5 spooky spots to travel to in Fall

The Island of Dolls, Mexico City

There’s an island in Mexico that was once home to a famous tale of romance, tragedy, and dolls; but now, locals believe the island is cursed.

“Isla de las Muñecas” (or the Island of Dolls), is a small island located in Xochimilco – a region in Mexico City – and is the home to hundreds of decaying dolls.

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Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo possesses a dark side, from the catacombs of Santa Rosalia to the Catacombs of Saint Gaudiosusto, many believe them to be inhabited by ghosts and the paranormal.

Hidden beneath the city's Capuchin monastery, this burial ground is home to the remains of some 8000 monks and about 8000 corpses – all of which are crammed into a damp, underground tunnel network.

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Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is a land of myths, legends, and intense tourism. A place where Dracula's castle stands tall in the shadows of the Carpathian mountains.

A place where one can travel back in time to the heart of medieval Europe. A place that can be both exciting and horrifying.

This mysterious land offers something that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

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Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem, Massachusetts is an exciting city with a rich history.

Salem is known for its witchcraft trials of 1692—a time when witches were tried and executed in the town square.

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Day of the Dead, Oaxaca

Thousands of people visit Oaxaca City each year to attend festivals and events surrounding the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd.

During the Day of the Dead, people honour their deceased relatives by building altars in their homes for their loved ones. They are also meant to celebrate life instead of death.

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