Plan Your Year - October Guide

From celebrating Halloween in the home of Count Dracula to cheering with world-class beers at Germany’s iconic Oktoberfest, let’s take a look at the top picks for October!


With the Dublin Theatre Festival, Bram Stoker Festival and Ireland Music Week all taking place throughout October, there’s no better time to visit Dublin and truly delve into the fascinating culture. Witness the beautiful foliage as you stroll around the city and uncover the many wonderful sights, from historical landmarks and cathedrals to gardens and parks. If you’re a true nature lover, how about a day trip to the spectacular Cliffs of Moher or the Wicklow Mountains National Park to experience autumn at its best?

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Held over a two-week period annually in Munich, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest, featuring a travelling carnival and beer festival. Made up of enormous beer tents run by a plethora of Bavarian brewers, amusement rides and activities such as cheese tasting and traditional German dancing, Oktoberfest is truly one of the world’s most entertaining celebrations. Enjoy sampling a range of world-class beers, indulge in mouth-watering delicacies and take part in traditional games as you fully immerse yourself in this true staple of German culture.

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Even though warm temperatures are offered all year round, October is the best time to visit the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. With spectacular mountain ranges, lush forestation, breathtaking waterfalls and plenty more, this tropical paradise is just waiting to be explored. Witness the technicolour coral reefs, vibrant marine life and tranquil shores as you swim and snorkel in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From dolphin watching and world-class diving to hiking and kayaking, there’s a wide range of outdoor activities and thrilling adventures on offer here this October!

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Bhutan has a calendar packed with cultural and religious events throughout October, making it the ideal time to delve fully into this fascinating South Asian country. Regarded as the only remaining Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan has truly protected its unique cultural heritage and tradition over the years, especially after tourism was closed until 1974. Uncover the spectacular architecture of its mountain monasteries and forts, such as the famous Paro Taktsang, Dochula Pass and Trongsa. With pleasant temperatures, sunny skies and sparkling clear visibility, there’s no better time to witness the magnificent Himalayas and the endless beautiful landscapes this country is home to.

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Delve into one of the Balkans’ most scenic countries this October as you uncover the glorious lands of Romania. With golden brown, crimson red and burnt yellow shades on display, the country is truly breathtaking during this time of year. Enjoy a visit to one of the traditional autumn harvest festivals, cycle through the Transylvanian countryside or make your way through the rich list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With Halloween around the corner, it would be wrong to not explore the castle-studded region and venture into the spooky Bran Castle, better known as the home of Count Dracula!

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