From hiking in dense rainforests to visiting a lake in a crater, Nicaragua is a land of great natural beauty and a fascinating history!


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What do you love most about Ometepe?

"The light on the Isla Ometepe is something really special. In the mornings and evenings, it covers the local people working on the fertile volcanic lands in a golden glow that is truly beautiful. "

@montestravels's Top Tips

"It's always amazing to go up to local people, visit them and let them tell their own powerful stories to enhance your own perspective. I was lucky to photograph this woman in her favourite spot: Home."

@montestravels's Top Tips

"Keep your eyes open for the details and all the wildlife just roaming around the Island. There is plenty and it will leave you in awe and possibly some great photos and experiences to tell about."

A 'MUST' whilst you're there?

"Make sure to stop by for a visit at the cold springs in the centre of the Island! For only 5$ entrance, you can hang out at these crystal clear freshwater pools and enjoy the refreshment."

Favourite time of year to visit Ometepe

"The first week of November is the time of the rice harvest. It's a great opportunity to participate in a truly local experience and learn more about the impact of the two volcanoes on the island."

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