Tour Guide: 6 of Europe's best Christmas Markets

Colmar - France

Christmas Markets in France are a whole other experience! Colmar's Christmas markets to be specific, located in the historic town center, ooze a warmth and welcoming environment where you are sure to make some wonderful memories.

Visit the Christmas market in Colmar for a truly 'French' experience. A massive 800 square-meter ice rink and a Christmas-themed rollercoaster can be seen in Place Rapp in Colmar's market. While shopping for locally produced goods and souvenirs, listen to the children's choir as they float around the canals

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Frankfurt - Germany

Christmas markets in Germany are unique. Historical town squares form a romantic backdrop to many markets. In Frankfurt, there has been a Christmas market for almost 600 years. The Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of Germany's oldest and most popular Christmas markets in Europe, with a rich history and traditions.

In fact, the Frankfurt Christmas Market is so wonderful and attractive that a smaller sibling version is held every year in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Edinburgh, which is likely one of the reasons why German Christmas Markets have gained so much international appeal in recent years.

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London - UK

Uk Christmas markets are like a piece of heaven on earth. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a Christmas haven in the middle of London. A Magical Ice Kingdom and an array of comedic acts at its own Comedy Club. The UK's largest open-air ice rink, as well as several pubs and food booths, are available to visitors of all ages.

Enjoy jaw-dropping circus acts and don't miss the opportunity to ride the world's biggest transportable roller coaster, the Munich Looping!

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Zurich - Switzerland

Discover the best Christmas Markets in Switzerland. Sparkling Christmas trees, mulled wine, fairy lights, festive cuisine, chocolate delights, and Christmas songs ring out through the chilly, crisp air are all part of the Zurich Christmas experience. Explore the Zurich Christmas Markets and the plethora of holiday pleasure that this decorated city has to offer.

Right across the country, Christmas markets are the centrepiece of the festive celebrations. The sounds of carol singers can be heard, twinkling lights brighten the sky, a beautiful carousel and festive cheer is in abundance.

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Verona - Italy

​​For many Italian cities, Christmas markets are a new tradition brought from Northern Europe, but some regions offer a more authentic experience. Verona is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year but there is nothing like Christmas for the magic which infuses every part of the city.

With its colourful lights, Christmas trees, decorations and traditional sweet treats, it is very much the most wonderful time of the year! Verona even offers visitors a glimpse of the German city of Nuremberg thanks to the traditional wooden houses of the Christkindlmarket.

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Vienna - Austria

Welcome to Austria where Christmas Markets (Christkindlmarkt) can be found in every major city and town. From mid-November to Christmas, Vienna’s prettiest squares transform into magical Christmas markets. The aroma of Christmas bakery items and hot punch creates a pre-Christmas atmosphere.

One of the most well-known Christmas Markets is the traditional "Vienna Magic of Advent", which turns the City Hall Square into a shining fairytale land. Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets and warming drinks are awaiting you as well as a carousel and craft fun Christmas Workshops for kids. The trees of the surrounding City Hall park are festively decorated and radiate in a sea of lights - a Viennese experience, you'll definitely don't want to miss!

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