Regent Holidays

We are a specialist travel company offering hand-picked, alternative holidays to off-the-beaten-track destinations. Formed in 1970, we have extensive experience in providing unconventional, unusual and interesting trips abroad as well as a reputation for increasing access to, and challenging perceptions of, many of the world’s less-travelled countries. Each of our specialists is an expert in their area of the world, ensuring that each tour has been constructed from a deep knowledge of the intricacies of a country – from the best landscapes, secret local spots, places to find wildlife, mouth-watering delicacies and cultural immersion. Our company has been a pioneer in new travel destinations since it was founded, as one of the first UK tour operators to provide trips to Russia, Ukraine, the Stans, Albania, North Korea and Greenland. It was also the first UK tour operator to offer holidays in Kosovo following its independence from Serbia. We have continually provided outstanding outlets for traveller’s hunger to step out of the ordinary and experience something like never before.

Reasons to tour with Regent Holidays

Offering hand-picked, alternative holidays

Knowledgeable and experienced travel specialists

Over 40 years experience

5 Nights $1689 inc flight
5 Nights $1559 inc flight
4 Nights $1298 inc flight
11 Nights $4305 inc flight
18 Nights $9908 inc flight
12 Nights $4011 inc flight
9 Nights $2603 inc flight
7 Nights $1520 inc flight
8 Nights $3614 inc flight
9 Nights $3848 inc flight
4 Nights $2276 inc flight
18 Nights $10365
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