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About Verdoro Safaris

Our Vision is to become the leading tour company in East Africa while focusing on supporting projects that enhance the lives of communities living near game reserves and parks. We see ourselves creating collaborations with partners that improve the quality of our services to clients and inspire the conservation of ....more

Reasons to tour with Verdoro Safaris

Expect our reply within 24 hours

Yes the price matters alot but guess what?we are so affordable more than you can imagine.

Expect nothing else besides our honest feedback and guidance throughout all your travel.

All humans have different mindsets but when it comes to travelling,we all need a great experience and that is what we do best.

Try other companies if you need anything shady. We guarantee you transparency from day one.

Sit back and relax, we harbour one the most professional teams in this industry. We have your back.



What We Offer

We offer you the best and most affordable tourism packages to the top parks of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi

Bring the beast closer
Bring the beast closer
Priceless moments to remember
Priceless moments to remember

Who is or what is Verdoro Safaris?

Verdoro Safaris is you and our team of experts.We strongly believe that without you, then Verdoro Safaris has no reason to exist and also if we do not work hard to give you a home treat away from home, then there would be need for you to travel.

Our Vision is ....more

Quench your travel desires
Quench your travel desires


Irrespective of being an international brand, a lot of great effort has been dedicated to local tourism promotions particularly in Uganda as well as embracing diversity from the neighbouring countries which has really given us a wider scope of both profitable and none profitable opportunities in the line.

Our bondage/partnerships between ....more

Accreditations and Associations

Verdoro Safaris Uganda, is registered under the Uganda registrar of companies and licenced by the Uganda Tourism Board.

Reg no: 80020003029717

Tax no; 1018682053

The Verdoro Safari inspiration !!!!!

East Africa is well known and loved because of her tropical climate and the rainy seasons throughout the year not forgetting the Equator that crosses through the beautiful Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa. The gorgeous greenery was our great i inspiration to the Verdoro brand. ....more

Quench your travel desires
Quench your travel desires
Beauty in the wilderness
Beauty in the wilderness
The equator breeze
The equator breeze

Our Story

A home treat away from home

The big five
The big five
Revitalise your mind body and soul
Revitalise your mind body and soul
The beauty and the beast.
The beauty and the beast.
Your comfort is our priority
Your comfort is our priority

Covid Policies

In response to the current global COVID-19 outbreak, we have developed the following guidelines for the operation of all our lodges and safari services due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

These protocols are in line with guidelines communicated by the Uganda Ministry of Health and are aligned ....more

Your safety is our priority
Your safety is our priority

Verdoro Safaris Reviews

nshimirimana Patience

Awesome but kind of almost tricked by the public transport


29 Apr, 2021

Voyager c'est grandir. C'est la grande aventure. Celle qui laisse des traces dans l'âme. Mais,Il faudra ameliorer la poinctualité de services au niveau du transport


13 - Day Uganda Safari



Very helpful and knowledgeable of the local attractions within the region and the surrounding areas. First time engagement with this tour operator but never disappointed. Family was all smiles and impressed with the kindness and negotiable prices especially for families. I will definitely recommend them reliable when I used them.




22 Apr, 2021

I was into surprise by the way the team handled my issue while on a tour with my family.Despite the fact that I was a foreigner, they treated my family and I like any other person without extra charges.I will definitely use your services next time.bravo VERDORO SAFARIS !!!!!


Excellent service with easy access to tours and amazing packages.Kudos to the team



The team was very friendly and I was happy with all aspects:Easy to book online,Timely reminders & Prompt response to email questions. They kept me well informed about the trip. Thank you very much. Highly recommend.I will definitely book my future trips with Verdoro Safaris again.


The operator was so nice as I found that he speaks my mother tongue language and many more



I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed the holiday. It has rekindled my appetite for far-flung places! If I travel to Jinja again (which I very much hope to do) I would certainly contact you and would also recommend you to friends. We had some real adventures but it was good to have back-up when we needed it... though my Wi-fi wasn't good in my room of the hotel you booked us..

Frequently Asked Questions

What policies are in place for Covid-19?

Please read our terms and conditions.Our Covid-19 guidelines are included.

Are travellers safe while on this tour?

Uganda is a peaceful country and not at war with anyone.Our traveller's safety is a priority, and they are very safe while on their tours.

What happens if I need to change my holiday date once I’ve booked?

Travellers are advised to communicate in time most recommended 60 days before the travel date.

How long has the tour company been trading?

A year

Who will be my travelling companions on the tour?

Our travellers are accompanied by an expert from Verdoro Safaris.

What Ethical Travel credentials does the tour company have?

Certificate of incorporation, Tourism license

Will the accommodation included meet local health and safety regulations?

All our accommodations

Am I safe in Uganda ?

Yes. Uganda and the whole of East African region are not at war with anyone which makes it a safe zone for tourists.

Can I join the tour once it has departed?


Will the accommodation included meet local health and safety regulations?

All our accommodations meet all the expected health and safety regulations.

Am I contributing to any charity by booking the tour?


What documents will I receive before I travel?

Your payment receipt


Book With Confidence

  • Free Date Changes

    Verdoro Safaris allows you to make 2 free date changes, as long as the change is made at least 60 days before the start of the tour.

  • Transfer as credit to Future Tours

    Verdoro Safaris allows you to transfer existing payments to a future tour to avoid cancellation fees if you can't travel and inform Verdoro Safaris, 60 days before departure.

  • Low Deposit

    Verdoro Safaris requires a minimum deposit of 20% or the full booking value, whichever is less, with the final balance not due until 35 days before departure.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If you need to cancel your tour, tourhub doesn't charge a cancellation fee, here is a summary of Verdoro Safaris charges.

    Up to 60 days before tour starts: 100% of deposit
    At 30 days before tour starts: 50% of tour cost
    At 15 days before tour starts: 100% of tour cost
  • Secure payments

    All payments are deposited into an externally regulated Trust account.

Kampala City Tour
1 Nights $320 $200
37% off
Wild Safaris
4 Nights $1860 $1772
Gorilla trekking
2 Nights $1640 $1448
12% off
Queen Elizabeth National Park
2 Nights $1420 $1353
Uganda tours
3 Nights $1670 $1591
Mountain Elgon Hiking
3 Nights $2200 $1941
12% off
Kidepo National Park
3 Nights $3100 $2753
11% off
Africa Safaris
1 Nights $1020 $829
19% off
Rwenzori Mountain hiking
9 Nights $4000 $3429
14% off
Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Tracking
10 Nights $3100 $2772
11% off
Water Rafting
1 Nights $400 $381