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Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, is one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. During the winter months the Aurora appears fleetingly in the skies above Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and even Scotland. To witness this phenomenon is a bucket list experience. Sightings are not guaranteed, but these trips include locations away from the light pollution of big cities to maximise your chances.

Monteliusvägen, Stockholm
Lapland, Finland

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Popular destinations for Northern Lights tours include Iceland , Finland , Norway , Canada , USA , Arctic , Sweden , Botswana and India

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Iceland In-Depth featuring the Northern Lights
6 Nights $2799
Alaska Winter Adventure
7 Nights $3547 $3192
A discount of £258.00 has been applied.
Finnish Wilderness Week
7 Nights $2473
Alaska Upgraded Family Adventure
8 Nights $4261
Snowshoeing in Finland
7 Nights $2130
Yurt bedroom
4 Nights $1660
Godafoss Waterfalls
8 Nights $3380
Iceland Northern Lights
4 Nights $1923
Alaska Upgraded
9 Nights $4123 $2886
Realm of the Polar Bear in Depth
10 Nights $5361
Northern Lights in Finland
7 Nights $2611
7-Day Northern Finland and Norway Trip
6 Nights $4707
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