Gardens and Temples of Ancient Egypt

Gardens and Temples of Ancient Egypt

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12 Days



Gardens and Temples of Ancient Egypt

12 Days Starting and ending in London, UK

Visiting: London, Cairo, Saqqara Necropolis, Pyramid of Djoser, The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, قلعة صلاح الدين الأيوبي, Orman Garden, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Luxor, Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor, Luxor Temple, Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings, Mortuary Temple of Seti I, Deir el-Bahari, Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Esna, Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan, The High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple, Aswan Botanical Garden, Abu Simbel, Old Cataract Hotel, Jazirat Aswan, Alexandria, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Ancient Roman Theatre, Montaza Palace

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Brightwater Holidays

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Fully Guided

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6 - 25

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Tour Overview

Over the millennia, countless civilizations have come and gone, risen and fallen, turned from towering citadels to piles of rubble and ash. Not so Ancient Egypt. Within 24 hours of landing in this modern country we will find ourselves face to face with one of the most recognisable and iconic monuments anywhere in the world - the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. That is just the start of our journey along the Nile, the mighty river that sustained one of the greatest civilizations ever seen, and whose legacy remains in such gloriously tangible form.

We will also see the Step Pyramid, the first of its kind, built nearly 5,000 years ago; the Temple of Luxor and Karnak Temple; the Valley of the Kings, filled with the funerary temples of one Pharaoh after another, and the Edfu Temple, one of the best-preserved shrines in Egypt, though a mere youngster at slightly more than 2,000 years old.

Other highlights include the Al-Orman Garden, the Aswan Botanical Garden and the mighty Aswan Dam itself, and the Montazah Palace Gardens in the historic and unmissable city of Alexandria. Not to mention a river cruise that will have your reaching for a certain Agatha Christie novel, though we are confident this holiday will have a much happier ending!


  • The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza

  • The stunning Al-Orman Garden

  • Stopover at the luxurious Sofitel Winter Palace

  • Four night Nile cruise on a full board basis

  • The unique Valley of the Kings

Places You'll See

Gardens And Temples Of Ancient Egypt

Gardens And Temples Of Ancient Egypt

Gardens And Temples Of Ancient Egypt

Gardens And Temples Of Ancient Egypt


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Day 1 : London To Cairo
Location: London, Cairo
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Rameses Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Meals Included: No Meals

Enjoy access to the airport Executive lounge before we fly from London to Cairo and transfer to our hotel.

Day 2 : Pharaonic Cairo
Location: Cairo, Saqqara Necropolis, Pyramid of Djoser, The Great Pyramid of Giza
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Rameses Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast we begin our full day of discovery in the company of a local expert Egyptologist visiting Pharaonic Cairo, Saqqara, arguably the best-preserved ancient burial-ground in Egypt. This is also the site of The Step Pyramid, the first proper pyramid built for King Zoser in the 27th-century BC by the architect Imhotep. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Later we discover The Great Pyramids & Sphinx of Giza. Rising from the desert the three Pyramids erected by King Cheops and guarded by the mysterious Sphinx are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most important sites in Egypt.

Day 3 : Visit The Old Egyptian Museum
Location: Cairo, The Egyptian Museum, قلعة صلاح الدين الأيوبي, Orman Garden, Khan El Khalili Bazaar
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Rameses Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we visit the Old Egyptian Museum which is located in the heart of Cairo and one of the world's most famous museums. The Citadel of Salah Al-Din was built between 1176- 1182 AD and this Citadel fortress provides a panoramic view of Cairo from the Moqattam Hills.  We then visit the Al-Orman Garden – a stunning botanical garden which dates from 1875 and the reign of Khedive Ismail Pasha, who established the garden on a larger site than it presently occupies as part of the Palace of the Khedive. This became a public botanical garden in 1910 and was put under the Ministry of Agriculture management and covers 28 acres. Today, the garden contains a herbarium building, a rock garden, a rose garden, cactus gardens, and probably the most notable feature, the lotus pond. Al-Orman Garden is located west of the river Nile and east of Cairo University in the Giza Governorate. “Orman” is a Turkish word, which means “the forest”.
Later we visit Khan El-Khalili bazaar where treasures include spices, perfumes, gold and silver, carpets, brass and copperware, leatherwork, glass, ceramics and Egyptian cotton.

Day 4 : Cairo To Luxor
Location: Cairo, Luxor, Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Jolie Ville, Luxor
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we transfer to Cairo airport and fly to Luxor and transfer to our hotel. Later we head for the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor which has a history of hosting royalty and celebrities throughout the years. The interiors feature grand staircases, high ceilings and lounge areas that are appointed with antique furniture and beautiful flower arrangements.
As can be expected, Winter Palace's restaurants have a historical and grand reputation to maintain. Relax and socialise as you enjoy French cuisine with the latest fusion dishes from around the world.  The pool scene is stunning and has the vibe of a private oasis with surrounding palm trees, then enjoy your lunch at the hotel and free time to relax.

Day 5 : Luxor
Location: Luxor, Luxor Temple, Karnak temple
Accommodation: 5-star Nile Cruise Ship
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we enjoy a private half-day tour in Luxor on the East Bank. One of the first stops must be the Temple of Luxor built by Amenophis III and which was originally connected to the Karnak Temple via a long stone processional street called a dromos. The well-preserved dromos was built by Nectanebo I and was originally lined on either side by sphinxes. We later transfer to our 5-star river vessel and enjoy lunch on board. The afternoon is free to relax. Dinner tonight is followed by entertainment.

Day 6 : Visiting The West Bank
Location: Valley of the Kings, Mortuary Temple of Seti I, Deir el-Bahari, Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Esna
Accommodation: 5-star Nile Cruise Ship
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

A full day visiting the West Bank today. Here we will discover a variety of tombs starting with The Valley of the Kings which has tombs from the 18th and 19th Dynasties. Outside the Valley of the Kings, the road leads past Antef, named after the 11th Dynasty princes who were buried there. Some tombs can still be seen as we head towards the Temple of Seti I. The road winds westward until reaching the Valley of Asasif. These are 25th and 26th Dynasty tombs and at the foot of a cliff named Deir el-Bahri is a spectacular complex of temples. The Temples of Mentuhetep I, Hatshepsut and Thotmose II here must be seen. We return to our river vessel for lunch and time to reflect on the sights and sounds experienced today before cruising overnight to Esna.

Day 7 : Tour Of Edfu Temple
Location: Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple
Accommodation: 5-star Nile Cruise Ship
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We begin with a private tour of Edfu Temple - one of the best-preserved shrines in Egypt. The temple was built in the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 237 and 57 BC. The inscriptions on its walls provide important information on language, myth and religion during the Hellenistic period in Egypt. After lunch onboard we visit Kom-Ombo Temple. Built by the Ptolemaic dynasty during the Roman invasion, this temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek the crocodile god and Haroeris - the falcon god Horus.

Day 8 : Cruise To Aswan
Location: Aswan, The High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple, Aswan Botanical Garden
Accommodation: 5-star Nile Cruise Ship
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we cruise to Aswan where we begin with a private tour visiting the High Dam which is 3,830 metres long, 980 metres wide at the base, 40 metres wide at the crest and 111 metres tall. It contains 43 million cubic metres of material and 11,000 cubic metres per second of water can pass through the dam. Abandoned thousands of years ago in the quarries of Aswan, the Unfinished Obelisk is a granite would-be monument that was never finished. It is one of the most important archaeological finds in Egypt for the insight it has provided into ancient stonemasonry methods. We then proceed to visit Philae Temple on the tiny island of Philae, a mere 450 metres long and less than 150 metres wide, which captured the imagination of countless travellers to Egypt from early times. It was famed for its beauty and was known as the "Pearl of Egypt'. Plants and palm trees grew from the fertile deposits that had collected in the crevices of the granite bedrock. Gracious Graeco-Roman temples and colonnades, kiosks and sanctuaries rose proudly against the skyline. We return to our river vessel and after lunch take a Felucca around Aswan Islands then visit the Botanical gardens.
Covering 6.8 hectares, the Aswan Botanical Garden is home to thousands of birds and many exotic plants imported from many parts of the world, offering a beautiful and unique escape from the city. Dinner on board tonight is followed by a Nubian Show.

Day 9 : Excursion To Abu Simbel
Location: Abu Simbel, Aswan, Old Cataract Hotel, Jazirat Aswan
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Mövenpick Hotel, Aswan
Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

This morning we have the opportunity of an optional excursion to Abu Simbel by air, a temple built by Ramesses II in ancient Nubia, where he wished to demonstrate his power and his divine nature. Four colossal (20 metres high) statues of him sit in pairs flanking the entrance.
Later we transfer to our hotel in Aswan and later enjoy a late afternoon tea at the historic Old Cataract Hotel where Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile. Delight in an authentic High Tea experience and revel in the stunning views overlooking the Nile and Elephantine Island. We return to our hotel for dinner.

Day 10 : Aswan To Cairo
Location: Aswan, Cairo
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Rameses Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Free time to relax before we transfer to Aswan airport for our flight to Cairo where we transfer to our hotel.

Day 11 : Head To Alexandria
Location: Alexandria, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Ancient Roman Theatre, Montaza Palace, Cairo
Accommodation: Hotel
Accommodation Name: 5-star Rameses Hilton Hotel, Cairo
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we head to Alexandria for a full but most enjoyable day exploring the Catacombs of Kom El-Shouqafa and the Roman Amphitheatre. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Afterwards we visit Montazah Palace Gardens which are located at the eastern edge of Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt. The complex, which covers 360 acres in size, is a beautiful property that overlooks Al Montaza and encompasses palm-tree lined walkways, several greenhouses and a semi-private beach. We return to Cairo for dinner at our hotel.

Day 12 : Return To London.
Location: London
Meals Included: Breakfast

Today we transfer to Cairo airport for our return flight to London.

What's Included

  • Accommodation

  • All visits as outlined in the itinerary

  • Comfortable coach travel throughout

  • London pre-flight Executive lounge access

  • Meals - as per the itinerary

  • Services of a professional tour manager & local guides

What's Not Included

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Reviews of this Operator

Trusted Customer  

Brightwater Holidays offers great value


I would highly recommend Brightwater Holidays. It offers excellent service and value for money. This was my first tour as I normally arrange holidays myself, but this tour - which was to the gardens of Kent and Sussex - was a very pleasant change of pace.

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Brightwater Holidays Customer  

My experience with Brightwater Holidays


The tour was well managed, the sites visited were all interesting and linked to the theme of the Picts and their place in history, the hotel was comfortable and the coach journeys were well paced. I have been with Brightwater before and will certainly travel with them again

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Alan Hawkes (Google Reviewer)  

We were on the Tour...


We were on the Tour of the Outer Hebrides. We had a great experience, in no small part due to the excellence of the tour manager and driver.

Brightwater Holidays Custome  

Wonderful experience with brilliant information


The most important factor was an amazing guide in Alastair Walker whose knowledge and care for clients was fantastic. The whole trips are superbly organised

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David MacLennan (Google Reviewer)  

Noted a comment on taking...


Noted a comment on taking coaches on A814 by a local person who didn't know the facts: When the A82 was blocked and the POLICE divert you onto that road you do as instructed not what a you know are tight roads but they only way to your destination as intructed by officials. We know this route is not suitable for large vehicles but the driver does as instructed by someone in authority.

Eric Webb (Google Reviewer)  

Recent (September 2023) Scottish holiday...


Recent (September 2023) Scottish holiday not so good. Various 'issues' to do with scheduling and organisation. I'm happy to report however that - after an interval - a letter expressing disappointment brought a full response - including a generous refund. So - with fingers slightly crossed - we'll be booking with Brightwater again in due course.

Kevin Barrett (Google Reviewer)  

The recent tour in Northumberland...


The recent tour in Northumberland turned out to be a shambles. Our South London driver took us to Newcastle, but no guide to meet us. Next day still no guide and the bus driver attempted to salvage the tour the best he could despite having no knowledge of the attractions. Fortunately one of the passengers Googled the tides for Holy Island. No holiday guide ever showed up. Coach and hotel were fine. Do these people only offer self guided tours? Take Shearings next time.

ALEXANDRA MCQUEEN (Google Reviewer)  

Been trying to get a...


Been trying to get a reply from them for over a week. Booked Xmas tour, confirmation said pick up subject to numbers, they never said anything when booking and theyve been paid in full. Would not recommend!

Dp Green (Google Reviewer)  

I had heard this company...


I had heard this company was a nightmare to deal with, but thought I'd give it a go. Signed up for a tour, then emailed them about how to pay off the balance. No response to 3 emails. I've never encountered a tour company that ignored questions on how to pay off a balance. Looked into other reviews and found many complaints about cancelled tours and refusals to refund deposits.

Kieran Thompson (Google Reviewer)  

Two of your tour busses...


Two of your tour busses used the A814 from Garelochhead to Arrochar on 24th July 2021. This route is not suitable for large vehicles and your drivers should not have taken the huge coaches that way. There are clear signs at both ends of the road indicating it is not suitable for HGV's. Our car had to go off into the soft verge to allow your coaches to pass. Please amend your routes to avoid this road in future.

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