Polar Tours

Once the sole preserve of intrepid explorers, today you can travel to the poles on-board specialist expedition vessels, in comfort. In Antarctica you’ll encounter abundant wildlife including whales, sea lions and vast penguin rookeries, while in the Arctic you’ll see walruses, seabird colonies and perhaps the majestic polar bear. Travelling here can be expensive, but it’s a real once-in-a-lifetime experience, exploring some of the last true wilderness of our planet.

Video - DTW Polar Bear Encounters
Lapland, Finland
South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Saskatchewan River Crossing, Canada
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Minitrekking on the Perito Moreno
4 Nights $1257
El Calafate City
4 Nights $1270
5-Days Adventure Trip in El Calafate
5 Nights $1279
Finnish Wilderness Week
7 Nights $2340
7-Day Aurora Feast in Finland, Norway and Sweden
6 Nights $6699
Visit Abisko, Kiruna and the Lofoten in search of Northern Lights
7 Nights $5503
3-day trip to Northcape and Saariselkä with Kingcrab and Husky Safari
2 Nights $1554
3-day Trip to Norway and Finland: North Cape, Amethyst Mine & King Crab Excursion
2 Nights $1554
2-day trip to Svanstein and Lake Miekojärvi with Aurora
1 Nights $836
7-Day Nordic Christmas Experience Tour in Finland & Norway
6 Nights $5981
2-Day King Crab Seafood Safari to Kirkenes, Norway
1 Nights $1076
Best Value Aurora Viewing | Basic
3 Nights $588
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