The Dragon Trip

We are The Dragon Trip. We expand minds through transformative experiences. We provide meaningful adventures throughout Asia, showing a real side of life through deeply researched trips. We support local communities through sustainable and ethical travel, investing as much as possible into the places we visit. Our Adventure Leaders are experts in their destination. They love their home and their country and take pleasure in introducing it to new travellers - the culture, history and the food. We don't do package holidays. We don't do tourist traps. We do Dragon Trips.

Reasons to tour with The Dragon Trip

We unite global citizens through meaningful adventures

We show a real side of life, through deeply researched and safe trips

We support local communities through sustainable and ethical travel

We are a dynamic, diverse and solution-orientated force for good and our teams encourage trust and growth

Lovingly curated by passionate travellers for passionate travellers.

18-day Shanghai Loop
17 Nights $1611
13-day Budget Japan Tour
12 Nights $2340
31-day Southeast Asia Loop
30 Nights $2175
15-day Hong Kong to Beijing Tour
14 Nights $1362
20-day Vietnam to Cambodia Tour
19 Nights $1376
9-day Beijing to Shanghai Tour
8 Nights $701
25-day China Loop
24 Nights $2037
13-day North India Group Tour
12 Nights $825
18-day India Adventure Tour
17 Nights $1238
8-day Hong Kong to Chengdu Tour
7 Nights $605
12-day Panda Volunteering & Travel
11 Nights $1767
13-day Thailand to Laos Tour
12 Nights $963
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