Poland Active as a tour operator successfully provides service for nearly ten years. Our aim is to be professional in every aspect. We adjust our offer to reach all individual needs. We specialise in organising tours in Poland, in which we put together different forms of active tourism. We would like to provide you with an opportunity to see Poland, learn about its rich history, culture and amazing natural attractions. A significant part of our offer are multi-day tours in the form of packages. These are different types of trips configurations, and the price also includes, depending on the type of package, accommodation or meals. See with us the royal Kraków, the capital of the Polish Tatras — Zakopane, the Auschwitz -Birkenau concentration camp, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Polish capital Warsaw, Pieniny Mountains and many other unique places in Poland! Make your visit active with Poland Active!

Reasons to tour with Poland-Active

The most famous places in Poland combined with the less known ones

Different versions of packages length

Possibility of choosing the standard of accommodation in some options

Cosy and family atmosphere during your stay

Getting to know different faces of Polish culture

4 Nights $1214
4 Nights $1405
5 Nights $1027
5 Nights $1464
2 Nights $471
4 Nights $883
4 Nights $561
4 Nights $883
5 Nights $1767
5 Nights $1992
6 Nights $2813
5 Nights $2487
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