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We are delighted to introduce a fantastic “New” Solos week of spectacular walking discovering Europe’s best kept secret, Armenia. This beautiful and fascinating country is a hidden gem situated in the Caucasus mountain region between Europe and Asia. Rich in history, Armenia will certainly not disappoint.

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London to Yerevan (Via Kiev)

Following our late arrival at Zvartnots International airport we transfer to our hotel in the capital Yerevan
Overnight Yerevan
Transfer Time: 20 mins approx. depending on traffic conditions


Lakes, Mountains and a Fortress

After breakfast we check out from the hotel and take our coach transfer to Lake Kari (known as the stone lake) situated on the slopes of Mount Aragats , the highest point of the Republic of Armenia. This is where we start todays exciting walk heading towards the medieval Amberd Fortress. Our route takes us along mountains paths offering us panoramic views across the mountain range and through delightful meadows with varied flora and fauna. We then reach the 7th Century Amberd Fortress. One of the best-preserved feudal castles of Armenia, it is no wonder it’s often described as a gem amongst the medieval architecture of the Caucasus. (entrance fee included). Once we have explored the Fortress we take our coach to our hotel for the night in Odzun in the North of Armenia. Dinner taken at the hotel or local restaurant

Walking Distance: 15km
Descent: 1000m
Grade: Medium
Walking Time: 4.5 hours
Transfer Distance: Yerevan to Lake Kari 60 km , Amberd Fortress to Odzun 150km.
Total Day Transfer Time: 4 hrs

Meals Included: Breakfast Dinner

Monasteries and Hiking the Lori Region

This morning after breakfast and hotel check out, we take our transfer coach to the 10th Century Haghpat Monastery. This UNESCO listed world heritage site occupies a commanding position with panoramic views over-looking the forest-grown slopes of the Bazum ridge. After a tour of this fantastic historical site (entrance fee included) we walk to the ancient settlement of Sanahin known for its unique landmark, the Sanahin Monastery. Again, offering us spectacular views, this ancient UNESCO listed monastery was the original educational centre of Armenia. From here our unforgettable hike continues taking us through fields, canyons, over bridges and discovering waterfalls, all with a backdrop of high cliffs, forested mountains, canyons and gorges leading us to the small medieval village of Anker.
At the end of the walk, we take our transfer coach to Dilijan known for its spa resorts and traditional craft workshops where our hotel for the night is situated. On our way we will have a short stop at a the Molokan village of Fioletovo, where the inhabitants preserve their customs and traditions. Here we will enjoy a special samovar tea while talking to the Molokans who will acquaint us with their daily lives and traditions. Dinner at the hotel.

Walking Distance : 9km
Descent : 200m
Ascent : 220m
Grade : Easy to Medium
Walking Time : 3.5 hours
Transfer Distance: Odzun to Haghpat 20km, Lori Region to Dilijan 90km.
Total Day Transfer Time: 2.5 hrs

Meals Included: Breakfast Dinner

Lakes, Traditions and Gata Making

Today after breakfast and check out, we take a short transfer to the beautiful Lake Parz. Surrounded by forests of which reflect on the surface of the water, creating a “painting” like effect adding to the splendour. From here we start our hike heading towards Gosh Lake and the Goshavank Monastery. The route takes us through meadows, over bridges, along forest paths and through fields where we may see locals mowing the grass by local methods. Once we reach Lake Gosh, we then continue towards the Goshavank Monastery passing through fields and valleys. Along the way we will see several medieval cross-stones, unique to Armenia. From here we will pass an area where we can look for trees covered with white handkerchiefs, a pre-Christian local tradition thought to bring good fortune that still survives today. In Dilijan we will have lunch in a local house and participate in a traditional gata-making class, a traditional Armenian pastry. We then transfer back to Yeravan, taking a short stop on route near the Sevanavank Monastery to admire the amazing beauty of the scenic Lake Sevan and surrounding landscape. Dinner taken at a local restaurant.

Walking Distance: 10km
Descent : 320m
Ascent: 230m
Grade : Easy to Medium
Walking Time : 4-5 hours
Transfer Distance: Dilijan to Lake Parz 15 km, Goshavank to Yerevan 150km.
Total Day Transfer Time: 3 hrs

Meals Included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Trails and Red Rock Canyons

After breakfast we drive to the Vayots Dzor region, to the village of Amaghu where we start todays hike. Our route follows the Bezoar goat trail which takes us to one of the highest points of the Arpa gorge. From here we can admire the spectacular scenery over the canyons and over to the Noravank monastery. There is a view point where we can watch the wild bezoar goats through binoculars. We continue along the Noravank trail which connects Nor Amaghu village to the 13th century Noravank monastery. Along the route we will see ancient ruins of old settlements. The trail continues through the canyon, famous for its red rocks and rare and endangered flora and fauna.
At the end of the walk we take our transfer back to Yerevan. Along the way we stop near the Khor Virap Monastery on the Turkish-Armenian border to take in the views across to the biblical Mount Ararat. Dinner taken at local restaurant.

Walking Distance: 5km
Descent: 267m
Ascent: 206m
Grade :Easy
Walking Time : 2.5 - 3 hours
Transfer Distance: Yerevan to Vayots Dzor region 120 km, Noravank to Yerevan 130km.
Total Day Transfer Time: 4 hours

Meals Included: Breakfast Dinner

Symphony of Stones, Temples and Traditional Baking

After breakfast at the hotel we drive to the village of Banavan where we start our days walking. We head towards the Garni Pagan Temple, the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded building in Armenia. Our route takes us along the Azat river, lined with trees including Walnut trees plus we can also look out and try the blackberries growing along the banks. On reaching the bottom of the gorge, we will find the incredible basalt columns of Armenia, known as the Symphony of the Stones. We will be amazed by the huge basalt rock formations, the highest in Armenia. From here our route takes us up to the 1st Century Hellenistic Sun Temple of Garni (entrance fee included) probably the best known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia. Here we will have the opportunity to take part in the baking of Lavash, a traditional thin bread. From here we drive to the impressive UNESCO listed Gerghard Monastery. This a beautiful medieval structure partly carved into the rock overlooking the picturesque Azat valley. It is described as one of the most beautiful monasteries in the Caucasus. We then head back to our hotel in Yerevan and prepare ourselves for our dinner in a local restaurant.

Walking Distance: 9km
Descent: 120 m
Ascent: 220 m
Grade: Medium
Walking Time : 3 hours
Transfer Distance: Yerevan to Banavan 25km , Temple of Garni to Geghard 10km, Geghard to Yerevan 40km.
Total Day Transfer Time: 1.5 hours

Meals Included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Final Day at Leisure

Explore the beautiful sights of the capital Yerevan at your own pace or perhaps take an optional excursion (payable locally) to Echmiadzin, one of the first Christian buildings in the world constructed in the 3rd century. The trip also includes a visit to the archaeological site of Zvartnots with the 7th century UNESCO Heritage temple. Also included is a visit to the Ararat Brandy factory where you can taste the famous Armenian brandy. Lunch and dinner today (at own cost) can be taken in one of the many traditional hotels in this lovely city.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Yerevan to London (Via Kiev)

Check out and transfer to the airport for our flight home. (Breakfast box will be provided)

Meals Included: Breakfast

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