Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, sailing the iconic Whitsundays and sunbathing with the beloved kangaroos of Lucky Bay, discover the best of Australia! With over 500 national parks and 11,000 beaches, this much-loved destination is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and every nature lover's dream. From road-tripping to the mighty Outback and kayaking the Katherine Gorge to voyaging around the wonderful Whitsundays and swimming amongst the colourful marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is full of endless wonders and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Tick off your bucket list here.

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A 'MUST' whilst you're there?

"Visit the wine regions, Coffin Bay National Park, the Opal City and the Pink Lake!"

Favourite time of year to visit South Australia

"Definitely in summer, from December to February!"

What do you love most about South Australia?

"South Australia is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country and it's a haven for wildlife enthusiasts! Additionally, it's known as Australia's food and wine capital!"

@Sarita_aroundtheworld's Top Tips

"1) If you're not already on a tour (or have free time) rent a car! Renting a car is the most convenient way to explore South Australia. 2) Pack a jacket with you. It can be chilly at night!"

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  • I enjoy exploring new places and trying new foods. I firmly believe that every person and every culture has something valuable to offer, and I look forward to continuing to broaden my horizons!

Benefits of a tour guide for Sydney

"Be sure to not missing every amazing spot!"

Favourite time of year to visit Sydney

"From October to February, Spring and Summer"

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  • I'm an italian guy actually in Australia with big passion for travels and photography. I like planning my trips and giving some tips to other people who want to enjoy every part of this amazing world

What do you love most about The Redwoods Otways?

"The Redwood Forest is so calm and peaceful! Such a unique experience."

Don't forget..

"Respect the environment. Take your rubbish home with you!"

@2cupsoftravel's Top Tips

"Arrive early! The car park is small and the forest is much nicer without the crowds."

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    Polignano A Mare

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  • 2 Cups of Travel is a travel and adventure blog curated by Ky and Tess, Australian-based travel enthusiasts. We both love exploring smaller towns, hidden gems and underrated finds!

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Margaret River & Albany Adventure
5 Nights $2015 $1511
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West Coast & Ningaloo Reef Adventure (Southbound)
6 Nights $2955 $2364
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West Coast & Ningaloo Reef Adventure (Northbound)
6 Nights $2900 $2030
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Uluru & Kings Canyon Adventure
3 Nights $1525 $1220
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The Great Kimberley Overland
12 Nights $4255
Daintree & Cape Tribulation Adventure
7 Nights $3195
Walk the Blue Mountains
3 Nights $1140 $1083
5% off
Queensland Coast & Islands Adventure
6 Nights $2595 $1946
25% off
Uluru & Kings Canyon Family Adventure
3 Nights $1465
Best of Uluru & Kings Canyon
4 Nights $2330 $1864
20% off
Walk Kakadu National Park
7 Nights $3200
Australia Retreat: Queensland Daintree
4 Nights $2550 $1912
25% off
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