Meet like-minded people who share a passion for the great outdoors and sleeping under canvas. Offering a different perspective on familiar destinations, you'll usually trek off the tourist trail and commune with nature. These trips vary a lot: in Jordan or Morocco you may overnight in the desert as a special experience, while other trips involve camping every night. A great budget option, and also for visiting the national parks of the USA.

Camping with Dragoman
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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
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Denali National Park, Alaska
Costa Rica
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Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Video - CAMPING ALASKA Grand American Adventures
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Blue Mountains, New South Wales
The Amazon
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Iguassu Falls
Desert Experiences
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Colorado, USA
Base Camps
23 Nights $4450 inc flight
12 Nights $2335
14 Nights $2170
16 Nights $3359
18 Nights $3731
11 Nights $1520
13 Nights $3685
17 Nights $5623
17 Nights $3418
14 Nights $1860
11 Nights $1470
13 Nights $2505
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