. Small bills, lots of 5's. You can easily go through $1,000 a week in tips. And if you get George as your guide you will want to tip him as much as you can...... Thank You Evelyn and George, from the bottom of our hearts. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Kari Mustahlati

Unforgettable experience



My wife and I spent amazing 5-day camping safari with Seven Wonders! The communication with Evelyn was very efficient and clear from the beginning. Our guide Hossa was super professional and we saw the Big Five and like 20+ new mammals. Guide's wildlife knowledge, dinner stories and customer understanding were on really good level. He really pushed hard to get a journey of a lifetime. Special thanks to our chef Gottfied also, who managed to prepare delicious dinner in basic camping environment. We saw cheetah family chasing and making a meal of warthogs. Lioness was chasing on buffalos and hyenas feasting on zebra carcass. Authentic and amazing stuff! I had really high expetations to the safari, but all of them were exceeded with 7 Wonders. Highly recommended!

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