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Become an Affiliate with tourhub

tourhub offers a simple way for growing influencers to earn money from their followers by helping them tick off their bucket lists on our tours, our platform provide everything you need to earn commission on bookings.


Earn commission on every booking made with 30-day cookies. You’re able to earn from ANY booking made, it doesn’t have to be a specific tour or category that you promote. With the average cost of a booking well over £2500 the chance to earn is higher than with other forms of travel!

Over 15,000 Tours To Choose From

Inspire your followers with links to the world’s best adventures from our collecion of award-winning tours. With over 15,000 epic journeys to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have been on a specific tour. As long as you are passionate about a destination, or perhaps a trip style such as cycling, that’s all that matters!

Affiliate tools

Deep Link Generator

Simply generate links to share which contain your unique ID

Track your Stats

Keep track of any links you share and see the number of tour views, confirmed bookings and commission pending & earned.

Trusted, Award Winning Products

With such a huge collection of award-winning journeys and safe in the knowledge that you are promoting trusted brands, you don't have to worry about making poor recommendations or damaging your reputation when sending your followers on their adventures - we’ve got you covered!

Take it a step further by becoming a Travel Guru

As an exclusive benefit for those who also become one of our Travel Gurus, you will receive 2 discount codes after submitting a feature. One for personal use across our adventures, with discount applicable for over 90% of our tours*, along with a special code to share with your followers! This will not affect your affiliate commission.

Find out how to submit a Travel Guru Feature here. *t&c's apply

Discount Codes

Take it a step further and become one of our Travel Gurus to receive a discount code to share with your followers (this won’t affect your commission!). You’ll also receive a code for personal use across our adventures.

Step 1: Join our community

Complete a quick profile including at least one social handle so that we can always credit your content.

It also helps us keep you up to date with new ways in which we work with our community of influencers and affiliates.

Step 2: Become an Affiliate

Once you’re signed in, head over to the Influencer Hub and click on the ‘Affiliate Earnings’ tab. Please read the T&Cs and if you’re happy to, agree to become an Affiliate. From here, you’ll be able to start generating links to share across your platforms!

Step 3: Generate links, share & track!

Simply paste a link that you’d like to share into the box. This can be for a specific tour, a category or even just the tourhub website, it’s completely up to you! Once you’ve pasted the link, click ‘Add tracking’ and a new link will be generated containing your unique ID. You’ll then be able to track the stats of these links in this section. This includes tour views, confirmed bookings and commission pending & earned.

How to become an Affiliate?

Find out more on how to upload your content, promote yourself to tour operators and monetise to fund your travels by becoming a tourhub influencer.


Affiliate tips

Find and promote your niche, your followers are likely to share your interests! Posting a lot of winter adventures? Pick a tour from our site that visits your favourite locations.

Stay authentic, your followers are there because they get value from the content you already post, you're just offering an extra way for them to join in the fun!

Check your insights and review what performs best. Is it engaging Instagram stories? Maybe a link in bio after posting a guide, or a link in a blog. It's different for everyone!

Finding that a link is working particularly well for you? Add it to your highlights, pin it to the top of your feed or keep it accessible on your blog. Think smarter not harder!

Find out more on how to upload your content, promote yourself to tour operators and monetise to fund your travels by becoming a tourhub influencer.