Our favourite trips around the UK that won't break the bank

Wales, 4 nights, £329

During this short trip through Wales, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery and hidden gems of the countryside.

As the tour suggests, you’re invited to visit Llandudno to start off your trip. From there, you’ll travel to Anglesey, an island connected to the North West coast of Ireland.

Anglesey is home to the Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens, which holds 3 different ornate gardens to explore, holiday cottages, and its very own tea room.

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Scotland, 5 nights at £709

This short tour has the opportunity for you to explore the highlights of the highlands in just 5 days. It’s a brief but exciting tour, starting off in Edinburgh, where you can spend a day roaming the capital to your leisure.

Day 3, 4, and 5 has tour guests exploring the country’s major highlands, and trekking through to the western Highlands. The last day brings the tour to its last stop: Glasgow!

Allow Scotland to win you over with this tour

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Cornwall, 4 nights at £649

In this 4 day trip, visitors will get to discover some of Cornwall’s best destinations. This tour prominently features Falmouth, a coastal town famous for its harbor trade in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Falmouth currently boasts plenty of quaint shops to visit, and Pendennis Castle, which boasts stunning views of estuaries from the top. This tour visits the scenic “Lost Gardens of Heligan”.

If immersing yourself in nature is what you're looking for, this tour is for you.

Historical Cornwall is waiting for you in this tour

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Ireland, 4 nights and £549

This fantastic short trip captures the contrast of Ireland and everything it has to offer.

While traveling through the northeast of the island, the primary attraction will be the country’s bustling capital; Belfast.

However, you can’t forget the historical spots that are practically unmissable. Visit the important Antrim Coast Road Memorial, and ofcourse, the incredible Giant’s Causeway.

For such a small island, there’s plenty of unmissable destinations to witness for yourself.

Don’t miss out on Ireland’s history and culture

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Manchester + Liverpool, 1 night, £49

This tour is a great 2-in-1 deal with the opportunity to visit two vibrant UK cities with only spending £50!

You could easily fit this trip in on a weekend if you want a quick getaway for a change of scenery and shopping.

The hotel that you’ll be staying in has a great offer of drinks in the evening bar, and it would be a great time overall. Both Manchester and Liverpool boast their own fantastic sights and sounds so fill your boots.

Go shopping and partying on this single evening tour

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Art history in Yorkshire, 2 nights, £379

If you’re a lover of Art and History, or perhaps a little bit of both, especially within the last 100 or so years of English history, this short tour is for you.

Yorkshire boasts being the home to 3 household names from the artist world, and this tour wants to pay homage to them and many other names from the Yorkshire area.

Across this 3 day-2 night excursion, you’ll be staying in Leeds and be escorted to various museums and galleries in the local area.

This tour is for all the art history lovers

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