Tour Guide: Winter Wonderland Adventures

Canadian Winter Wonderland Tours

Winter is the best time to visit Canada with its snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes and rustic log cabins.

Snow tubing in the Spray Valley, drifting through Banff in a Gondola or taking a helicopter ride between the Three Sisters Peaks (Hope, Charity and Faith), ensures the best way to experience this winter landscape.

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Norway Winter Wonderland Tours

Norway is known as the winter wonderland because it provides some of the best skiing destinations in the world, including the popular Trysil Ski Resort, one of the largest ski resorts in Northern Europe!

Northern Norway also boasts a sheer natural beauty in its many fjords, cutting through its rigorous mountains, making sure to catch a ride through them in the winter sunlight, by a rigid inflatable boat.

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Northern Lights Tours

A symbol of the beauty and mystery of nature and a powerful source of inspiration for many people, the Northern Lights have long been known as one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet and can be viewed from Norway, Finland and Sweden.

But it’s Iceland that is one of the best places to see them; the country is just above the Arctic circle, so it benefits from being in an ideal location for viewing the aurora borealis!

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Lapland Tours & Santa Breaks

Lapland is a vast, magnificent and evergreen region that is located in the far north of Finland; with a diverse culture and natural heritage, you can visit Huskies and reindeers and even greet Santa Claus in his Arctic office! Explore Santa Claus' Village and take-home Christmas gifts for friends and family - A fantastic trip for the whole family!

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Bavarian Castles

Nowhere in Germany are Christmas markets more enchanting than around the castles of Bavaria, a land of fairytale fortresses, ancient towns, and a rich tradition of Christmas celebrations.

Visit Ludwig II’s magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle, perched high on a hill with commanding views of the town!

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Scenic Austria Winter Tours

Salzburg and the nearby Austrian Alps are ideal places for a variety of activities such as trekking, skiing the slopes of Kitzbühel, snowshoeing and sledding.

The majestic peaks of the Alps can also be viewed from a train carriage on the steep Ziller Valley Cog-Railway through the snow-capped mountains, making for a wonderful holiday in Austria.

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