Our roots - where it all began.. tourhub was created by a collection of seasoned and experienced travel and technology experts all who have individually not only worked for some of the leading UK and international travel companies, but have travelled extensively around the world experiencing many of the destinations featured on our platform. Our early journey.. Four years ago, the team launched the successful touring and adventure aggregator website TourHound now featuring product from over 60 specialist touring and adventure operators aggregating all their content and providing a much welcomed search-compare-book solution to customers seeking their perfect touring or adventure holiday. Tourhound quickly grew to become a leading light in the touring and adventure online space successfully finding holidays for thousands of customers. Our new Touring & Adventure Community.. On the back of the experience and insight gained from successfully launching and growing TourHound, our new platform tourhub has been launched with over 600 operators worldwide featuring their product on our website. This new and exciting development makes research and sourcing the perfect touring and adventure holiday much easier and brings to life the huge breadth of holiday choice through greater use of our partners and influencers imagery and video content. Once sourced, booking a touring and adventure holiday is a seamless process with everything now bookable online. Our platform is rapidly growing to become a truly global touring and adventure marketplace and community bringing together an unparalleled choice of product with hundreds of thousands of holiday experiences from around the globe from a multitude of holiday providers ranging from the well-known popular specialist suppliers, to the local, niche and sometimes undiscovered providers of product that one would find difficult to source. tourhub aims to bring visitors to its website an unrivalled supply of product and information from the touring and adventure world and become the “go-to” resource when seeking that perfect touring and adventure holiday experience. Join the Touring & Adventure conversation Our key aim is for tourhub to bring together touring and adventure travellers, operators, suppliers, journalists, influencers and travel enthusiasts from around the world to share and communicate their experiences with each other through stunning imagery, videos, reviews and blogs all channelled through our successful social media platforms. Be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and join in with the touring and adventure conversation

Laurence Hicks (Chairman)

I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years now, and in that time I have been lucky enough to see many far flung corners of the globe – from Spitzenberg in the Artic Circle to King George Island in Antarctica. At tourhub, all my days are spent talking to the local people on the ground who operate the amazing adventures we showcase. One minute I’m talking to one of the archeologists that are still uncovering the Terracotta Warriors, the next I’m listening spellbound as a ranger at Kruger tells me how his morning was spent watching a pack of lions hunt an unfortunate zebra. I just can’t wait to get back out into World, and start talking again face-to-face. For me, it’s the people you meet that makes travel so worthwhile. Some of my closest friendships have been formed in far flung countries, often while doing something highly unusual - I actually met one of my best mates while riding a camel in Morocco! Many of the tour operators we sell on tourhub specialise in group adventures. The camaraderie and conviviality of these groups is often what makes a holiday truly special. Once you’ve shared a fried Scorpion with someone on a Beijing Street market, there is a bond there that cannot be broken.

Seamus (James) Conlon (Chief Executive Officer)

Having previously worked for businesses that sold only ocean cruises and all-inclusive beach packages, I used to dread those awkward conversations with my colleagues when they asked which one of our holidays I was taking. The answer was always the same: “this year I’ll be doing my own thing”. Now, I don’t have that problem, as the holidays I love to take are the holidays we sell: overland truck adventures across Africa, long hikes across the Inca Trail and the Camino de Santiago, white-water rafting on the Zambezi. And there is so much more I want to do, not least I would love to see a bit more of my own country by getting on my bike and riding the Wild Atlantic Way. But before all that, I want to be part of the travel industry’s recovery, I want my new business to help get people discovering their world again. What makes leading tourhub so inspiring, is that everyone in our team takes a genuine pleasure and pride in what we do, and it’s so gratifying to work with all kinds of tour operators across the world. After the most painful year, they can’t wait to welcome you back to their countries.

Rhodri Evans (Technical Director)

My idea of travel is doing something a little risky – pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. That (dis)comfort was front of mind recently when I did the ‘Cross Wales Walk’ – 48 miles in 15 hours, my feet still haven’t recovered! Long ago, before I managed to settle down and have kids, my life was sprinkled with colourful travelling adventures. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think back to my escapades through Asia, Australia and Africa… My highlight would have to be New Zealand; hiking along the Franz Joseph Glacier and sailing across Milford Sound. I saw and experienced that through younger eyes, when my dreams and schemes were boundless… as was my drinking ability. My hope now is to see and do it all again, but this time with my wife and three girls – stand at the top of the Glacier, where I stood all those years ago and try to imagine how I got there (and where all that hair went). What I love about tourhub is that our adventures have no age limit, as long as your mind is open and your spirit of discovery burns bright, everything you need is here.

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