South American Discovery Cruise and Tour with Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise and Tour with Iguazu Falls

24 Days From


South American Discovery Cruise and Tour with Iguazu Falls

24 Days

Visiting: United Kingdom, Santiago, Casablanca, San Antonio, Puerto Montt, Bahia Chacabuco, Fjords and channels of Chile, Strait of Magellan, Alley Glacier, Cape Horn, Chicho Point, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro

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Titan Travel

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Fully Guided

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Cruise, Sailing


Wine Tasting

$6365 including Flights from the UK

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Tour Overview

Travel to the end of the earth and back again on this tour of South America. You’ll sail to the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands and glide through the spectacular beauty of the Chilean fjords. Sip zingy caipirinhas on Copacabana beach and smooth red wines in Chile’s Casablanca wine country. Feel the spray of mighty Iguazu Falls on your skin, and the tango heartbeat of Buenos Aires in your soul. This is a tour of unbelievable experience.


  • VIP door-to-door travel service

Places You'll See

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls

South American Discovery Cruise And Tour With Iguazu Falls


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Day 1

Location: United Kingdom

Titan’s VIP door-to-door travel service collects you from home for your flight to Santiago.

Day 2 : Days 2-3

Location: Santiago

Energetic, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan - it’s little wonder that almost half of Chile’s population call leafy Santiago home. The streets are lined with grand architecture and the landscape is dotted with extensive green spaces. On arrival, we’ll transfer to our hotel and the rest of the day 2 is free to make your own discoveries in this world-class city.
On the morning of day 3 we’ll take in all the city’s best bits on a guided tour, including the colourful main avenue, Alameda, where the Chilean University and San Francisco Church are located. We’ll stroll through the central market at Plaza de Armas, then visit the National Museum of History. From San Cristobal Hill, you’ll enjoy the best panoramic views of Santiago, backed by the Andes Mountains, before a free afternoon.

Day 4

Location: Santiago

Chile is synonymous with world-renowned fine wines and we couldn’t travel all this way without stopping to learn more about the industry. Casablanca Valley is one of Chile’s most famous wine-producing areas and the families here have specialised in cultivating a few small but defining wine businesses, like the world-famous Viña William Cole. We’ll learn about the history of this winery, enjoy a guided tour of the estate and finish with a tasting in the wine shop.
We’ll head onwards to Valparaiso to spend some time getting to know the city on a guided tour, which also incorporates nearby Viña del Mar - the ‘Garden City’. We then continue to San Antonio and embark our ship ready to set sail this evening.

Day 5

Location: Casablanca

Take time to fully relax with endless sea views in every direction. Perhaps opt for a massage at the ship’s Greenhouse Spa & Salon, or you might like to continue learning about our destinations with an engaging lecture or live cooking demonstration. The evening brings an abundance of entertainment options with live music, including the popular BB King’s Blues Club.

Day 6

Location: San Antonio

The capital of Los Lagos is the perfect jumping off point for the country’s glacial lakes, ominous volcanic landscapes and mountainous national parks. World-class photogenic landscapes aside, there’s an interesting mix of cultures to explore here, too. The port is also home to a 100-year-old German settlement as well as indigenous communities of Mapuche people. Perhaps take a stroll through pretty Puerto Varas, overlooking Lake Llanquihue, or opt for a taste of the local life in the nearby fishing village of Angelmó (try the catch of the day washed down with a traditional German white wine). Ship to shore tender service.

Day 7

Location: Puerto Montt

This tiny town with just over 1,000 residents sits at the head of Aisén Fjord and is the gateway to some of Chilean Patagonia’s most beautiful sights. You could head to the provincial capital, Coihaique, or Puerto Aisén for handicraft shops and excellent restaurants. Or take a trip to the Río Simpson National Reserve, to the see the region’s natural beauty - stunning vistas, pristine waterfalls and crystal-clear canyon rivers. Ship to shore tender service.

Day 7 : Days 8-9

Location: Bahia Chacabuco

The west coast of Chile is sliced by dramatic inlets lined with rugged mountains and glacier-covered valleys and extends south to the very end of the continent at Tierra del Fuego - a distance of some 1,500 kilometres. Our ship will navigate meandering paths along the many fjords and channels.
One of the main channels in Patagonia, the Sarmiento Channel runs in a north-south direction, starting at the Guía Narrows and finishing at the southern edge of Victoria Pass, where it joins the Smyth Channel. The ragged coastline is cut with inlets set among snow-covered mountain ranges with all kinds of marine animals, including penguins, southern elephant seals, dolphins and orcas.

Day 10

Location: Fjords and channels of Chile

Before the Panama Canal, there was the Strait of Magellan. This cinematic channel links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as it cuts between the mainland tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego island.
The windblown city of Punta Arenas near Chile’s southernmost tip sits right on the Strait of Magellan. It’s a gateway to the spectacular landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park, but it has plenty to offer, too. It’s an urban sprawl decorated with colonial mansions. From penguin spotting on Isla Magdalena to visiting local farms or indulging in a typical Chilean surf-and-turf, there’s plenty to keep you occupied here.
We’ll then continue our voyage through some of the continent’s most beautiful scenery. We’ll sail the Cockburn Channel, which passes coastline rich in fjords and glaciers. The Pia Fjord is particularly beautiful as dozens of waterfalls cascade down the slopes into its warm waters. You may even witness huge chunks of ice calve off Pia Glacier and plummet into the sea. Then, running through the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, the Beagle Channel is a scenic and wonderfully calm strait. You might spot some interesting wildlife as we pass Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lion Island) and Isla de los Pájaros (Bird Island).

Day 11

Location: Strait of Magellan

Glacier Alley is the last stretch leading to Argentina’s Ushuaia. The scenery here can only be described as otherworldly as each breathtaking glacier precedes the next, each flowing down from huge mountain ranges and peaks. You’ll hear the blue ice cracking as it tumbles into the channel. Keep a keen eye and you might spot penguin rookeries, humpback whales and seals.
This afternoon we reach the end of the world - and it’s better than you could have imagined. Positioned at the southernmost tip of Argentina, Ushuaia is cradled between the pristine Martial Mountains. It’s surrounded by glittering glaciers, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, sparkling lakes and windswept plains spread across an archipelago of rugged islands. You’ll feel transported to a land before time.
The town lends itself to its natural surroundings perfectly; there are no high rises or mega malls here. Its maze of streets are lined with low-slung buildings, all leading to its heart, the port.

Day 12

Location: Alley Glacier

Today we’ll sail one of the most notorious ocean passages in the world. For centuries, Cape Horn, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans violently crash together, evoked dread in the heart of sailors. Our journey today around the cape at the very bottom of the Tierra is shaped by capricious weather, as powerful winds and shallow water can produce waves that reach as high as 30 metres.

Day 13

Location: Cape Horn

Stepping ashore in Stanley is a little bit surreal. Proud of its British heritage, you’ll see familiar red telephone boxes and post boxes, Victorian houses and old English pubs. You’ll feel transported to an English village.
If you like penguins, then a visit to the penguin rookery at Bluff Cove Lagoon is a must. King and gentoo penguins - along with other bird species of the Falklands - rule the roost here in a privately owned wildlife haven. You’ll stroll around the penguin colony, which features a scenic lagoon and white, sandy beach backdrop. It’s home to 1,000 breeding pairs of gentoo penguins. Ship to shore tender service.

Day 12 : Days 14-15

Location: Chicho Point

Two full days at sea to relax and enjoy all the ship’s amenities.

Day 16

Location: Montevideo

While Uruguay’s capital city might not have quite the prestige of Buenos Aires, it does have a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Here, music, theatre and the arts are alive - and you’ll find them in the elegant old theatres and little tango bars. The city’s smaller size makes it more personable and you’ll find there is a distinctly ‘local’ feel. The historic downtown district is a treasure with art deco and neo-classical buildings decorating the streets, while the southeast flaunts long stretches of beach, modern high-rises, and shopping centres.

Day 17

Location: Buenos Aires

We arrive in the ‘Paris of the South’, Buenos Aires, a city of simmering excitement and a tango heartbeat. A glimmer of its European past is barely buried under its lively Latino present. Sweeping green spaces are interspersed with grand French and Italian-style architecture, colourful street art decorates traditional neighbourhoods. You’ll be hooked on this city before you even realised it’s happened. We’ll be docked in port tonight, so you’ll have the whole day and evening to explore.

Day 18

Location: Buenos Aires

We disembark and a guided tour will visit some of the city’s highlights, including the leafy Plaza de Mayo lined with grand buildings such as the Government House and City Hall; you’ll step inside the Metropolitan Cathedral to see its towering ceilings, striking stained glass and marble columns. In La Boca, we’ll see the district’s famed array of colourful houses and learn about the Italian immigrant history. Finally, we’ll visit the walled cemetery of Recoleta to view the elaborate mausoleums and resting places of Argentinean luminaries, including Eva Peron. Later, we transfer to our hotel.

Day 19

Location: Iguazu Falls

We transfer this morning to the airport for our flight to Iguazu Falls. The small, yet busy Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu is located at the confluence of the Iguazu and Parana Rivers. Teetering on the Brazil and Argentina border, it makes for the perfect base from which to visit Iguazu Falls. On arrival we’ll transfer to our hotel and the evening is yours to spend as you please.

Day 20

Location: Iguazu Falls

Iguazu means ‘big water’ but we can’t help but think the Guarani name for this incredible natural phenomenon is a little understated. One of the planet’s most spectacular sights, the mighty Iguazu Falls are astounding. The immense power of the falls can be felt in the thick rainforest air as you approach; or perhaps that’s the crashing sound of the cascading water, which you’ll hear long before you arrive.

We’ll experience the Brazilian and Argentinean sides of the falls today. Visiting the Brazilian side first gives us the opportunity for a panoramic view of the fall’s most famous section, Devil’s Throat, which is a huge confluence of three massive falls. We’ll then cross over to the Argentinean side and take a small train through the rainforest. From here, our walk takes in spectacular views from above and alongside the falls. The site is made up of a chain of hundreds of waterfalls and seeing them in person is truly unforgettable.

Day 21

Location: Iguazu Falls

We take a flight to Rio de Janeiro and on arrival we’ll transfer to our hotel, located right beside iconic Copacabana beach.

Day 22

Location: Rio de Janeiro

There’s a sense of anticipation and excitement, as we wake up with sweeping views of Copacabana beach from the hotel this morning. The city is famed for its annual Carnival but it is colourful and completely captivating whatever time of year you visit.

We’ll get to know the city on a guided tour. We’ll wend our way up through the forests of Corcovado Mountain aboard a cogwheel train. At the top, Christ the Redeemer keeps watch over the city below. To stand beside such an iconic landmark evokes some powerful emotions in many.

Next, we ascend Sugarloaf Mountain in a glass cable car to enjoy the view of Christ the Redeemer from afar. Then we’ll shimmy along the streets of the downtown area, where the city’s samba soundtrack hums. We’ll see the highlight landmarks and some of the city’s finest architecture, like the Candelaria church and Carioca aqueduct. After all of that, you’ll still have time to feel the sand between your toes and sip a zingy caipirinha at Copacabana.

Day 23

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Free time for you to spend as you please before we transfer to the airport for the return flight home.

Day 24

Location: United Kingdom

Upon arrival, your Titan vehicle will be waiting for the journey home.

What's Included

  • 7 nights in hotels, 14 nights cruise on Oosterdam and 2 in flight

  • International and regional flights as detailed. Prices are based on return flights with British Airways from London Heathrow.

  • Titan tour manager

  • 51 meals: 21 breakfasts (days 3-23) 14 lunches (days 4-17) 16 dinners (days 2, 4-17 and 22)undefined excursions and visits

  • Guided city tours of Santiago, Valparaiso & Viña del Mar, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro

  • Wine tasting at William Cole vineyard

  • Tour of Iguazu Falls, including Devil’s ThroatPlus

  • Holland America Line’s ‘Have It All’ packagefalse

  • Titan's VIP door-to-door travel service

  • Travel in destination by coach

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Reviews of this operator

Brian Jones (Google Reviewer)  

Recently returned from the great...


Recently returned from the great Indian rail journey.My wife and I could hardly believe the value for money.From pick ups from Durham to Heathrow and back,to the number of coach and train journeys , quality hotels, great choice of food throughout and our first night in Heathrow Hilton. What really made our trip a success was our guide, Prashant,who managed a party of twenty four very varied, sometimes a little unpredictable travellers with ease.Nothing was too much trouble for him and as a group we gelled and warmed to Prashant as he kept us safe, well informed and a little entertained by his mix of authority and humanity.Where do I begin with the tour itself ? India,a country of extremes.Poverty,wealth,order,chaos.Sometimes bleak,often breathtakingly beautiful.The people,the cities,art, architecture,flaura and fauna.Delhi,Jaipur, Amritsar,Agra, Ranthambore, Chandigarh and the icing on the cake that is Shimla. An absolute masterclass of man versus nature,the railway and buildings are an unbelievable feat,but wait until you see the dual carriageway being built on the mountainside.🤯I could go on for a very long time but I'll just post some photos.Thanks to Titan,thanks to the excellent Prashant and and a massive thanks to the other twenty two travellers who helped shape our holiday of a lifetime.🏁💜

Odile Lawen (Google Reviewer)  

I have booked the Icelandic...


I have booked the Icelandic Adventure holiday with Titan Travel, the Booking Staff was pleasant throughout. What I love about Titan Travel, transfer from your home to the airport and vice versa is included in the holiday.

Thomas Fisher (Google Reviewer)  

Danube cruise was great value....


Danube cruise was great value. Well organised. Clear instructions from Titan prior to travel. Door to door service great.

Sarah Hoad  

Exceptional trip and service by Titan


Just returned from a fabulous tour of California & the golden west. It’s a full on tour with early starts but you see so much varied landscape from the ocean to the desert to Yosemite. My 2nd tour with Titan & my first solo tour. Thoroughly enjoyed it & met some great people. Grand Canyon was amazing would definitely recommend

Ms Margaret Aldgate  

Not merely a holiday, rather a memorable experience


I have used other travel operators; this was the 1st time of touring with Titan----Israel, The Holy Land, from being collected from home and returned at the end of the holiday this was an unforgettable experience; the Tour Manager, a PhD Archaeology made the whole tour so interesting, he enlightened us throughout each day from an historical, archeological and Biblical viewpoint, bringing each site we visited come to life, and went over and above his remit escorting us for evening trips around the local area; thanks also to our very patient driver who coped with the very busy traffic; our hotels were good, professional and pleasant staff and really good food; I would recommend Titan to anyone looking for a fascinating tour with excellent efficient service thank you Titan nor just for a holiday for a memorable experience

Sella Shan (Google Reviewer)  

We had a 2 weeks...


We had a 2 weeks fantastic holiday arranged by Titan to Vietnam and Cambodia. Excellent,well organised Throughly enjoyed. Very good service by Vietnam Airlines, if you could afford book it in premium economy. We had a door to door service , picked up to airport from home and then dropped at home from airport, very convinient. Particular credit goes to our guide THI who is a caring, knolegeable, friendly down to earth man who made our trip a memorable one. I will not hesitate to book another holiday through Titan, their staff are friendly and helpful

Eileen Bulsara (Google Reviewer)  

We had a fantastic holiday...


We had a fantastic holiday in Mississippi. Right from our chauffeur driven car picking us up to the return journey, we had a great time. The first hotel The Gaylord was amazing,absolutely huge,first class. The second The Double tree in Memphis unfortunately wasn't, the hotel was tired and very basic, the only plus was where it is situated in the centre of town, we were only there two nights so it wasn't to bad. The American Queen Steam Boat was first class all the way, thoroughly enjoyed the seven nights sailing down the Mississippi. The last hotel the Sheraton New Orleans was very comfortable too. Our guide throughout our time away was Laura Tuttle. she was amazing, very knowledgeable, and helpful. We also had a coach driver Guil, who went over and beyond to give you the best time. Other coach guides included Jim,who was so funny, and also very knowledgeably. Very entertaining throughout. The entire itinerary itinerary was very well thought out, included a huge variety of visits to different Interesting locations. Highly recommend using Titan for all your holiday destinations.

Mrs Crompton  

Perfect Italian Holiday…


Just returned from a lovely week in Sorrento at the Grand Hotel Hermitage, we had an excellent guide Peter Macchristopher. we loved the hotel the staff were very nice especially in the dining rooms, the food was good and the room we had was really nice with a wonderful view. Altogether very good value holiday.we felt the trip to Pompei was very good also boat trip to Amalfi. I would recommend a walk to the village of St Agatha and a three hour ride on the Little Blue Train. Great fun.this can be booked at reception.

Susan Hawken (Google Reviewer)  



THE GREAT INDIAN RAIL JOURNEY!!!! (Dreadful) Avoid Titan and Saga at all costs. False descriptions of the tour and dreadful administration Returned to the UK last evening with a great sigh of relief after the worst holiday ever. 1. No block booking of airplane seats by Titan. (Husband and I sat apart on the long, overnight flight) 2. Unable to pre-book seats as Titan reference numbers did not coincide with anything. 3. Husband and I not sat together on any of the train journeys! In fact, on one occasion I was sat, alone on a sleeper carriage, a couple of carriages away from the rest of the group who were scattered over two or three carriages. Terrifying as a female to be sat alone in the midst of noisy locals!!!!! (Eventually the guide, Rahi, did come to rescue me and found a seat near the main group) 4. The guide, Rahi, would usually get off the coach and begin walking off without waiting for all the group to disembark the coach. (Spot the guide in the crowd!) 5. The guide, Rahi, refused to use any identifying prop such as a flag, hat, jacket or umbrella. Frightening to be in the manic crowds of Delhi and other crowded places to be unable to see the guide. 6. NO AUDIO HEADSET system on any excursion 7. The guide, Rahi, didn’t face the whole group, but stood sideways on and was unable to be heard by the majority. 8. OUTRAGEOUS behaviour by the guide when he enquired as to the whereabouts of my husband, whom I explained was in bed with an upset stomach and was feeling unwell. Rahi DID A REVERSE AIR PUNCH😳😳. This was in response to an earlier conversation when my husband had complained about our separate seating arrangements. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL 9. When we arrived at Heathrow to find our aircraft seats were not allocated, we were advised to speak to our guide on arrival at Delhi. Rahi merely shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn’t do anything. 10. Tour pace incorrect - gruelling pace and only half a day relaxation due to the guide, Rahi, throwing in visits to shops and factories fie him to earn his commission as I head him tell another!!!!!!! 11. When off loaded the return flight due to illness, we were unable to get in contact with Titan/Saga. Left in Delhi without an hotel or flight!!! Found accommodation but didn’t remove shoes or clothes due to the poor standard. Final summary: Poor, disappointing, inefficient, incompetent, misleading, misrepresentations, are just a few words to describe.

Linda Vokes (Google Reviewer)  

Luxury VIP door to door...


Luxury VIP door to door travel! I don't think so....Titan sent a Toyota Prius uber to Stanstead for a return journey to Newport, S Wales. 4 adults plus luggage! the experience was anything but luxurious. Contacted Titan on the return journey and since return. They simply didn't seem interested and offered us a £300 travel discount off a future trip! After a lot of emails they converted it to a £300 cash refund. Give it a lot of thought before booking !

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