Mothers Day

Greek islands

Head to sunny Greece and see for yourself if the winner takes it all. Visit Olympia city, home of the Olympics. Visit the birthplace of Greek God’s son, Apollo, also known as the ancient place of healing (prepare your healing crystals!). Experience the most famous oracle of ancient Greece and study Greek history at Delphi, the Panhellenic sanctuary.✨ 🇬🇷 🔱

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Travel to Istanbul on this handcrafted culinary tour and enjoy authentic Turkish street food. Enjoy Simit, çatal and açma (round crunchy bread covered in sesame) eat İçli köfte (a crispy bread shell filled with minced meat, parsley and sautéed pine nuts) or get experimental and try the Midye dolması (Stuffed mussels). All this and more on this day-time tour of Istanbul's Old City. 🇹🇷🥯 🦑

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Lake District, England

Travel to the Lake District by coach, and marvel at the scenery which inspired many of England’s most famous artists, poets and writers. Visit the scenes of Beatrix Potters paintings, including her famous works of Peter Rabbit (see if you recognise any!) Travel to the home of the famous poet; William Wordsworth, born in 1770 and famously helped launch the romantic age in English literature. Explore the living Laboratory which famous Victorian writer, philosopher and art critic John Ruskin would study! Be inspired and take part yourself by finishing the tour with an Arts and Crafts session overlooking the stunning views of Blackwell Lake. 🇬🇧 🖼️ ✍🏻

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New York, USA

Become a New York Explorer! Check into your Manhattan digs and familiarise yourself with the city your way with your Official New York City Pass that’s included. We’d recommend Museum Mile, where you can see NYC’s most prestigious art galleries and historical museums. Visit Lady Liberty from Ellis Island, cycle through Central Park, visit the trendy Williamsburg for Urban street art- the city never sleeps!

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Treat your mum to a weekend getaway down to London! Explore this city with such a rich history, with unique stories around every corner. be guided through the city on a magnificent bus tour seeing all the sights and where you can go in your free time. Whether it's cruising down the river Thames, wandering through Chinatown or going shopping till your arms get tired on oxford street, the city is yours to explore.

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