Do you ever find yourself scrolling aimlessly through travel websites, feeling uninspired by the same places you’ve seen a thousand times on your friends’ Instagram feeds? In our hyper-connected world it can sometimes seem like there are no true adventures left to be had, like everywhere worth exploring has already been well and truly explored.

But there is a type of holiday, still relatively unknown, that can take you into truly remote and unfamiliar corners of the globe. Overland touring eschews the speed and convenience of air travel, focusing instead on the joys of taking the scenic route. This is no gentle coach tour, however, as you’ll be travelling by truck, jeep or van into places with little or no tourist infrastructure, often through regions where roads are more of a vague ambition than a current reality. So buckle up and let us explain what overlanding is all about...

Why travel overland?

The advent of budget airlines has made travelling by air easier than ever, and even long haul flights are far more affordable than they once were. These days you could feasibly take a two-week break to just about anywhere on earth, and yet you miss out on so much by flying. Overland touring is all about slowing things down and appreciating the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in landscape, climate and culture as you travel across countries, regions and even continents. Travelling by truck also allows you to visit places that other modes of transport can’t reach, from remote mountain villages to forgotten ruins way out in the desert.

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Popular destinations for overland tours include India , Argentina , Kenya , Chile , Peru , Bolivia , Zimbabwe , China , Brazil and Himalaya

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18 Nights $3806
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6 Nights $1291
Discover North & South India
16 Nights $3439
Incredible Rajasthan Tour With Taj Mahal
18 Nights $3887
Tour of North India
15 Nights $3704
Beautiful Ladakh
7 Nights $1590
Discover North & South India
16 Nights $3221
Gujarat with Rajasthan Tour
18 Nights $3779
Best of Kerala Tour
7 Nights $1278
Bandhavgarh with Taj Mahal
8 Nights $2352
Amazing Kerala
6 Nights $1183
Best of North India Tour
9 Nights $1685
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