Togo, Benin & Ghana

Togo, Benin & Ghana

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Togo, Benin & Ghana

15 Days Starting in Accra, Ghana and ending in Lomé, Togo

Visiting: Accra, Elmina, Cape Coast Castle, Kumasi, Odumase Krobo, Ho, Lomé, Togoville, Ouidah, Ganvie, Abomey, Natitingou, Sokode, Kpalime

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Crooked Compass

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Fully Guided

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2 - 12

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Boat/Cruise Excursion

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Tour Overview

Witness the Akwasidae FestivalExplore the voodoo Akodessewa Fetish MarketsVisit the voodoo shrines of Temple of Pythons and the Sacred ForestCruise through the tranquil waterways to Ganvie, the Venice of AfricaMeet the Tamberma people and see their mudbrick homes built like fortressesVenture into the heart of West Africa as you explore Togo, Benin and Ghana, each with their own fascinating history, unique culture, lifestyle and beat.

Delve in the depths of the voodoo and fetish cult culture as you learn about the power of sorcerers and black magic. Weave your way through the Venice of Africa as you start to understand the deep beliefs which caused the locals to live on these remote islands. Embrace the tropical beauty of the region as well as lush rainforests and dusty mud brick villages. Marvel at houses built like forts and experience the Akwasidae Festival, a festival which takes place once every 40 days celebrating the culture of the Ashanti Kingdom.


  • Witness the Akwasidae Festival

  • Explore the voodoo Akodessewa Fetish Markets

  • Visit the voodoo shrines of Temple of Pythons and the Sacred Forest

  • Cruise through the tranquil waterways to Ganvie, the Venice of Africa

  • Meet the Tamberma people and see their mudbrick homes built like fortresses


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Day 1 : Arrival In Accra

Location: Accra

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Suisse Spirit Suites or similar

Meals Included: No Meals

Akwaaba! Welcome to Ghana! Upon arrival into Kotoka International Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Your guide will provide you with a briefing on your tour and then the remainder of the day is yours at leisure.

Accra, Ghana’s capital, is one of Africa’s biggest cities with inevitable traffic, noise and mayhem. Despite being a fast growing, lively city, the people are friendly and welcoming and maintain many aspects of their tribal African roots. The National Museum houses one of West Africa’s best ethnographic, historical and art collections, which gives a good introduction to Ghana and the surrounding areas. The old quarter of Jamestown, is the heart of the old colonial town and is inhabited by the Ga people, who founded Accra in the 16th century. There are numerous bustling markets to explore where you can discover everything from food, clothing and household goods to traditional crafts. Most interesting is the area where coffins are made – here, they make them with the most outlandish designs, in the shape of fish, aeroplanes, or just about anything else you can think of.

Day 2 : Accra

Location: Accra

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Suisse Spirit Suites or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

After a scrumptious breakfast, your first day in Accra will be spent immersing yourselves into the history and day to day life of the local people. You will drive past Independence Square and the Black Star Square, where you will see the enclosed flame of African liberation, lit by Dr Kwame Nkrumah in 1961.

The local Ga tribes were the original custodians of the current modernised city of Accra, and your first visit takes you to Jamestown, one of Accra’s most historic neighbourhoods where history resides everywhere you look. Visit the lighthouse which will provide you with an incredible view over the Jamestown Fishing Community. Walk through the fish markets and experience the hustle and bustle along the seashore as fishermen dock their boats and fish mongers sell their catch.

You will also have the opportunity to pay a courtesy visit to the Palace of the Ga Chief of the community.

Continue on to the bustling Makola Market, the biggest open market in Accra. Why not try your hand at bargaining with the locals?

Your day ends at the La township to see the uniquely designed special caskets at the Teshie Nungua area which reflect the beliefs of people in life after death (i.e. a bus driver may be buried in a casket made like a bus, a restaurant owner in a large bottle of beer or a preacher in a casket shaped like a bible.

Day 3 : Cape Coast To Elmina

Location: Elmina

Accommodation: Resort

Accommodation Name: Coconut Grove Beach Resort or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today, you will depart on another adventure along the coast as you head to Elmina and Cape Coast (147km, 3hr approx). Enroute, you will explore the old quarter (Mankessim) with its unique Posuban Shrines, made by the traditional ‘Asafo’ societies which were once responsible for local defence.

‘Kotokoraba’ Market, the cradle of the Cape Coast, is the economic hub of the region with major trading stores located around it. The market has existed for many decades and was a major trading site during the pre-independence era. It serves as a major point for all trade in the region and it is a hotspot for economic activity as most major activities in the city take place in and around the area.

Starting late in the afternoon, enjoy the sight of many colourful fishing boats bringing their daily catch into the harbour and take this opportunity to mix and mingle with the locals at the nearby market. A short distance from the market, you will visit the boat builders, still building colourful fishing boats using traditional tools and methods spanning centuries.

Day 4 : Elmina And Cape Coast Castles

Location: Cape Coast Castle, Elmina

Accommodation: Resort, ResortResortResort

Accommodation Name: Coconut Grove Beach Resort or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today, you will visit the Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site. The castle is a thought provoking monument to a harrowing period in the region’s history. Take an emotional journey through the castle which held more enslaved Africans than any other in the region. View the dungeons and infamous ‘Door of No Return’. There is a significant historical museum inside which explains the history of the castle and of Cape Coast itself. Here, you can purchase literature on Ghana’s forts and castles as well as the cultural history and traditions of Ghana.

Continue to ‘Global Mama’s’, an inspiring not-for-profit and fair trade organisation, assisting women in Ghana to become economically independent. During your visit, you will learn about the challenges and successes of running these kinds of projects. Get crafty and turn your hand to learning about the traditional West African art of Batik making.

Upon returning to Elmina, you will visit Elmina Castle, also known as St Georges Castle built by the Portuguese in 1482. The castle was the first European structure built in sub-Saharan Africa, now accorded a World Heritage Site.

Day 5 : Elmina To Kumasi

Location: Elmina, Kumasi

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Golden Tulip Hotel or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

After breakfast, drive through the forest zone to Kumasi, (244km, 4hrs approx) the seat of the Ashanti Empire to explore the legends of the famous Ashantis whose legacies are still evident today.

Kumasi comes as a shock, being the most dynamic marketplace in West Africa and the second largest city in Ghana with a population of almost three million. It is a vibrant commercial centre, visited by merchants from all over. Kumasi is home to a collection of British colonial buildings and it is the heart of Ashanti culture.

Enjoy a drive through the city as you witness monuments dedicated to the great Ashanti people. End your tour at the National Cultural Centre which features the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum and various studios of the brass makers, potters and batik makers.

Day 6 : Kumasi To Akwasidae Festival

Location: Kumasi

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Golden Tulip Hotel or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Spend the day in and around Kumasi, taking in the Manhiya Palace Museum to learn about the legacies of the Ashanti Kingdom. A regal history that dates back to 1700 is told with relics and artefacts.

This afternoon, you will witness the Akwasidae Festival. Join the celebration with the pomp and pageantry of the Ashanti Kingdom. The king riding in a palanquin and adorned with all his gold ornaments, comes out to receive his homage from his sub-chiefs and people, it is a spectacular sight to watch the colourful canopies and umbrellas, the skilful drummers, dancers, horn blowers and praise-singers, held in honour of their ancestral spirits.

You will also visit some of the craft villages in the surrounding lush countryside and the ancient Ejisu Ashanti Shrine, a World Heritage Site. You will see the weaving of the famous Kenete cloth, the making of the Adinkra, a type of fabric worn at funerals and prized for its intricate hand printed symbols and the work of woodcarvers – stools, fertility figures, drums and more.

Day 7 : Kumasi To Krobo Odumase To Ho

Location: Kumasi, Odumase Krobo

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Volta Serene Hotel or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Depart for an early morning scenic drive to a beautiful village located on the Lowe course on the splendid Volta River.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Cedi Bead Factory and witness first hand how to make specially crafted glass. You will also have the opportunity to make your own beads using the traditional Krobo techniques. Bead making has a long history in Ghana. Beads have been used in ceremonies of birth, coming of age, marriage and death for the past 400 years.

Arrive in Ho late in the afternoon before checking into your hotel. The remainder of the day is at leisure. Driving distance today is 345km, approx 6hrs.

Day 8 : Ho To Lome, Togo

Location: Ho, Lomé

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Hotel Residence Madiba or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today you will follow the coastal road dotted with Ewe villages, tranquil lagoons and tropical vegetation before you cross the border into Togo and reach the capital, Lome. (You will cross the border at the Aflao border crossing). Driving distance today is 114km, 2.5hrs approx).

Lome is the largest city in Togo and located on the Gulf of Guinea. It is the countries administrative and industrial centre which exports coffee, cocoa, copra and palm kernels. It also has an oil refinery. The city was founded in the 19th century by German, British and African traders, becoming the capital of Togoland in 1897.

Upon arrival, you will have a scenic drive through Lome. Wind along the ocean side, through the market area, past public buildings, the main boulevards and the new International Museum of the Gulf of Guinea.

Day 9 : Togoville

Location: Togoville

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Hotel Residence Madiba or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today you drive to Togoville, the Agdbodrafo Slave House and the Akodessewa Fetish Market. Togoville is a red earthed village which is the homeland of numerous slaves who were taken to Haiti, who were members of the voodoo cult. Here you will find magic remedies and voodoo charms used by local sorcerers. You will visit a remote hidden village where you will witness a voodoo ceremony. Continue to the Akodessewa Fetish Market or Marche, the world largest voodoo market, famous for being a super supply for fetishes, charms and anything else one might need for a ritual. Enjoy the scenic drive back to Lome later in the afternoon. Driving distance today is 100km, 3hrs approx. The evening is at leisure.

Day 10 : Ouidah

Location: Ouidah

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Hotel Casa Del Papa or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

This morning you will drive along the scenic Togo lagoon from Lome to the colonial town of Aneho, capital of the former German Togoland where you will exit Togo (border crossing point Aneho) and cross into Benin. (Entry border point Hilla Condji). Drive onto Ouidah, an important historical centre and the cradle of the voodoo religion. Ouidah offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere with its colonial buildings and its tropical vibes. You will visit the celestial church, an interesting example of religious syncretism mixing voodoo and Christianity.

Your tour will take you to the Temple of Pythons and the Sacred Forest (Kpasse Forest), both important voodoo shrines as well as the Portuguese fort which now houses the history museum. The exhibit focuses on the slave trade and Benin’s consequent cultural links with the Caribbean and the Americas.

From the city centre, you will retrace part of the infamous slave route, passing a former slave market and numerous shrines and memorials erected by the African Diaspora of the New World. You will travel all the way to the ocean and the ‘Door of No Return’. Continue to your hotel for the evening. Driving distance today is 70km, 2hrs approx.

Day 11 : Ganvie To Abomey

Location: Ganvie, Abomey

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Suncity Hotel or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today is set to be one the highlights of your trip as you head to Ganvie, the Venice of Africa. In ancient times, people took refuge on Lake Nokoue from the attacks of the feared Dahomey warriors who were forbidden by a deep belief to fight on water. The Ganvie people over time, developed this unique lake culture and way of life which have made them famous. Cruise through the tranquil waterways and fish farms to the lake community of Ganvie. Discover curious dwelling built on stilts, small floating markets and witness the fascinating way of life. Returning to ‘terra firma’, visit the Abomey-Calavi fetish market, the most authentic in the region and (hopefully) meet one of the officiating fetish priests and see the Royal Palace on your way to Dassa. Driving distance today is 250km, 5hrs approx.

Day 12 : Natitingou

Location: Natitingou

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Hotel Tata Somba or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today you will stop at the Dankoli fetish, an important place of the voodoo cult and you will discover the Old Taneki priest. You will also visit a traditional village where each mud house is built as a fortress. You will have time to visit several of these magical and enchanting structures and meet the Tamberma people, some of who still wear headgear made from the horns of gazelles. Driving distance today is 350km, 8hrs approx.

Day 13 : Sokode

Location: Sokode

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Hotel Centrale or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

This morning you cross the border back into Togo to witness a fire dance. In the centre of the village, a large fire lights up the faces of the participants who dance to the hypnotic beat of drums, eventually leaping into the glowing embers. They pick up burning coals and pass them over their bodies and even put them in their mouths without injuring themselves or showing any sign of pain. It is difficult to explain such a performance. Driving distance today is180km, 4hrs approx.

Day 14 : Kpalime

Location: Kpalime

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Jess Hotel Kpalime or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast

Today you head south stopping in the typical African town of Atakpame sitting amongst picturesque hills. The town is synonymous with weaving and you will see brightly coloured fabric everywhere called Kente. From Atakpame, you move to the tropical forests surrounding Kpalime, a town with a rich colonial past and now an important trading centre. Driving time is 290km, 5hrs approx.

This evening, enjoy a night walk in the forest to discover its mysterious nocturnal world and enjoy the sounds of nature. Under the guidance of a local entomologist, you will learn about the endemic butterflies and insects.

What's Included

  • Meet and assistance upon arrival and departure

  • Return airport transfers

  • 14 nights accommodation

  • Transportation in a private vehicle

  • Experienced cultural tour guide

  • 14 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

  • Bottled water per person per day

  • Entry fees to sites as per the itinerary

  • Assistance with visa application

What's Not Included

  • Visas and international flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Gratuity for driver and guide

  • Meals not listed

  • Personal expenses

Check out our Q&As

  • Is there any free time to explore places during the tour?

    As detailed in itinerary.

  • Are airport transfers included in this tour?

    Yes, Return airport transfers is included.

  • What is the minimum group size?

    The min group size is 2 people.

  • Are all entrance fees included in the price?

    Entry fees to sites as per the itinerary are included.

  • What is the fitness level required to do this tour?

    This category of tours involves light trekking, walking, cycling, rafting or kayaking for a few hours each day with a small amount of inclines and declines. You will require a reasonable level of fitness and good health to participate. It is important to note that due to the nature of some of our trips, they may take place in remote areas (with basic facilities) and can involve long travelling days on various modes of transport.

  • Are the local guides on the tour English speaking?

    Yes, The local guides on the tour is English speaking

  • Is there a supplement for solo travellers?

    Yes, Single Supplement will be chargeable at AUD$ 2,370.00.

  • Are flights included in this tour?

    Visas and international flights are not included.

  • Will the accommodation included meet local health and safety regulations?

    Yes. Focusing on providing authentic experiences where ever you are in the world, Crooked Compass has access to a vast array of accommodation styles. From boutique properties in larger cities to local guest houses and home stays within small villages. Crooked Compass ensures that local authenticity flows through your accommodation throughout your tour without compromising standard.

  • What sort of transportation is used for your tours?

    Transportation utilised on a Crooked Compass escorted small group tour is a combination of a private air conditioned vehicle and local transport where appropriate. This may include a local bus ride, use of the cities metro system, a domestic flight to another city or overnight train ride.

  • What Ethical Travel credentials does the tour company have?

    Crooked Compass strives to be a leader in sustainable tourism. Crooked Compass is firmly committed to the principles of ethical travel. Our comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Practices policy summarises our commitments and actions. Although the very basis of our ground operations lends itself to the ethos of sustainable tourism, this policy re-iterates our commitment to: Use locally owned hotels Use locally owned ground agents Use local guides and drivers Promote community tourism projects from homestays to craft shops Support charities that work within the destinations that we travel to Carbon offset our travels

  • Who runs your tours and are they experts in their fields?

    Crooked Compass works with the worlds best operators who are specialists in their country, region and cities providing you with in depth local knowledge. We use local guides who live and breathe the areas they work in, making sure you experience their region, their way. We believe it is far better to have a local guide who knows a lot about a little than a text book trained Western tour guide who knows a little about a lot. Using local guides also ensures that money stays within local communities and supports the regions we visit.

  • What can I expect from a Crooked Compass tour that I wouldn't get from travelling with an alternative company?

    Crooked Compass provides a sensory way to understand the world – we help you live like a local, eat like a local, do what the locals do and seek the faces behind the places whilst discovering untouched lands and natural beauty. Crooked Compass tours delve deep into the heart and soul of a destination ensuring you get out of your journey all you intended and much, much more. Our intriguing itineraries have been created by travellers for travellers. Steering travellers to follow a different path, Crooked Compass’ itineraries allow you to experience the world’s most fascinating destinations in ways you never dreamed possible. It brings to life those ‘bucket list’ experiences you have yearned to do and separates the travellers from the tourists. Crooked Compass tours are culturally rich, reward travellers with unexpected encounters and uncommon rendezvous, creating truly unique, authentic travel experiences.

  • Who do your tours cater for?

    Crooked Compass escorted small group tours cater for those who are well travelled seeking the what’s next and what’s new. Our travellers are curious minded soft adventurers who want to uncover something more than the mainstream tourist trail. Crooked Compass tours draw travellers with an interest in sustainable tourism and conservation for the areas they visit. A Crooked Compass traveller is someone who is seeking something fresh and unique, who has a yearning for authenticity and discovery, with an appreciation for cultures, tradition and the natural world. We call them Cultural Purists.

  • I am concerned about my impact on travelling through untouched regions. Can I offset?

    Yes. All travellers on Crooked Compass tours have the option to offset their part of their tour’s carbon footprint by donating $4AUD (tax-deductible) at time of booking. 100% of these funds are donated to Greenfleet, an environmental non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting our climate by restoring our forests. By partnering with Greenfleet, we are confident that our carbon offset program provides genuine and lasting environmental benefits. Your offset donation funds plant trees and restore permanent native forests in Australia and New Zealand. As they grow, these forests provide many community and environmental benefits by absorbing carbon emissions, protecting our unique biodiversity, restoring habitat for native wildlife, preventing soil salinity and erosion, improving water quality and much more. If you’d like to find out more and offset the rest of your carbon emissions, visit

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Jeff Rehn  

A wonderful trip to Saudi Arabia organised by Crooked Compass


A wonderful trip to Saudi Arabia organised by Crooked Compass. Considering the country is just opening up to tourism everything went very well - flights, trips, transfers, guides and accommodation - thank you CC - highly recommended

Pauline Mavis Rusby  

We were kept safe at all times.


We were kept safe at all times. When unexpected hurdles appeared they were handled without fuss. Our tour was informative, picturesque and comfortable.

Tina Watts-Seale  

Family holiday to Vietnam


We booked a family holiday to Vietnam with Crooked Compass and it was perfect. The booking process was easy and Lisa took all of our requests on board so that the trip was exactly what we wanted. All flights, transfers, accommodations, guides and activities were fantastic, with great communication throughout the whole trip. Would highly recommend, we will be booking again soon!


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