Top Foodie Destinations Around the World

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is known for its rich, meaty and hearty sauce, locally known as ragú. This dish originated in France from a sauce that uses meat broth but leaves the actual meat from the pasta.

One of the most famous traditional products in Italy is Parma Ham. Worldwide known for its sweet and salty taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The word ham comes from the Latin expression, “to remove moisture”, it’s a simple process in that the ham is salted and dried, and preserved in time. After twenty months of preparation and aging, it is ready to be tasted and loved.

Bologna may be known for its stuffed pasta, but it all started with small tortellini and slightly larger tortelloni, still hand-made by locals at a local pasta shop, called Sfogline. Tortellini can be drizzled in a delicious sauce or added to a thick soup, but the traditional way to enjoy them in Bologna is with a simple gravy or broth. Simplicity is the hallmark of Italian cuisine, and never as delicious as in this dish!

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Marrakech, Morocco

Harira is a zesty, fragrant tomato-based soup with chickpeas and lentils. Robustly seasoned with ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and lots of fresh herbs, it’s especially popular in Ramadan when it’s served to break the fast.

One of Morocco’s most unique dishes, chicken b’stilla is essentially a pie made from a combination of sweet and savoury ingredients. Chicken is cooked with spices and broth and shredded. The pie crust is similar to filo pastry, includes crushed almonds, and is slightly sweet.

The tagine (also known as tangia) is probably one of the most well-known of Morocco’s dishes, though the name refers to the type of urn-shaped terracotta pot the food is cooked in rather than the ingredients themselves. Try a kefta tagine, which consists of small meatballs (lamb or beef) cooked in a rich tomato and onion sauce. Just before serving eggs are cracked into the sauce.

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Bangkok, Thailand

All over Bangkok, you will find cheap and delicious Thai food on the street! Some places are pop-up food stalls that move around on trolleys, while others are more or less permanent, serving fresh and tasty Thai food at small tables on the street pavement.

Tom yum Goong could be considered the ultimate flavour of Thailand. Shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal, chilies, kaffir lime leaves, onions, and a host of other lively ingredients and herbs are boiled together to create the magical taste of the soup!

Thai Panang Curry is a red-brown colored dish that’s lightly sweet and flavored with coconut milk. The curry also has a nice nutty flavor. It’s not a soupy curry like Thai green curry but just includes a little sauce to supplement your plate of rice.

While Thailand has its fair share of curries, none can rival the delicious massaman curry. Massaman curry paste, tender potatoes, onions, and coconut milk are cooked to perfection. The sauce, after becoming thick with flavour, is poured over rice.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the world's sushi capital, is where you'll get next-level sushi that sets them apart from the rest of the world's sushi. The quantity of fresh seafood and the time-honoured techniques involved in preparing the vinegared rice, also known as sushi rice, are two significant winning reasons. Sushi is, after all, the meal most closely associated with Japanese cuisine.

Perfectly chewy noodles, jammy ramen egg, juicy char siu pork, bamboo shoots, and nori sheets in a hot piping bowl of soup broth. Ramen needs no introduction. Having taken the world by storm in recent years, this soul food of Japan dominates the food scene in Tokyo and it’s just getting better and better.

Yakitori are small skewers of bite-sized chicken pieces that are seasoned with salt or coated with a sauce, made from mirin rice wine, soy sauce, sake alcohol, and sugar.

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Jamaica, Caribbean

Jerk meals are incredibly popular in Jamaica. There is a special method for cooking meats that result in this flavour, and a particular homemade sauce that is used in most instances for the incredible, spicy taste. To make jerk chicken, you’ll need to marinate the chicken with jerk spices, which usually include ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, scotch bonnet pepper, and pimento.

Jamaican food is the introduction for a lot of people to oxtail, which is literally the tail of cattle. Like with most other stew dishes, the oxtail is first seasoned with herbs and spices, fried, and then slow-cooked. Served with rice and peas this is one of the heartiest and most delicious meals you will have in Jamaica.

Curried meats are popular in Jamaica, particularly goat, mutton, and chicken. In Jamaica, the popular South Asian dish is served with a special Caribbean twist; ingredients like garlic, onion, ginger, hot peppers, and herbs are tossed in, and then the meat is slow-cooked to bring the flavours out. Often potato is added, which can help increase the thickness of the sauce. You’ll find curried meat options at most local restaurants in Jamaica.

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