Crooked Compass

Crooked Compass delivers immersive journeys creating emotion through powerful storytelling and transforming travellers lives. Strategically and sensitively integrating with local communities and their values, whilst protecting the authenticity of their culture, Crooked Compass uses exquisite aesthetics and creative ingenuity offering new perspectives, showcasing the richness of your locality.

Reasons to tour with Crooked Compass

Small group tours (max 12 travellers)

Explores emerging destinations - areas not too touched by tourism

Deep and meaningful encounters and connections with local communities

Expert local guides

Connect with some of the world's most remote cultures

Educational and perspective shifting experiences

Boutique accommodation

Sustainable tourism practices

16 Nights $6558
21 Nights $7067
17 Nights $10633
22 Nights $6639
14 Nights $4422
26 Nights $11542
13 Nights $8837
9 Nights $4680
13 Nights $6874
13 Nights $5687
10 Nights $4669
24 Nights $11760
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