Georgia and Armenia (13 days)

Georgia and Armenia (13 days)

13 Days



Georgia and Armenia (13 days)

13 Days Starting and ending in 41.693366,44.801529

Visiting: Armenia, Georgia

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Tour Overview

This tour will get you acquainted with the two oldest countries in the world – Georgia and Armenia. Archeological evidence suggests that the area of South Caucasus is one of the oldest sites of human presence, dating back as far as 1.8 million years. Situated at the important crossroads, Georgia and Armenia have a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and are famed for their traditions of hospitality and cuisine. Georgia and Armenia abounds in natural variety. Georgia is also known as the cradle of wine. While exploring these South Caucasus countries you will discover a fascinating mixture of cultures that has integrated both Europe and Asia…


  • Discover two oldest countries – Georgia and Armenia just in one tour.

  • Georgia and Armenia are one of the first Christian countries in the world.

  • Situated at the important crossroads, Georgia and Armenia have a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and are famed for their traditions of hospitality and cuisine.

  • Georgia and Armenia abounds in natural variety.

  • Georgia is also known as the cradle of wine.


Day 1 – Arrival
Arrive in Tbilisi after your flight, you need to reach the hotel, you can check in any time after 14:00 Tbilisi time. Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 19:00 Tbilisi time (UTC 04:00) and have
Welcome dinner.
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 2. Tbilisi sightseeing tour
The city offers a wide variety of sights, most of them very ancient. Starting at the church of Metekhi, we walk to the brick domes of sulfur baths and then on to spectacularly located Narikala’s fortress – one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia, overlooking the Mtkvari river gorge.
Visit Metekhi Church located in the ancient historical district of Metekhi, on the left bank of the Mtkvari River, in old Tbilisi. Metekhi Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is one of the oldest churches built in Tbilisi.
Sulfur baths - Chreli Abano located at the eastern bank of the Mtkvari River at the foot of Narikala fort across Metekhisubani, Abanotubani is an important historic part of the city — the place, where according to a legend the King of Iberia, Vakhtang Gorgasali’s falcon fell, leading to a discovery of the hot springs and, subsequently, to the founding of new capital.
Lunch break
Narikala’s fortress - is nowadays the leading sighting among the most visited places in Tbilisi by tourists. Narikala Fortress draws your attention from all sides of Tbilisi, you can notice it from almost every part of Tbilisi. In Georgian sources, it is called “Mother Fortress”. Narikala offers you some of the best panoramas of the city. This is an ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defensive brilliance. You will get there by cable car.
Walk on Meidan Square which was an active market place in Great Silk Road period.
Jean Chardin Street -the street was named after the famous French traveler and now it is the most popular place of the citizens and tourist where they can have a rest in bars and restaurants.
After that, we visit the synagogue, and the Sioni and Anchiskhati churches, which mark the end of the Old Town. After we visit the treasury of the National Museum of Georgia (Georgian Archaeology from 8th millennium B.C.), Visit the holy trinity cathedral, the third biggest church in the world. End of the tour. Free time. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 3: Tbilisi – Ananuri – Gudauri - Stepantsminda – Tbilisi
You will drive north towards the Northern Caucasus along the well-known Georgian Military Road
The first stop will be at the Ananuri complex, a former residence of Argveti Dukes. The complex features churches and towers dating back to the 16-17th centuries, beautifully overlooking the Jinvali reservoir. The buildings included in the complex are: upper and lower fortress, fence, towers, Church of the mother of God, Church of the Deity, “Mkurnali” Church, bell tower, octagonal cell, and reservoirs;
Continue our drive to see the conjunction of two small mountain rivers famous for the fact that being different in color they still keep their own colors even after merging.
Lunch break
Continue our incredible tour and now visit the Gudauri Friendship monument, also known as Gudauri Panorama- located 120 KM from Tbilisi, on the Georgian Military Highway connecting to Russia. The monument is very vivid and colorful, however, most of its beauty is thanks to the location. Georgia-Russia Friendship monument is a circular balcony hanging off of a 600-meter cliff with amazing views of the Caucasus Mountains.
Our last stop and the main attraction of the tour is Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) and its amazing Mount Kazbegi, where the Gergeti Trinity Church is built - located at an altitude of 2170 m.
From Kazbegi ride in 4 WD vehicles through beautiful valleys and woods reaching the Gergeti Trinity church. In good weather, you can see one of the highest glaciers in the Caucasus – the mountain Kazbegi at 5047m. Enjoy breathtaking views, take pictures breathe fresh air, and collect lots of emotions.
Drive back to Tbilisi.

Day 4. Tbilisi -Kakheti – Wine yard N1- Bodbe -Sighnaghi -Tbilisi
Georgia is recognized as the homeland of wine. Winemaking has been practiced in Georgia for over 8,000 years.
Kakheti is the main wine region of Georgia, so o this trip you will be able to taste different kind of wine and introduce about winemaking in Georgia.
We start from Kvareli, Kkareba tunnel winery, where you will taste some of European style Georgian wines. C
ontinue tour to Wine Yard N1, traditional local winery, where you will enjoy the soul of Georgian hospitality. The Wine Yard # 1 is a touristic attraction that includes a traditional wine cellar, house, and yard. The site is a social touristic destination, where it is possible to taste different verities of wines and chachas, included traditional Kakhetian cuisine.
Lunch break in Wine Yeard N1
Then we will visit the unique 300-year-old wine cellar where you will learn about Georgian wine making traditions, which differ quite markedly from European methods (only excursion)
On the way back to Tbilisi we stop and visit Sighnaghi city of Love and the Bodbe Monastery. It began to be built in the 9th century but was significantly rebuilt in the 17th century. The relics of St. Nino, who converted Georgians to Christianity, are kept here. Bodbe’s territory is very beautiful and well-groomed, with flower beds and vineyards. From the viewpoint, you will see all of Alazani Valley, and if you walk down, you will find the holy spring. After beautiful day drive back to Tbilisi.

Day 5. Mtskheta – Jvari – Kutaisi
After breakfast at the hotel, you will drive discover old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta city.
Archeological evidences trace human settlement in the area of Mtskheta from 2nd millennium BC to early 1st millennium AD.[5] Numerous burials of the Bronze Age (beginning of the 1st millennium BC) prove that Mtskheta already was a significant settlement at that period. Mtskheta was the capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. We will visit Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th century). Svetitskhoveli is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Jvari Monastery- VI century church and monastery, located in the east of Mtskheta, at the mouth of the river Mtkvari and Aragvi, on the rocky mountain peak. Jvari Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here there is kept the Robe of Jesus Christ which had been brought from Jerusalem in I c. A true architectural masterpiece of the Early Middle Ages. Built on a hilltop, the views it affords of Mtskheta and the Aragvi and Mtkvari Rivers are breathtaking and great for selfies!
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - the main patriarchal cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the Mother Cathedral of Georgia, the place of enthronement (enthronement) of the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarchs, the burial of many kings of Georgia, their family members and patriarchs from the great cathedrals. Monument of Georgian architecture of the XI century, one of the four great cathedrals (Oshki, Bagrati Temple, Alaverdi). Svetitskhoveli is the largest historical church building among the survived ones in Georgia. It has been the religious center of Christian Georgia for centuries.
Continue our tour by visiting Chateau Mukhrani, founded in 1878 by the Prince of Mukhrani, heir of the royal family of Georgia. We will visit Ivan Mukhranbatoni’s palace, a forest – park stable and look at the vineyards and visit the ultra-modern winery. Chateau Mukhrani is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key components: vineyards, winery, castle and history.
Lunch break
Continue way to Kutaisi. Kutaisi is the second biggest city in Georgia which, according to the legend was the ultimate destination of the Jason and Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece. Visit Bagrati Cathedral (XI c.), built by King David the Builder. Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 6. Kutaisi – Prometheus cave - Martvili canyon -Kutaisi
Today first stop is Prometheus cave - one of Georgia’s natural wonders providing visitors with breathtaking examples of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. There are 22 halls found, where just 6 halls are open for tourists. It is possible to walk through the length of 1420 meters in the cave's territory visit the halls and enjoy boat tour by walking the river. Discover real masterpieces of nature - stalactites and stalagmites at Prometheus Cave, which are the most beautiful forms created by nature. While visiting the cave, hanging waterfalls are waiting for you
Now visit Martvili canyon, amazing place where we can walk on the small trail in a natural canyon of the river Abasha, we can see unique Kolkheti forests flora with impressive waterfalls. The canyon trail is very small and we will walk about 40 minutes
700 m long stone-paved circular route starts from Martvili Canyon visitor centre and crosses the Dadiani historical trail. There are 2 bridges, 3 platform views and historical 30 steps stair constructed by large limestone boulders.
Visitors can enjoy a 300-meter boat tour on river Abasha and beautiful views of the mountain river canyon.
Dinner at the local restaurant
Overnight in Kutaisi

Day 7. Kutaisi- Borjomi- Rabathi castle- Akhaltsikhe
After breakfast, drive to Borjomi resort. Borjomi is famous for its mineral water industry (which is the number one export of Georgia). You will be able to taste mineral water in the Borjomi Park.
explore Rabati Castle is a medieval structure in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, which dates back to the 13th century. The castle complex is comprised of a mosque, a minaret, a synagogue, a Christian church, a palace, a citadel, as well as landscaped gardens, vineyards on terraces, outdoor pools with fountains, a history museum, a hotel, a restaurant, souvenir and wine shops.
Dinner at the local restarant
Overnight in Akhaltsikhe

Day 8. Vardzia cave town– Kertvisi fortress – Border -Yerevan
After breakfast at the hotel, a tour to the 2nd century B.C. Khertvisi Fortress, once destroyed by Alexander the Great. Khertvisi fortress – Middle age castle is located on a tall rocky mountain. Khertvisi was an active fortress during feudal ages. Khertvisi was reconstructed several times, early middle age building layer is noticeable. The fortress consists of the citadel and a wall. Citadel stands on a narrow, rocky edge of the mountain, it is not approachable from the northeastern side. Water was supplied by a tunnel on a northwestern side. After we will explore Vardzia Cave town, very impressive historical-cultural monument, founded in 12th century, 13 floors and hundreds of rooms, halls and churches, huge complex made in rocks. There once were about 3,000 caves and 50,000 people lived there. You visit the church carved into the rock with amazing frescoes of the 12th century. The monastery has never been restored since then, but in the second half of XIX c every now and then several monks lived there. Some traces of revival of the monastery live are noticeable even nowadays.
Lunch break
After lunch, you go to the border, where you change the transport and guide.
After meeting with the Armenian guide, you move forward to Yerevan - the hospitable capital of Armenia. Check-in. Rest. End of the tour. Free time. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 9: Yerevan city tour – Etchmiadzin (UNESCO) – Zvartnots (UNESCO) – Yerevan
Start discovering Armenia by a visit to the State History Museum where you get familiar with a complete picture of the Armenian culture and history dating back to 1 million years ago up to nowadays. Then go sightseeing in one of the world's oldest cities – 2796-year-old Yerevan.
Lunch at “Gata” tavern in Yerevan
Then you move forward to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – the spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the seat of the Supreme Patriarch and the Catholicos of all Armenians. Numerous kings and Catholicoses have been crowned and consecrated here. Here you will also visit the The Treasury Museum of Etchmiadzin. On the way back to Yerevan you stop at the ruins of outstanding Zvartnots Temple. End of the tour. Free time. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 10: Mergeryan carpet factory – Geghard Monastery (UNESCO) – Garni Temple – Yerevan
Start discovering Armenia. In the morning we will go sightseeing in one of the world's oldest cities – 2796-year-old Yerevan. Then we will visit Megeryan Carpet factory. Over the years, they have developed the traditional Armenian technologies for obtaining natural dyes for carpet reproduction, creating and maintaining the “principle of antiquity” in the production of handmade carpets.
Then the coach takes you to Geghard Monastic Complex located on the mountainside of the almost closed amphitheater of harsh cliffs. It is famous for its rock-cut architecture. Thanks to its hard-to-reach area, the Holy Lance, which pierced the side of Christ, has been kept here for 500 years. St. Thaddeus Apostle brought it to Armenia in 33 AD. In honor of the Holy Lance, Ayrivank Monastery (meaning “Cave Monastery”) was renamed Geghard (the Armenian translation of “the Holy Lance”).
The next highlight is the only standing pagan temple in Armenia – Garni, devoted to Mihr, who, in accordance with the Armenian Mythology, was the God of the Sun. From here you will enjoy the impressive view of breathtaking high cliffs called “Symphony in the stone”.
Lunch at the local restaurant in Garni and “Lavash” making masterclass & tasting
Back to Yerevan.Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 11: Free day
Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 12: Yerevan – Lake Sevan –Haghpat (UNESCO) – Sadakhlo – Tbilisi
It's time to driving to one of the highest fresh-water lakes in the world – the Sevan (1 900m). From the top of the Sevan Peninsula, you can admire the full view of the lake of volcano-tectonic origin and the adjacent mountain chains.
Driving through wooded mountains of Dilijan National Park and deep gorges of Northern regions you stop in mountainous Haghartsin village. You just cannot leave Armenia without seeing a masterpiece of architecture – Haghartain Monastic Complex.
Lunch at the local restaurant in Dilijan
Say goodbye to Armenia and continue your route to travel within Georgia.
After meeting with the Georgian guide, you move forward to Tbilisi. Check-in. Rest.
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 13: Departure
After breakfast check out (standard time 12:00pm) and this beautiful tour finishes. Thank you for traveling with Sakura.

What's Included

  • Transportation:

  • Comfortable A/C minivan, minibus

  • Accommodation in twin rooms:

  • Gallery Palace or Ibis Styles Tbilisi Center, Teracce Kutaisi, Gino Wellness Rabath, Bass Boutique Hotel or Ani Central Inn Yerevan

  • Catering service:

  • Half board catering service, breakfasts at the hotels, lunches 8 times and dinners 3 times

  • Guide service:

  • English speaking guide service whole the tour (guides are changing on the border of each country)

  • Other:

  • Entrance fees and local guides, wine tastings, winery visit, culinary musterclass, and 1 bottles of mineral water without gas per person per day

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  • Travel insurance

  • Single room supplement

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Service except described

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Tokugawa Shogo  

Sakura Travel Agency


WholIy I was satisfied with the Sakura Travel Agency. I booked a one-day tour to Kazbegi to see a beautiful scenery. I recommend you to ask Sakura before you make a plan to travel Georgia for three reasons. 1. Kind support When I booked a tour online, I faced an issue on payment. I inquired by email and they supported me openheartedly, and the issue was solved. Sakura is eager to present Georgia’s attractiveness, so you can ask them about the country if you plan to visit there. 2. Flexible and comfort tours Since they took me to Kazbegi by car, it became more comfort than bus tours. In addition, as the tour was personalized, I was able to decide how long to spend time on each spot and the guide gave me some proposals for restaurants for lunch. 3. Hospitality Surely they will provide you detail explanations on the country’s history, culture, and the like. I learned many things that I could not know if I traveled alone. Furthermore, the driver and the guide treated me as a guest with intimacy. We had a lunch together and talked a lot. This hospitality made my trip superb. To end, I was happy to travel with Sakura. Thanks to them, I enjoyed Georgia and it became a precious memory.
Yamane-Sugimura Yoshiko  

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次回もよろしくお願いします! 約1週間のジョージア旅行、加えて1日のアルメニア滞在で大変お世話になりました。この素晴らしい旅を私は一生忘れません。 初日にタムナさんとケーブルカーに乗って行ったムタツミンダ山、楽しかったです。レストラン『フニクラ』の焼きたてアジャルリハチャプリは絶品!帰り道に立ち寄ったママダビデ教会ではタムナさんと一緒に奇跡の湧き水を頂きました。 その後は4日間、ドライバーのザザさんにトビリシ~カズベギ~ボルジョミ~サパラ修道院~トビリシをずっと巡って頂きました。ザザさんは車上から写真を撮るとき撮りやすいようにスピードを落としてくれたり、暑いので水を買ってくれたり、レストランでは頼み方がわからない私達の為に一番美味しいメニューの組み合わせをお店に伝えてくれたり、至れり尽くせりでした。運転中ジョージアの音楽をかけてくれたり、ご実家の写真を見せて、伝統的なジョージアの家の様子や自家製ワインのつくり方を紹介してくれました。4日間の運転で疲れているはずなのに、私の下手なロシア語会話に嫌な顔ひとつせずお付き合い下さったのも感謝します。 アルメニアのエレバンでも、ステキなガイドのアンさんとドライバーさんをご紹介下さり助かりました。アララト山がきれいに見える1日でした。 タムナさんもザザさんも、ジョージア人として誇りがあり、自国の素晴らしさを私達旅行者に伝えたいという情熱を感じました。自分達が本当に良いと思うジョージアを私達に体験させて下さいましたね。日本に帰国してすぐ、またコーカサスを訪れたいと思ってしまいました。サクラトラベルさん、どうか次回もよろしくお願いします!それから友人達にもサクラトラベルさんを自信を持って推薦しておきますね!
john benstead johnbenstead  

Sakura Travel Agency


In September 2018, we had a wonderful 11 days in Georgia. We organised the tour with Sakura, and I really cannot recommend them enough - they were suburb. Everything ran smoothly and to plan. The hotels they booked were perfect, and we left it to them to suggest the itinerary. This way they made sure that we got to see all the main attractions. My only regret is that we didn’t stay longer! We had a private driver called Levan who was very safe (the driving in Georgia is otherwise a bit scary), and our guide, Gari, was the perfect host. If you are thinking of visiting Georgia, (and you really should), then I highly recommend Sakura.
Gari Sapharian Gari  

Sakura Travel Agency


11 days in Georgia by Sakura- FANTASTIC I would like to thank Sakura’s team four our 11 unforgettable days spent in Georgia. We traveled across Georgia and enjoyed the country. Thanks to perfect organisation made by Sakura LTD we had the best travel of our life. It’s my second time with Sakura agency and anytime you surprise me by your professionalism and your gentility. I highly suggest and recommend your travel agency to all my friends. Thank you for our trip and brilliant organisation. Bravo! Greetings from Paris
Tinna Paulain  

Sakura Travel Agency


We had a wonderful wine tour in Georgia, Georgian wine is magic. Tour was very well organized, many thanks to our lovely guide who was very attentive, we feel very comfortable during the whole trip and will use your service in future too! Thank you Sakura Travel, good luck!

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