Quito To Rio (105 Days) Kingdoms & Carnivals

Quito To Rio (105 Days) Kingdoms & Carnivals

tourhub | Oasis Overland | Quito To Rio (105 Days) Kingdoms & Carnivals | 498
tourhub | Oasis Overland | Quito To Rio (105 Days) Kingdoms & Carnivals | 498
105 Days From



Quito To Rio (105 Days) Kingdoms & Carnivals

105 Days Starting in Quito, Ecuador and ending in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visiting: Quito, Amazon Rainforest, Baños, Cuenca, Chan Chan, Lima, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Cusco, La Paz, Potosi, Uyuni, Salta, Mendoza, Santiago, Pucón, San Carlos de Bariloche, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park, Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Bonito, Pantanal, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

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Oasis Overland

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Tour Overview

For those of you who enjoy a challenge, join us for an overland expedition which takes you to some of the most remote places you will ever be privileged to visit. Discover the true South America with a trip that is tough but extremely rewarding! Endure bumpy rides, back to basics camping and cooking in extreme conditions whilst experiencing the beautiful landscapes and getting to know the amazing people you meet along the way. As we reach our final destination why not reward yourself by joining in with Rio's carnival spirit, in time for their legendary Carnival or New Year's Eve celebrations.


  • 3 nights exploring the Amazon Jungle - taking guided walks and view the exotic wildlife by land or river

  • Relax in the thermal baths in the spa town of Banos or hike the nearby mountain trails by foot or horseback

  • Camp in the desert under the stars in the Ica Desert near the Oasis of Huacachina

  • Trek through the Sacred Valley of the Incas reaching the famous UNESCO World Heritage site Machu Picchu

  • Visit the colourful witches market in the highest capital city in the world - La Paz

  • Tour the local wineries by foot or bicycle in the wine growing region of the Andes

  • Enjoy the outstanding beauty of Torres del Paine National Park, where huge granite cliffs dominate the landscape

  • Travel to the most southerly town on earth, Ushuaia

  • Experience the pulsating and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires

  • Explore the vast wetlands in the Pantanal, home to hundreds of species of birds and fish, including Piranha!

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Day 1 - 6 : Quito To Amazon Jungle

Location: Quito, Amazon Rainforest

Departing the largest city in Ecuador - Quito, we cross the Equator on our way to the town of Otavalo famous for its colourful craft market. Heading east on narrow, tortuous roads to the steamy edge of the Amazon basin and our gateway into the Amazon jungle. Here accompanied by experienced guides, we explore on foot this exotic environment.

Day 7 - 12 : Amazon Jungle To Cuenca

Location: Baños, Cuenca

Further south, perched high in the mountains of Ecuador, lies the outdoor adventure mecca of Banos. This spa town, where Ecuadorians go to relax in the thermal baths, is a favourite amongst those who have undertaken South America travel. With optional activities including rafting, canyoning and treks to waterfalls, you won't be short of things to do! We hit the road again and drive south along the spine of the Andes towards Peru visiting Cuenca on the way.

Day 13 - 18 : Cuenca To Lima

Location: Cuenca, Chan Chan, Lima

A days drive on the Pan-American highway brings us to the border with Peru. You will notice an amazing transition in one day, from the glush farming country of highland Ecuador, through sub-tropical forest and immense banana plantations, to dry barren desert in Peru. We are rewarded with a couple of days chilling by the beach. Our next stops on our South America travel experience are the Chan Chan ruins, imperial citadel of the pre-Inca Chimu kings which the Incas later conquered. It claims to be the largest mud brick city in the world.

Continuing with the Andes close to our left and the sea on our right, the capital city of Lima will be our next stop on our South America tour. Here you'll encounter both abundant wealth and grinding poverty, modern skyscrapers next to some of the finest museums and historical monuments in Latin America.

Day 19 - 25 : Lima To Colca Canyon

Location: Lima, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon

Accommodation: Camp

Departing Lima our next stop is the Ballestas Islands in the Paracas National Reserve. By boat, you have the opportunity to visit the rare and exotic sea birds and mammals that inhabit these islands. An hour's drive inland in the heart of the Ica Desert is the Oasis of Huacachina; if its an adrenaline rush you're after, you have the option to head out on a custom made dune buggy & roar across the desert sands to the top of enormous dunes & then sand board down them - head first on a greased up plank of wood! Then, after an unforgettable desert sunset, we sit around the campfire while our guides cook up a storm, followed by a night sleeping out under the stars. In the morning we make our way to one of the world's great archaeological mysteries The Nazca Lines. These huge figures and shapes, carved into the desert floor are best viewed from the air - South America travel is not complete until you have seen these unbelievable ancient mysteries.

Still heading south we visit Chauchilla Cemetery with its well-preserved mummies, on our way to Puerto Inca, at this ancient Inca harbour we camp at the beach and enjoy our last night at sea level before beginning our climb back into the towering Andes. The next two nights are spent in Arequipa at 2325m, giving us time to acclimatise, and enjoy this beautiful colonial city with its impressive El Misti Volcano in the background. Arequipa is also the gateway to one of the deepest canyons in the world. Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, Colca Canyon is an awesome sight. Here, if you get up early, Condors can be seen circling lazily on the thermals rising from the canyon floor.

Day 26 - 32 : Colca Canyon To Cusco

Location: Colca Canyon, Cusco

Widely considered to be the most interesting city for South America travel, our next stop Cusco is surrounded by the Sacred Valley of the Incas and offers a wide range of activities to explore the region. We will base ourselves here for 6 days giving us enough time for the Inca Trail trip, which is regarded by many to be the highlight of their South America tour. There are several treks which you can take in Machu Picchu. When permits are still available, we will organise the Classic Trail trek, but great alternative Inca Trail treks, like the Lares or Salkantay can be arranged when the Classic is not available or by your choice (must be pre-arranged at time of booking). These alternatives mean that you still get to visit Machu Picchu. Tours to Machu Picchu are absolutely unbelievable; a trip to this City in the Clouds is an ancient and awe-inspiring part of our South America travel tour. Besides seeing Machu Picchu, you are able to enjoy the architectural uniqueness of Cusco and explore some of the colourful surrounding markets. Please note that for all those visiting Machu Picchu there is now the option to buy a ticket to go up the summit next to Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu. Tickets for this must be requested at the time of your booking with us, and payment made in advance in the UK. You will have the option to add the tickets to go up Huayna Picchu when you make your booking online, be sure to add them if you would like them.

Day 33 - 37 : Cusco To La Paz

Location: Cusco, La Paz

Bordering Peru and Bolivia at 3800m lies Lake Titicaca, the home of the Uros Indians who have made their dwellings on floating reed islands. By boat we visit the floating islands during the day and then we go that one step beyond the average tourist and spend the night with one of the Indian families on the lesser known islands Isla Amantani or Taquile. Spending some time during South America travel in these local communities will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the Andean people and their customs. From here it is a days drive to the capital of Bolivia - La Paz. This is a great place to visit a 'peña' club, dedicated to Andean folk music, and perhaps buy some souvenirs in one of the authentic markets such as the witches market.

Day 38 - 43 : La Paz To Uyuni

Location: La Paz, Potosi, Uyuni

Leaving La Paz we enter real Bolivia, where the Aymara and Quechua Indians scrape a living from their small plots of land in the harsh climate and paved roads are virtually non-existent. A days drive brings us to Potosi. At over 4000m it is the highest city of its size in the world and 400 years ago it was the largest city in all the Americas. Vast amounts of silver were extracted from Potosi and shipped to Spain in years gone by. The adventurous who have undertaken South American travel will appreciate the opportunity to go down one of these mines where mining techniques have remained unchanged for centuries. Visiting the ancient mint or having a tour around the Casa Nacional de Moneda (National Money House) also provides a good look into Potosi's and Bolivia's past. Leaving the bleak Altiplano we arrive at the shimmering white Salt Flats of Uyuni.

Day 44 - 47 : Uyuni To Salta

Location: Uyuni, Salta

It is possible to venture out into the salt lakes for a 1 day excursion. With no roads and only vague tracks to follow it makes for an unforgettable experience. Our descent through the Andean passes is spectacular as we cross into Argentina towards the colonial city of Salta where we have a couple of free days.

Day 48 - 53 : Salta To Santiago

Location: Salta, Mendoza, Santiago

After Salta, we head south winding around lakes and weaving through baked cliffs until we reach Cafayate, the first wine region of Argentina. Famous for its white wines, you can explore some of the wineries on foot or by bicycle. Continuing south we join the route 40, the longest route in Argentina, to Mendoza, the biggest wine region in Argentina. Here you can indulge in more wine and good steak! From here we head for Chile as we cross the Andes past the Inca Bridge and San Martin's pass and into the modern capital, Santiago.

Day 54 : Santiago

Location: Santiago

We have a free day to explore Santiago, with famous Chilean Steak houses, Casillero del Diablo winery, Skiing available in the winter, you will find it easy to pass the days away.

Day 55 - 60 : Santiago To Bariloche

Location: Santiago, Pucón, San Carlos de Bariloche

If you are travelling on the trip that travels through Patagonia from July to September, please be aware it will get very cold at times with temperatures well below zero, and you can expect snowfall. Please be prepared for cold conditions, with thermal clothing and the correct sleeping bag.

On our July to September trips in Patagonia, this section of the trip is subject to change en route. Please see our 'Winter in Patagonia' notes below for further details.

Leaving Santiago, we pass small villages and deep blue lakes with mountains towering above us as we wind through Chile's Lake District. Pucon, an outdoors centre in its own right, will be our base for the next few days from where it is possible to organise whitewater rafting, water sports, horse riding and one day hikes up nearby Villarrica Volcano. Ascending the Andes via some spectacular mountain passes we arrive in Bariloche, Argentina. This very popular holiday destination for Argentinians is the top ski resort on the continent and also has several hiking trails and a great nightlife.

Day 61 - 76 : Bariloche To Ushuaia

Location: San Carlos de Bariloche, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park, Ushuaia

Heading further down through Argentina into the deep south on a good dirt road we enter the vast wilderness of Patagonia. The perpetual wind makes it difficult for trees and plants to grow, so for a while we are faced with endless grassland. However our long drive will soon be rewarded with the stupendous views that Los Glaciares National Park provides - it also has the largest glacier in the world and here we have the option to take a boat ride up close to Perito Moreno Glacier, almost 200 ft high. Torres del Paine NP is another area of outstanding beauty where huge granite cliffs dominate the landscape. A good way to explore the area is either hiking or by horseback. Here there is the option to complete the famous W-Trek (bookable as an Add on). Please note that spaces on this trek are subject to availability. For those who do not want to complete the W-Trek there are options of shorter day hikes in the park which do not need to be booked ahead and you are free to do as you choose once there.

We continue south towards the wild and hauntingly beautiful land at worlds end, the island of Tierra del Fuego. We cross by ferry to the most southerly town in the world Ushuaia, from where you can view the green waters of the Beagle Channel and the snow clad peaks beyond.

Winter in Patagonia - Please note that the trips which travel through this part of Patagonia between July and September will coincide with winter in Patagonia. This will give us the opportunity to see the Andes at their most impressive, driving past towering snow-capped peaks and experiencing this rugged wilderness at a time of year that not many other travellers get to see! We will hopefully have the chance to ski or snowboard in Bariloche and Ushuaia, ice-climb across glaciers in El Chalten, and hike in national parks at the most dramatic time of year. However, weather conditions can be unpredictable, and there is a chance that certain roads will not be passable, so we cannot guarantee following our planned itinerary to Tierra del Fuego; changes may have to be made with little or no notice. But if this is required we will make a new plan and find a different route that will be sure to offer its own attractions and experiences, so come prepared for an adventure!

Day 77 - 85 : Ushuaia To Buenos Aires

Location: Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn, Buenos Aires

We now cross to the Atlantic coast of Patagonia and visit one of the marine sanctuaries. Penguins, Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, Sea Birds and sometimes Whales can be seen. Following the excellent paved roads north along the coast we pass through some quite affluent towns. One, Puerto Madryn, was the landing place over a century ago for the first group of Welsh settlers that subsequently colonised and now farm the surrounding area. We traverse the vast Pampas grasslands, South America's cowboy country, where gun-toting gauchos on horseback look after vast herds of cattle.

Travel to Argentina is not complete without a visit to the country's capital, and so we follow the coast to Buenos Aires.

Day 86 - 87 : Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires

Renowned for it's steaks, fine wines, tango dancing, ice cream and great nightlife! A few days in this smart cosmopolitan city and you could be forgiven for thinking you were back in Europe.

From here you will also have the opportunity to travel across the Rio Plata by ferry to Montevideo & Colonia de Sacramento to visit Uruguay.

Day 88 - 93 : Buenos Aires To Iguazu Falls

Location: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls

We depart Buenos Aires and start making our way north towards Brazil. Continuing through Argentina, we visit the region between Argentina and Paraguay that is home to many Jesuit Missions built in the 16th century to convert the Guarany Indians. We visit the ruins of San Ignacio before crossing the border into Brazil, where we also cross from Spanish to Portuguese, and it is time to get our tongues around a new linguistic challenge! The Iguazu Falls form the natural border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, higher than Niagara and wider than Victoria Falls they are an awe-inspiring place to spend the next three days before we continue on with travel to Brazil. The lush tropical forest surrounding the falls has many walking trails leading to smaller hidden falls, ideal to refresh from the steaming heat and abounding with parrots, toucans, woodpeckers and colourful plants. Here you can also undertake a number of optional activities such as rafting, helicopter flights and mountain bike riding.

Day 94 - 99 : Iguazu Falls To Pantanal

Location: Iguazu Falls, Bonito, Pantanal

Next stop is Bonito where we can swim and snorkel in some of the clearest rivers and lakes in the world. Spectacular walks in the mountainous forests may reveal wildlife that includes monkeys, alligators and anaconda. We begin our travel to Brazil in earnest as we journey on to the Pantanal region where we organise treks and horserides out into the vast wetlands which is home to over 600 species of birds and 350 kinds of fish, piranha being common, as well as an abundance of reptiles and animals. Try your hand at Piranha fishing too!

Day 100 - 104 : Pantanal To Parati

Location: Pantanal, Paraty

We now head to the coastal village of Parati. This unspoilt and picturesque town has remained fundamentally unaltered for three centuries. Cars have been banned from its cobbled streets that run down to the seashore, instead mountain bikes are used and are a good way to get around. Another great way to explore the secluded islands of this pristine coastline is taking a sailing trip in one of the traditional schooners.

Day 105 : Parati To Rio

Location: Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Our final drive takes us to the hedonistic playground of Rio de Janeiro, where the folk are raring to party out of their minds and live purely for the moment. Your adventure finishes on arrival into Rio. The Carnival and New Years Eve celebrations are always chaotic, crowded and fun and a must during any stint of travel to Brazil! We have Carnival and New Year packages available if you would like to join us for the celebrations.

What's Included

  • Accommodation - approx. 50% camping & 50% simple hostels/hotels

  • 3 night Jungle Trip - includes accommodation and meals (activities are optional extra)

  • Chan Chan Ruins - entrance & guided tour

  • Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu - 4 days trek including all meals & guide

  • Entrance to Machu Picchu - including guide

  • Boat tour on Lake Titicaca

  • Overnight stay with local family on Lake Titicaca

  • Torres del Paine National Park - park entrance fee included

  • Pantanal - includes accommodation, meals & activities

  • Iguazu Falls - entrance to Argentina side

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What's Not Included

  • Visas

  • Optional Excursions as listed in the Pre-Departure Information

  • Flights

  • Airport Taxes & Transfers

  • Travel Insurance

  • Meals - approx. 50%

  • Drinks

  • Tips

  • Local payment from US$2,750

    Local Payment (LP) is in the addition to the Trip Price and is paid to your Tour Leader at the start of your Trip.

    It covers some of the trip's day to day expenses such as food and accommodation which your tour leader pays direct to local people.

More Info

For those of you who enjoy a challenge, join us for an overland expedition which takes you to some of the most remote places you will ever be privileged to visit. Discover the true South America with a trip that is tough but extremely rewarding! Endure bumpy rides, back to basics camping and cooking in extreme conditions whilst experiencing the beautiful landscapes and getting to know the amazing people you meet along the way. As we reach our final destination why not reward yourself by joining in with Rio's carnival spirit, in time for their legendary carnival or New Year's Eve celebrations.

Mode of Transport

The Oasis truck will be your new home giving you a comfortable, secure base with which to experience your trip. As part of the adventure you will be expected to have an active involvement in the day to day running of the trip, be part of the group and get stuck in and help with various tasks, whether it's cooking meals over open fires, pitching your tent or keeping the truck clean & tidy.


All Oasis Overland trucks are fitted with seat belts. For your own safety and security we recommend that travellers wear these at all times whilst the vehicle is moving.


Camping - Oasis provides tents for those nights you will be camping. Tents are shared (between two people of the same sex from your group unless you are a couple). We spend some nights bush or desert camping, and on some occasions it is necessary to camp at overnight services, which are basic but equipped with showers and other facilities; the rest of the time in campsites. Facilities and standards at campsites vary, some are well equipped and managed and some are very basic. At bush camps you will be living off the truck, so there will be no showers or en-suite facilities! At certain campsites there is the opportunity to upgrade to a private room at your own expense if you are missing your bed.

Simple Hotels/Hostels - At some locations we will stay at small locally owned hostels/hotels. These are usually basic places, and often the accommodation will be mixed sex dormitory style. Upgrades may be available on arrival, but cannot be reliably pre- booked. Please be aware that the quality of accommodation can vary quite a lot from area to area and sometimes in a small hotel the standard of rooms can vary even from one room to the next - so there needs to be a level of understanding within the group that your Oasis Crew does not often have power over room allocation or services provided by various hotels and it is unavoidable that they have to rely on the local staff. Please note if you choose to participate on an overnight optional activity, then you will not receive reimbursement for any accommodation or meals that you are missing out on with the rest of the group.

Check out our Q&As

  • Are airport transfers included in this tour?

    The Secret Garden offers an airport pickup service. The cost is US$28 for up to 4 people (total, not per person). You will need to send them your flight details at least 48 hours in advance. When you walk out of the terminal, just look for a person holding a Secret Garden sign. You pay the US$28 direct to the person who meets you. Alternatively, you can take a taxi using the official taxi desk in the arrivals hall of the airport. The return airport transfer can be arranged through your hotel / hostel and is not included, it is at your own expense. We regret these services cannot be arranged via the Oasis office before departure. The exception to this is for Rio accommodation over the New Year & Carnival periods, please contact southamerica@oasisoverland.co.uk when you make your booking for further information.

  • Are flights included in this tour?

    You need to arrive at your departure city at least the day before your trip begins. Return flights must be booked for at least the day AFTER the trip is due to end. You may wish to allow some extra time to explore your arrival and departure cities. One way ticket: If you intend to travel on a one way ticket to meet up with one of our trips, without possessing an onward flight ticket - we recommend that you have a copy of your payment confirmation/receipt (that you will be sent at time of your balance payment) available at immigration to assist easy entry. Departure Taxes: Please check with your Travel Agent or Airline if your flight ticket already includes a departure tax payment out of the country. If it does not - please budget for approx US$30 to $70 USD - to be paid in US$ only.

  • What to expect at meal times?

    When 'on the road' or camping, we usually cook using gas or over open fires in a rota system and you can expect to cook in a group of two or three people approximately once every ten days depending on the number of people on trip and whereabouts you are. Your cook group will have to decide on what to cook, utilise stocks from the truck stores and locally obtain ingredients from markets, shops etc. and rustle up a meal. But don't worry if you're not a Gordon Ramsay, as the rest of the group and the Tour Leader usually lend a helping hand. Here is an idea of what to expect at meal times: Breakfasts: Usually simple - we help ourselves to cereal, toast, hot drinks and on occasion we will splurge with a cooked breakfast. Lunch: Cold and usually quick. The cook group will put out bread, tinned supplies and maybe make a salad. Dinner: Cooks come into their own in the evening, and will always attempt to cook up some delights. When staying in hotels in towns or cities we do not include meals. This is your chance to go out and explore and try local cuisine in local restaurants.

  • Where does the trip start?

    The trip starts from The Secret Garden at approximately 8am on the morning of Day 1 of your trip. The Secret Garden is a cozy hostel located in the heart of the city, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All dorms and private rooms are equipped with lockers, bedside lamps and access to great views from the terrace on the top floor. Trip Joining Point: The Secret Garden Hostel - Quito Start Time Day 1: 08:00 Address: J. de Antepara Street E4-60 & Los Rios, San Blas, Quito 170136 Telephone: +593 99 198 0027 Website: www.secretgardenquito.com Email: hola@secretgardenquito.com

  • Is there any free time to explore places during the tour?

    As detailed in the itinerary.

  • What is the maximum group size?

    Maximum 10 people.

  • Can there be changes in the itinerary?

    Because Oasis Overland do not operate normal 'package holidays' the itineraries given cannot be guaranteed to run exactly as outlined. However, it is rare that we have to make major changes and in the event that we do this will be discussed with you either before or during the trip. It is important to bear in mind that should it not be possible to enter a certain country due to safety concerns, visa problems or political turmoil etc, and it becomes necessary to fly over a country in order to continue a trip, that all costs for flights will be borne by you and not Oasis. Should it not be possible for an Oasis trip to begin from a scheduled starting city due to border closures, civil unrest etc, Oasis will make all reasonable efforts to begin the trip from an alternative location. However, all additional costs that you may incur in travelling to the alternative location will be paid by you or your insurance company and not Oasis.

  • Are the local guides on the tour English speaking?


  • Do you operate a “single share” option and how does it work?

    Yes, if you are travelling solo. On our Overland Adventures and Ultimate Expeditions, we will pair you up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin & shared rooms in hostels, so there is no need to go it alone! If you specifically would like to request your own single room whilst on the trip, this may be requested subject to availability and additional fee.

  • How many people do you take on your Trips?

    On most of our Overland Adventures and Ultimate Expeditions our vehicles can carry a maximum of 24 travellers, the average however is around 16-20 on any one trip. Our Small Group Adventures have a maximum of 18 people per Tour Leader, although again the average is around 10-14 people.

Reviews from travellers on this tour

Rhi Jones  


Feb 2016

First and foremost Danny and Justin absolutely made this trip for me! Incredibly professional, fun and genuinely ace people! Best memories will be: Canyoning in Banos, sandboarding in Haucachina, the Inca Trail and Machu Pícchu (so rewarding), Uyuni Saltflats in Bolivia, surviving Death Road in Bolivia, stunning views and unforgettable hikes in the Patagonia region, and of course experiencing Carnaval! Excellent value for money, I wouldn´t have done half of these activities if I had travelled alone. Truck drives days were tough and uncomfortable but most of the time the destination made it worth it! Thank you!

Johnsson Stubbs  


Feb 2016

Skydive, tent buddies, Buenos Aires, Banos, The Jungle, Captain Morgans , Alice Smith

Maya S  


Jun 2016

Highlights : Punta Sal, Machu Picchu, camping in Torres del Paine, bush camp sunsets and Rio Carnival just to name a few. Crew were amazing, food was better than I expected - genuinely had the time of my life.

Captain Alice Smith  


Feb 2016

Sandboarding, tent buddies, Amazon, Carnival, Buenos Aires, dancing on bars and stages, the whole trip :-)



Feb 2016

I had the best time, highlights were definitely the Inca Trail, all of Patagonia and the amazing bushcamps. The truck was a beast and got us to some real out of the way places where no one else went, and ending in Rio for Carnival was the perfect end. The crew were so helpful and fun, and the support from the Oasis office was quick and useful. I can't recommend this enough! Do it!



Feb 2016

Highlights: - Halloween night in Cuenca with costumes and facepaint - Shopping in Otavalo - Swing at the End of the World in Banos - Sandboarding - Inca Trail - Taking photos on the Salt Flats - Buenos Aires - Snorkelling in Bonito - Sleeping on the beach in Punta Sal - Tubing down the Amazon river - Glacier on Boxing Day - Iguazu Falls - Skydiving in Foz - Boat cruise in Paraty

Sam Yabsley  


Feb 2016

Danny (Tour Leader) and Justin (Driver) deserve a lot of credit for how much i enjoyed this trip. Ecuador - Amazon,Canyoning in Banos Peru - Punta sal, Paracas, Ballestos Islands, Huacachina Sand Dunes, Cusco, Machu Pichu Bolivia - Death Road, Salt Flats Argentina - Salta Gaucho Experience, Mendoza (best wine!), Bariloche, Calafate Christmas Day, Patagonia incredible scenery, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls Chile - Santiago, Patagonia, Torres Del Paine, incredible scenery Brazil - Skydive Foz, Bonito, Pantanal, Paraty and Rio for the carnival!

Read all 7 reviews

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