Plan Your Year - June Guide

From cruising through Alaska’s pristine waters to scuba-diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, let’s take a look at tourhub’s top picks for June…


June is one of the best months to fully explore Alaska, especially for wildlife lovers due to the longer daylight hours. Warmer and longer days mean the popular towns of Sitka, Juneau and Anchorage are in full swing, as well as making it the perfect time for cruising with a land tour. Take in the breathtaking views of Alaska’s national parks, filled with blooming flowers, glistening rivers and an abundance of wildlife. Make the most of the gorgeous weather in June by taking part in some of the most-loved outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and river rafting.

Cruise through Alaska this June


Journey to the tropical Asian island of Borneo this June, where you’ll be greeted by the beloved orangutans foraging in the fruit-filled forest. This month also marks the start of turtle season off Lankayan Island, a secluded piece of paradise on the northeastern coast of Sabah. With hot and dry weather conditions and minimal rainfall, June is an excellent month for wildlife spotting, hiking and relaxing on Borneo’s scenic beaches.

Head on a wildlife tour of Borneo


June’s arrival in Australia marks the start of peak diving conditions, making it the ideal time to uncover the magnificent Great Barrier Reef! With an abundance of sunshine, warm temperatures and fewer crowds, enjoy swimming and snorkelling through the crystal-clear waters and the world’s largest coral reef system. Witness the beautiful marine life and vibrant corals on a truly breathtaking underwater adventure!

Discover the world’s largest coral reef system this June


Officially the start of the driest season, June is the perfect time to head to the South American gem of Peru! With beautiful weather and fewer crowds, this is the ideal month for hiking and climbing, especially if Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain are on your bucket list! Explore the ancient Inca ruins, uncover local life with homestays and indulge in mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine (don’t forget to try a pisco sour, Peru’s national cocktail!)

Experience the best of Peru


Blessed with around 17 hours of daylight throughout June, Denmark is one of the ultimate European destinations to visit during this month. Hike the gorgeous green landscapes, cycle through the scenic capital of Copenhagen and delve into New Nordic cuisine. Uncover the many wonderful parts of Danish culture and the fascinating traditions as you explore Denmark’s most popular cities, including Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. If Viking history is of interest to you, how about a Danish ruins & archaeology tour?

Experience the best of Peru