The Magical Locations Of France


Enjoy a mystical adventure in the beautiful city of love, Paris - see its magical sites scattered throughout this historic city. Feel the power of love as you wander the streets of Paris or have a guided tour showcasing all the highlights the city has to offer. Take a trip outside of Paris as you visit the Monet's Garden, formerly the house of Claude Monet - its inspiration is Japanese gardens giving the garden a spiritual essence.

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Northern France

This adventure sees you off to the northern coastline of France from Normandy to Caen. Explore the towns of Deauville and Trouville; Deauville provides a wide sandy beach, upmarket shopping, many opulent hotels, and a yachting marina. Trouville is renowned for its long beach and historic seafront boardwalk, which dates from 1867, elegant villas and a thriving fishing port. As your journey comes to a close, you head out for a final stop in the town of Rouen - a city immortalised in paintings with fabulous finds around every corner.

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French Alps

With this adventure, enjoy a cross country tour of France to your destination of the Alps. On your way, make a stop in Lyon; the old town is a maze of cobbled streets, hidden walkways and Renaissance architecture just begging to be explored. After your adventures in Lyon, your alpine adventure begins; take a trip to Lake Annecy - here you'll visit Annecy (wonder where it got the name), where you'll wander through the quaint old town with an abundance of arcaded streets that are crisscrossed by canals. Often referred to as the Venice of the Alps, the medieval quarter is a photographer’s delight, with flowerbedecked bridges across the charming canals. From here you can enjoy further adventures in the alps but; that's for you to find out.

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Châteauxs of the Loire valley

Enjoy a cruise through the Loire valley on the river seine, enjoying the views onboard from your cabin. On this adventure, your journey onboard starts in Nantes before sailing off to St Nazaire, discovering the history of French ocean-liners housed in the former German U-boat base in the city. Further into the adventure, travel upstream, where you can explore the town of Clisson and its opposing ruins. As your trip come to a close, you can enjoy a day excursion exploring three of the most notable chateaus of the valley. Which ones those are, you'll have to find out.

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French Riviera

Soak up the fabulous atmosphere of the south of France, and experience the glitz and the glamour of the Côte d'Azur's most chic resorts, known for their long sandy beaches, designer boutiques and yacht-lined harbour. Enjoy a walk along the Croisette boardwalk of Cannes, admiring the magnificence of the Mediterranean sea before setting off to see the sights of the gorgeous Nice Messena, formerly a popular destination of Queen Victoria. As you enjoy your adventure, you'll visit the playground of the wealthy - Monaco with Yachts filling the harbour to driving round the F1 course, theirs's something for everyone to see at this pit stop.

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