Family adventures in Italy


This adventure will have you screaming for joy on this active adventure through Tuscany. Your journey starts in Lucca, a town where it's easier to walk through rather than drive (seriously, most cars can't even fit down some of the streets!). Tour the town, seeing the renaissance architecture and hidden squares. Across your journey, you'll be able to experience the forest from the air by climbing the trees or if getting higher up isn't your thing, stay on solid ground as you walk on the Cinque Terre coastal trail.

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Amalfi Coast

Enjoy a unique travelling experience with the kids along the beautiful Amalfi coast. Allow the kids to swim wild in the waters of Positano or get the authentic taste of Italian pizza in one of the many pizzerias before cooling off with some handcrafted gelato. Discover the city paused in time of Pompeii - the city decimated into history after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Learn how to kayak and paddle along the Amalfi coastline and see the sights from a unique perspective.

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Rome to Sorrento

As they say, when in Rome. Enjoy a family experience in the capital of Italy before your main adventure begins on your journey. See the sights of Rome before taking off to explore what the rest of Italy has to offer from the art covered walls of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to the fight stories engraved in the walls of the Roman Colosseum, there's certainly a sight to behold in Rome. Following your night in Rome, you'll be whisked down the coast to Pompeii, a city famous for a single day that has left the city paused in time. From here, you'll explore the Amalfi Coast with open options for the whole family, wander through the streets of Minori or head for the water and enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean.

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An Italian Tour

For this adventure, you'll see the most. Your journey starts in Rome, stopping at Vatican City, Florence, Venice, Pompeii and countless more. Experience everything Italy has to offer, from the renaissance art encapsulating the inner sanctums of the Sistine Chapel, bobbing along the canals of Venice, seeing nature's power at Pompeii, and so much more. Enjoy your time spent at your own pace as you can do what you wish at any of these destinations as you see so much of what Italy has to offer.

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From learning how to produce pasta to snorkelling in the Mediterranian Sea, this adventure in Sicily certainly has something for the whole family. On your journey, you'll start in the city of Palermo, discovering the hidden secrets of the city, all before taking a culinary class to produce and taste your pasta and gnocchi, this will certainly be a class everyone can stick their fingers in. moving across the island you'll be able to zip line between trees at Madonie adventure, get a suntan by the pool at Etnaland water park and so much more.

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