Tour Guide: Must-Do Activities In Paris

Shopping on the Champs Elysee

Here you’ll find all of the premium boutiques your heart desires, as well as some amazing landmarks like the Arc de Triumph. Shop till you drop!

Explore the Champs Elysee

Watch the Eiffel Tower light up at night

Seeing the Tower by night is a stunning sight, so grab a drink and enjoy the romantic night with someone special!

Nowss the time to finally see the Eiffel Tower

Grab a coffee and a pastry in a traditional cafe

Cafes are a huge part of french culture, and the amazing cuisine of the country means you’ve got to pick up something tasty while you are there!

Discover Cafes and restaurants around France with our foodie tours

Spend a day exploring the Louvre

With some of the worlds most priceless pieces of art (including the elusive Mona Lisa!), you can spend a whole day lost in this amazing gallery

It's time to see the Louvre!