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SURFIRAN is an Iranian tour operator and travel agency offering tour packages to those interested in Iran. We provide our travellers with any services needed to travel in Iran, be that tours across the country, help with visa or transport arrangements.

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Robert Schrader  

Wonderful experience


In addition to the fact that Medhi and Sarah are sweet and wonderful people, their company is professional, efficient and built on integrity. Surfiran helped me every step of the way, from the arduous and long process of getting an Iran tourist visa as a US citizen, to little hiccups that occurred during the trip. They even invited members of my tour group for tea in Tehran before we embarked on our tour


Trip to Iran


I took a 2 week trip to Iran with Surfiran tour company this november. Traveling to Iran was, for a long time, in my countries to travel list because of its ancient history and all the beautiful mosques, palaces and citadels we can visit around the country. In the first part of the trip I joined a small group with people from several countries. We all got along well since the beginning wich made the trip memorable. My trip was organized by Farzaneh Sarafraz who was very patient on dealing with my anxiety through the process of getting the visa, planning the second part of my trip, which I took privately and answering all my questions concernig the trip booking. We had a wonderful time meeting local people and visiting numerous sights and breathtaking mosques with their beautiful blue and pink tiles and the palaces and shrines with mirrored walls. The gardens and mausoleums are spectacular too. All the information and historical knowledge was well provided by the guide Alireza Rahmani who was very attentive and helpful all the time. He took us to local restaurants where we could taste local food and enjoy it. We also had a nice experience tasting persian food prepared by Khatereh Tavana and her mother of Iran Culinary Tours. We visited Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Naein, Yazd, Shiraz, Meymand, Rayen, Bam, Mahan, Shahdad and Kerman. I was amazed by everything I saw during the trip and felt safe and welcomed all the time. The hotels are great with excellent accommodations and nice breakfast. We drove long distances beteween the cities and could observe magnificent landscapes and enjoy a bit of Iran´s nature environment. I´d like to thank you for providing such a fascinating trip that will be forever in my memory.

Jason Meisner  

Great travel agent


SURFIRAN was extremely communicative from the planning stage through to the trip. They diligently worked with me to ensure I had the best trip according to my taste. They took care of any last minute change or request I had and they did it professionally. Everything was arranged for me and thr tour went smoothly. SurfIran really cares that you get the best out of your trip. I highly recommend others use SURFIRAN and I hope to tour with them again on my next visit to Iran.

Deirdre Deprettere  

Great organization and caring service


Surfiran organised a very educational tour to the tea industry of Iran for us. Apart from gaining knowledge about the tea industry for our students and our book, we were welcomed by every single person we met with such friendliness and enthusiasm. Surfiran and its guides did an extraordinary job. We already booked our second tour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Internet access in Iran?

Yes, there is Internet access everywhere! In hotels, coffee shops and most restaurants you will have no problem accessing Wi-Fi and some carriers offer decent 3G Internet. It may be spotty sometimes but it will work! If all else fails, never fear! Internet cafes are an inexpensive alternative way to connect with the world.

When is the best time to visit Iran?

There are ideal temperatures across most of Iran from March until May and then again from late September to early November.

Do you operate a “single share” option and how does it work?

Yes on most of our trips. Most trips are based on customers sharing twin-bedded rooms. If you book a group trip as an individual, you will share a room with someone of the same sex. However, on many trips we offer the opportunity to pay a supplement to pre-book a single room, known as our single room option.

Is it safe for women to visit Iran?

All women while in Iran are required to follow the dress codes prescribed form women in Iran. This means wearing a headscarf and not allowing the skins on your arm or legs to be shown while in public. There is also gender segregation of public transport. Following these laws will mean women will generally have no issues when it comes to safety. Iranians are renowned for their hospitality and as a

Which is the best city in Iran to visit?

The classic route of Iran goes right into the heart of the country. The four major cities along this route include Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Iran?

Due to the imposition of financial sanctions international credit cards are not currently accepted in Iran. It is advised for travellers to bring cash with them.

How can I get a travel insurance coverage to Iran?

In 2011 it became compulsory to have travel insurance to get a visa to Iran. When looking for a policy, make sure Iran is actually covered it is mandatory to have an insurance in Iran and you will be asked for it by the time you land in the country.

How is the climate in Iran?

Iran has a hot, dry climate characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short, cool winters. January is the coldest month and August is the hottest. A&K’s programs travel during the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate. Average temperatures range between the low 50s°F at night to the upper 80s°F during the day.

Can i use my cell phone in iran?

Contact your cellular telephone provider to determine if your phone operates on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and what, if any, activation may be required.

Can I buy souvenirs like Persian rugs in Iran?

Yes, it is possible to buy Persian rugs or other souvenirs. Iran is known for having the best rugs and carpets in the world. However, caution is advised before spending lots of money to ensure you are getting the genuine item rather than a fake. When buying items in places like the Bazaar, bargaining for price is considered normal.

What Ethical Travel credentials does the tour company have?

Women visitors have to observe the hijab law and Iran female dress code, which at the time of writing applies not only to Iranian nationals but to all women.

Can you travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

Yes! This is an often more assumed problem than a real one for most travelers. Travelling to Iran will not be a problem.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

For travel to Iran a regular/Visa along with passport is mandatory. Only categories exempted under bilateral arrangements may not need a visa.

What to wear in Iran in winter?

Considering that January to March experiences maximum winters in Iran, it also provides for enough dresses too Overcoats, mufflers, gloves and warmers might be the thing for you. You can wear leather boots too. shawls, warm sweatshirts and woollen caps can make you look dressy and bright at the same time.

Can I join the tour once it has departed?

Yes, but there are no concessions for doing so, and we must have a record in your booking advising as such before the trip departs.

Can I travel independently to Iran? Do I need a guide to travel Iran?

Most people are able to travel independently within Iran, without any guide or official guidance whatsoever. US and Canadian citizens, however, need to have their itinerary and tour group approved beforehand, which will require an officially sanctioned guide. However, as part of the itinerary it is possible to include free days, which if approved, will allow for free travel.


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