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Strap on your backpack and leave the hustle and bustle behind with a trekking tour into the wilderness. This is a chance to tick off one of those epic adventures on your bucket list, whether it’s the Inca Trail in Peru, Everest Base Camp in Nepal or an ascent of the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. If a multi-day trek sounds like too much hard work then you can always opt for a more relaxed tour with easier day hikes, visiting destinations as diverse as Slovenia, Thailand and the Canary Islands.

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Popular destinations for trekking tours include Nepal , Peru , India , Himalaya , Argentina , China , Bhutan , Uganda , Tibet and Chile

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13-day Thailand to Laos Tour
12 Nights $972
20-day Vietnam to Cambodia Tour
19 Nights $1389
9-day Beijing to Shanghai Tour
8 Nights $708
15-day Hong Kong to Beijing Tour
14 Nights $1375
12-day Panda Volunteering & Travel
11 Nights $1784
18-day Shanghai Loop
17 Nights $1627
25-day China Loop
24 Nights $2057
13-day North India Group Tour
12 Nights $833
18-day India Adventure Tour
17 Nights $1250
31-day Southeast Asia Loop
30 Nights $2196
8-day Hong Kong to Chengdu Tour
7 Nights $611
16-day Hong Kong Loop
15 Nights $1460
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