Trekking Planner

Trekking Planner Nepal is a Government registered company actively involved to provide and to enrich experiences for travellers to enjoy lifetime adventure.

Reasons to tour with Trekking Planner

We never cut corner for the service cost to our clients . It will be our honors to make our clients pleased.

We use Eco-friendly lodges whenever possible. We make sure our porters are not overloaded, are fairly paid and properly insured.

In addition, we donate a portion of our profits back to the community.

Having a team of professionals with extensive experience, we are better equipped with knowledge and information of all the destinations we operate in.

We have customized trip itineraries, fixed departures, priority for safety and security of travelers, and a wide range of travel services.

We provide continuous support and care for our customers and are available at their service as and when required by the customers.

4 Nights $399
9 Nights $790