Nestled between China and India, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a high-mountainous landmass largely encircled by Himalayan peaks. Its dense, green forests and fertile valleys make it a remarkable place to visit. Some of the world’s highest mountains, including K2 and Everest, rise from the heart of the nation, while a large number of rivers flow through it.


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What do you love most about Bhutan?

"The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon is remote and exotic, shrouded in mystery and magic. Its low-volume, high-value tourism, prides itself on a sustainable approach. "

@maantigo 's Top Tips

"•Travel during a festival celebration •There is a minimum daily spend paid in USD in advance •Selling or buying tobacco products is illegal •Don’t disrespect the Royal Family "

Must pack items for Bhutan

"•A lightweight raincoat is a must - it can rain anytime •Good soled shoes/boots for hiking and walking •Pack clothes ideal for layering. It can be warm and cool intermittently •Sun protection "

@maantigo 's Top Tips

"Travelling around Bhutan is guided only! For all of you nomads that hate the idea - in such a remote location, having a local guide to translate to connect with locals along the way is enriching."

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Bhutan: Druk Path Trek
11 Nights $8399
Wonders of Bhutan Incl. (3-Day) Gangtey Nature Trek
11 Nights $3475
Thimphu Festival - 8 days
7 Nights $4295
Premium Nepal & Bhutan
16 Nights $10070 $9566
5% off
Bhutan Breakaway - 7 days
6 Nights $3485
Bhutan Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
9 Nights $4510
Spirit of Bhutan - 8 Days
7 Nights $1969
Bhutan: Christmas in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
12 Nights $6494
A Cultural Journey With Nature Trek in Central Bhutan
13 Nights $6495
Bhutan Cultural Tour With 2-Day Trek in Bumthang Valley
13 Nights $6310
6 Nights $2970
Best of Bhutan Tour
5 Nights $2500
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