Discover Europe by Rail

Discover Europe by Rail

20 Days



Discover Europe by Rail

20 Days Starting in London and ending in Milan

Visiting: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Bled, Venice, Milan

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Minimum age of 18 years for this trip.

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Vegetarians, Vegans

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Adventure Tours


Cultural, History, Rail Tours


Sightseeing, Walking

$3871 (USD) The Big ADVENTURE Sale: -$204

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Tour Overview

Get ready for the ultimate European adventure that kicks off on the iconic streets of London. Hop on the Eurostar to Paris, the City of Love and mouthwatering wonders! After that, we'll whisk you away to the "Venice of the North," where you'll walk along Amsterdam's enchanting canals. From there, it's off to historic Berlin - beer anyone? Our next stops involve partying in Prague, followed by a dip in Budapest's thermal baths, a dose of Vienna's beauty, and breathtaking views over Lake Bled. Then, we'll whisk you off to Italy to glide through the picturesque canals of Venice on a gondola and marvel at the magic of Milan. Buckle up for an incredible 20-day journey, exploring Europe in the best way possible!


  • Paris Exploration, See the Eiffel Tower, Visit Montmartre & Climb the dome at the Sacre Coeur, Visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District & Bar Crawl, Underground Amsterdam Tour, Boozy Canal Cruise, Berlin Walking Tour, East Side Gallery, Prague Old Town, Prague Castle, Szechenyi Thermal Baths, Ruin Bar Crawl, Budapest Night Cruise, Vienna Orientation Walk, Chocolate Making, Lido / Bled Castle Viewpoint, Cycle around Lake Bled, Venice Gondola Ride, See the famous Milan Duomo, Visit Palazzo Morando, Help with onward travel


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Day 1: London
Location: London

Welcome to the bustling metropolis of London, where the iconic double decker buses bid you 'Cheerio!' - well, not really but hey, welcome to London! Check in and relax before meeting up with your new TruFam in the evening for dinner and drinks. Our journey begins right by London Bridge so if you’ve got the afternoon free perhaps check out Borough Market, a foodie's paradise and one of the largest food markets in London! After a welcome speech, some good food, we’ll head out to see London by night. Trust us, it’s iconic!

Day 2: London/Paris
Location: London
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

It’s time to say Au Revior to London and Bonjour to our next destination. That’s right, we’re heading to Paris. Today, we embark on an adventure as we board the Eurostar bound for the City of Love. After settling into our hostel and a quick freshen up, the afternoon is free to do as we please. We have the opportunity to explore the enchanting streets for a mix of sightseeing, eating the local delicacies and maybe a glass of wine - we’re in Paris after all!

Day 3: Paris
Location: Paris

Today, we're on a mission to conquer the romantic allure of Paris. Join us as we explore this beautiful city. We’ll catch a glimpse of the iconic Arc du Triomphe, and, of course no trip to Paris would be complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower, viewed from some of the best vantage points. Pose for those pics and grab those Insta shots before we head to our next stop. Prepare to be whisked away to the enchanting Montmartre area, where you'll discover the magnificent Sacré-Cœur from the top of dome, the alluring Moulin Rouge, the romantic 'Le Mur des Je t'aime,' and more. Hey, it’s not called the City of Love for no reason! In the evening we’ll head out for dinner and drinks and maybe a dance or two.

Day 4: Paris/Amsterdam
Location: Paris

It's time to set sail for the 'Venice of the North' - Amsterdam! We’ll hop on the train before checking into our hostel. Upon our arrival, we'll dive headfirst into the city's legendary Red Light District and explore its inviting bars. Get ready to paint the town red ;) as we head out on a legendary bar crawl of this incredible city. Try out the local drinks, some colourful cocktails and or a beer or 2 as we dance the night away!

Day 5: Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Today, Amsterdam reveals its artistic and aquatic secrets in all their splendour. We'll begin with an 'underground tour' offering a unique perspective of the city through the eyes of someone who used to live on the streets who’ll show us the city in a new light. It’s important to see every destination from a different perspective and understand what makes Amsterdam what it is today. Afterwards, you'll have plenty of time to strike a pose by the picturesque canals. As the day unfolds, we'll embark on a boozy canal cruise. Set sail with the TruFam beer in hand as we see the city by water!

Day 6: Amsterdam/Berlin
Location: Amsterdam
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Today’s a travel day and trust us, it’s needed after an unforgettable few days in some of Europe’s biggest cities. Catch some zzzz’s as we head to our next destination. Say Guten Tag to Berlin and our home for the next two nights. Our hostel nestles in the Mitte district, a haven for eateries and drinkeries so it’s the perfect place for our TruTravels adventure. Fun fact: in Berlin, beer isn’t considered a luxury; it's a necessity, and our hostel even brews its own! So, let's raise a glass or two in true Berliner fashion this evening!

Day 7: Berlin
Location: Berlin
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Prepare to dive into Berlin's history and vibrant art scene. We’ll head on a walking tour as our knowledgeable local guide takes us to iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the awe-inspiring German Parliament Building, the poignant Holocaust Memorial, the historic Berlin Wall, and the intriguing Checkpoint Charlie (it's not quite what you might expect!). After a lunch stop, we'll immerse ourselves in the world of graffiti art at the East Side Gallery, where Berlin's past and present collide. Berlin is home to rich history and culture so immerse yourself in it all. In the evening we head out for dinner. Did someone say Currywurst?

Day 8: Berlin/Prague
Location: Berlin
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

All aboard! Today, we're en route to Prague, and we're granting you a well-deserved lie in after Berlin's antics. Today is a chilled travel day so use this time to swipe through the 10,000 photos you’ve taken on your phone, update your Insta story or get to know your TruFam better, like what’s everyone’s death row meal or go to sandwich. After arriving it’s a free evening to spend as you please!

Day 9: Prague
Location: Prague
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Prague, the city of a thousand spires, welcomes us with open arms! Today's adventure takes us on a leisurely stroll through the charming Old Town, where you'll glimpse the astronomical clock and the enigmatic twin towers. Walk over the iconic Charles Bridge before a guided tour of the magnificent castle. Afterwards, it’s a free afternoon to explore. Prague is famous for its ridiculously cheap beer so if the sun is shining we’ll head to a local beer garden to try them out. It’s only right… right?

Day 10: Prague/Budapest
Location: Prague
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Today is a travel day so take the time to take in the scenic journey, sit back and relax. Travelling by train isn’t just sustainable, eco friendly and better for the environment, it’s stress free and you don’t have to worry about the dreaded 100ml only liquid restrictions and that’s a win for anyone! Once we’ve arrived it’s a chilled one to spend as you please. Head out with the TruFam and explore the city, grab a delicious dinner or catch up on some sleep with an early night before a big day of exploring tomorrow.

Day 11: Budapest
Location: Budapest

Ready for a dip? We’ll head to the world-famous Szechenyi thermal baths. Promising good vibes and 10/10 scenic Budapest views. Spend your day splashing away, swimming or sweating out this week's alcohol in the local sauna. It’s a chilled day and the perfect way to relax in the sunshine. In the evening it’s time to hit Budapest’s famous ruin bars! We’ll head back and get ready for a night on the town! Top of our list is the famous Szimpla Kert!

Day 12: Budapest
Location: Budapest

Take this morning to recharge, it’s been a busy few days. Choose to spend the morning sleeping in and the afternoon as you please. Budapest has stunning architecture and delicious local food so take a look around! In the evening we’ll meet up for a night cruise on the Danube to see Budapest all lit up! The city comes alive after dark so it’s only right we take a look around! Last night was a big night but Budapest is famous for its nightlife so if you’re feeling up for it, we’ll try out another bar or two.

Day 13: Budapest/Vienna
Location: Budapest

Vienna is calling our names! We’ll catch the train and embark on the next big adventure. We’ll kick things off with a wander around Vienna, taking in all its beauty and sights, maybe we fancy trying some local drinks as the sun goes down. Tru bliss. Vienna, known as the ultimate "City of Music" and the "City of Dreams," is a must visit on any Euro tour. From the jaw-dropping Schönbrunn Palace to the delectable wonders of Sachertorte, Vienna is one that won’t disappoint!

Day 14: Vienna
Location: Vienna
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Today, we're unleashing our inner Willy Wonka for a chocolate-making extravaganza that's bound to make your sweet tooth sing with joy! Get ready to immerse yourself into a world of sugary delights! After this you'll be the master of creating silky-smooth chocolate, and you'll have the chance to savour your own mouth watering masterpieces. But hold onto your hats because the adventure is far from over! After our chocolaty escapades, we'll be hitting up some of Vienna's trendiest bars to celebrate our last night in Austria with a bang. Sip on signature cocktails, challenge your TruFam to an epic dance-off, or simply kick back and soak it all in while you remind yourself that, yes, you are indeed living the European dream! It's going to be a night as sweet as chocolate itself, some might even say sweeter ;)

Day 15: Vienna/Bled
Location: Vienna
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Rise and shine for an early start to our adventure at Lake Bled! After a picturesque train and bus journey, we arrive just in time to soak in the breathtaking views. Depending on the season, you might even have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip at the lido or a trek to the awe-inspiring Bled Castle viewpoint. Lake Bled is an Instagram lover's dream so take some time to soak it all in… (quite literally if you spend some time at the lido.) We’ll watch the sun go down and sip beers lakeside as we take in these magical moments on tour.

Day 16: Bled
Location: Bled

Wake up in paradise. Today, we're grabbing our bikes and hitting the lakeside scene, making pit stops for pics that scream "Instagram goals!" But wait, there's more! In the afternoon, choose from optional activities as it's time to kick our adventure levels into high gear. Picture this: thrilling rafting, epic kayaking, and a whole lot more! Lake Bled is a thrill-seeker's paradise. Whatever you choose you’re in for a treat!

Day 17: Bled/Venice
Location: Bled

Our morning in Lake Bled is free for us to take in the incredible views. Whether you want to savour a quiet moment by the lake, explore the charming town, or simply relax with a book, this is your chance to bid farewell to this Alpine paradise in your own way. Take in one last look at the jaw-dropping sights before we head to our next destination - Venice! Wave goodbye to Slovenia and hello to Italy! Today is a travel day so sit back and relax as we speed through cities and coasts. We’ll arrive in the evening so it’s a chilled one before a BIG day of exploring tomorrow.

Day 18: Venice
Location: Venice
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Venice, baby! A Venetian adventure isn't complete without a gondola ride through the canals and that is our plan today - brace yourself for gondoliers who could moonlight as stand-up comedians! But of course, there's more to Venice than canals and gondolas! Let’s finish the day exploring Venice's winding streets, sipping Aperol spritzes, and making your Rialto Bridge debut. This city is a living, breathing work of art, with hidden alleys, captivating history, and delectable Italian cuisine just waiting to be discovered!

Day 19: Venice/Milan
Location: Venice
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

Wake up and grab a coffee, it’s time to head to our final stop - Milan! Arrive in the afternoon and check into our hostel before we head out to explore. Our first stop will be the awe-inspiring Duomo, a must-see for its architectural grandeur and breathtaking views. And for those of you keen to delve into the intriguing history of fashion, we've got an added bonus – a visit to Palazzo Morando. It's a unique opportunity to explore the rich fashion heritage of Milan. So, get ready for a day of cultural and style immersion in this vibrant city before heading for one last night on the town. Tonight’s plan? Delicious local food, 10/10 tasty cocktails surrounded the best company in the world (your TruFam duh) Tomorrow we say goodbye to our European adventure so tonight we go BIG!

Day 20: Milan
Location: Milan
Meals Included: BREAKFAST

It’s time to say Ciao. Today is a chilled check out and we’re not quite ready to say goodbye. If you’re planning on travelling more of Europe your Travel Ninja is on hand for recommendations or help with onward travel plans. It’s been an insane 20 days of exploring Europe by rail. We’ve created memories to last a lifetime and taken enough pics to spam your instagram for the next 12 months. You’re part of the TruFam now and that’s for life so it’s not goodbye it’s see you later!

What's Included

  • Activities

    See the Eiffel Tower
    Amsterdam Bar Crawl
    Budapest Night Cruise
    Cycle around Lake Bled
    Venice Gondola Ride
    Chocolate Making in Vienna
    Palazzo Morando
    Prague Castle
    Paris Exploration
    Visit Montmartre
    Climb the dome at the Sacre Coeur
    Visit Amsterdam’s Red-Light District
    Amsterdam Underground Tour
    Boozy Canal Cruise
    Berlin Walking Tour
    East Side Gallery
    Visit Prague Old Town
    Budapest Orientation Walk
    Szechenyi Thermal Baths
    Ruin Bar crawl
    Vienna Orientation Walk
    Lake Bled Viewpoint
    See Milan Duomo

  • Travel Ninja

    Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

  • Transport

    All transport included (excluding airport pick up)
    Travel by Rail
    Transport within each city

  • Accommodation

    19 Nights Accommodation
    Private Dorms

  • Meals

    12 X Breakfasts

  • All transport & hostels as listed on the Itinerary

  • 12 breakfasts

  • Activities as listed

  • TruTravels guide


Mixed sex dorm rooms throughout the tour


Trains, buses

Meals Included

12 breakfasts

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  • Highlights

    Paris Exploration, See the Eiffel Tower, Visit Montmartre & Climb the dome at the Sacre Coeur, Visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District & Bar Crawl, Underground Amsterdam Tour, Boozy Canal Cruise, Berlin Walking Tour, East Side Gallery, Prague Old Town, Prague Castle, Szechenyi Thermal Baths, Ruin Bar Crawl, Budapest Night Cruise, Vienna Orientation Walk, Chocolate Making, Lido / Bled Castle Viewpoint, Cycle around Lake Bled, Venice Gondola Ride, See the famous Milan Duomo, Visit Palazzo Morando, Help with onward travel

  • What's Included

    All transport & hostels as listed on the Itinerary. 12 breakfasts. Activities as listed. TruTravels guide

  • International Flights

    Check-in times and baggage allowances/restrictions vary by airline and can change at any time. For the most up-to-date information for your flight, please contact your airline. We recommend checking in online in advance to avoid potential delays at the airport.

  • Meals Included

    12 breakfasts

  • Transport

    Trains, buses

  • Group Leader

    An experienced TruTravels guide throughout the trip

  • Optional Activities

    No optional activities

  • Accommodation

    Mixed sex dorm rooms throughout the tour

  • Minimum Age

    Minimum age of 18 years for this trip.

  • What happens if I need to change my holiday date once I’ve booked?

    No problem! You can change the date of your trip once free of charge as long as you do so more than 60 days prior to departure.

  • How long has the tour company been trading?

    Since 2012!

  • Do you operate a “single share” option and how does it work?

    We have a 'my own room' option which can be added on at additional cost.

  • What documents will I receive before I travel?

    We will send you out a pre departure pack 30 days prior to travel containing everything you need to know, and your joining instructions.

  • What Ethical Travel credentials does the tour company have?

    We plant 10 trees for every trip sold!

  • Who will be my travelling companions on the tour?

    The majority of our travellers are in their 20's / 30's however we accept anyone of any age!

  • Can I join the tour once it has departed?

    It may be possible in certain destinations, however it would be your responsibility to get yourself to where the group currently is.

Reviews of this Operator

Grumblebee Gamer (Google Reviewer)  

Words can not describe how...


Words can not describe how amazing this trip was! Especially our tour guide Kevin, he is a wonderful person and made the trip even better than I could have hoped for! The best part was i decided to share this experience with my 73 year old dad, and Kevin and the rest of the group were wounderful with him, nothing was ever a problem and if there was they would go out of their way to make sure he shared the same experience as the rest of us. Especially very step stair, my heart would be in my mouth but by day two they all had a system where they would all grab an arm each and someone would stand in front just in case he slipped, it was so heartwarming to see 🥺 One morning Kevin even went out of his way to take dad on a walking tour of Hanoi but instead of walking, dad was carried on a push bike so that he didn’t miss out and then he later came to collect us and took us out on the same tour on foot. He made me and my dad feel like we weren’t a burden or anything! He was utterly amazing and I’m so thankful he was our tour guide. Thank you Kevin for being such an amazing person and going above and beyond for us. I recommend this tour to anyone! And don’t be afraid to take your mum or dad because I promise you’ll be in safe hands with Kevin 🥰 lots of love Betty Bee and Mr Tony 🖤💛


I absolutely loved my TruTravels!


I absolutely loved my trutravels experiences! I did the Colombia and Costa Rica trip and had the best time! Everything was very well planned out, the leaders were amazing, and I met so many cool people. I’ll definitely be doing more trips in the future!


I would definitely recommend Tru travels


I would definitely recommend Tru travels, I’ve had an amazing and unforgettable trip. Our tour guides Nonnie and Gun were incredible - organised and informative but most importantly enormous fun. I’ve made friends for life and I’m heartbroken to be leaving. I’m very glad I decided to do this tour.

Storm Clarke (Google Reviewer)  

Tour guide - Monk Bali experience...


Tour guide - Monk Bali experience 23/03/24 First time solo travelling and I will be doing it again with trutravels - tour guide was amazing, felt so lucky have him. Nothing was ever too much trouble, there for all of us 24/7. Would recommend to anyone 🫶🏻

Ella Flory (Google Reviewer)  

I am on my final...


I am on my final day of the 10 day Bali Experience and I honestly can’t put into words how much I’ve loved my trip. As my first time solo travelling I was a bit nervous, but this was the perfect trip. Everything about it has been amazing and the activities have exceeded my expectations. One of the best things about the trip was our tour guide - Ibing we love you soooo much. Ibing has been so kind, caring and helpful and has always gone above and beyond to make sure everyone in the group feels safe and is having a great time. I am going to miss Ibing and my whole TruTravels family so much.

Amalia Vlas (Google Reviewer)  

I did the Vietnam Experience...


I did the Vietnam Experience with Lucas and it was an amazing tour! He was on time with all the info we needed, super organized and great company to hang out with! Any culture or history questions were answered and we learned lots of things about this amazing country! I really liked how respectful and mindful he was of others; He knew how to deal with the more sensitive people in the group and was super nice to everyone! My highlights of the trip where : Hoi An and Ninh Binh 😊 The activities were so much fun and the views incredible!! Also, despite the rainy weather he made sure we had a great time! I would definitely recommend him to my friends! Thanks Lucas for a great trip!!


I would 100% recommend!


Just finished the 21 day northern Thailand and beaches tour. The tour guides on both parts (Scotty, Whisky, Arthur) were amazing: fun, warm, organised, informative and much more. I really enjoyed the action packed days on the Northern tour including the bike riding, Elephant Sanctuary, waterfalls and water park. I also liked that the south was more chill with beach days, swimming, kayaking and evening parties. I would 100% recommend!

Liv Houghton (Google Reviewer)  

This was the second tour...


This was the second tour I have done with TruTravels. I have done the Bali experience and the Vietnam tour which were both amazing. The Vietnam tour has been absolutely incredible! The trip wouldn’t have been the same without our tour guide Lucas. He was super friendly, funny and confident from the get go. I loved that on the first night he gave us all a bracelet which was a really nice touch to start the tour with. Lucas was always helpful and knowledgeable. If we ever had any questions (whether it was to do with transport, culture history etc.), he always answered well. This meant that the tour was very culturally enriching and I felt as though I got to learn a lot of really interesting information about Vietnam. Lucas was also absolutely hilarious and would joke about with all of us which made it feel as though we were all a big family. My favourite parts were Ha long Bay, Ninh Binh and Hoi An. The views were stunning and the tour activities were so fun. On the last night, Lucas had handwritten a postcard which was personalised to each of us. He then played the guitar and sang us a song, which made some of us cry. We were all very emotional to be leaving and Lucas/ the rest of the group has left a mark. The tour will have a special place in my heart, thanks to Lucas. Overall, Lucas was not just our tour guide, he was our friend. I’ve booked another true travels tour because I loved it so much. I would definitely recommend!

Veehar Malde (Google Reviewer)  

Just completed the Bali Bliss...


Just completed the Bali Bliss Experience and it was brilliant. It was my second time travelling with TruTravels having been Mexico last year with them. On the Bali Bliss tour we had Monk as our tour leader and we was awesome. Always making sure everyone was having a good time, he was a lot of fun and brought so much energy to the tour. Highly recommend!!

Brandon Le (Google Reviewer)  

I had the best time...


I had the best time on the Bali Bliss tour with Tru Travels and our amazing tour guide Ovinda. She made sure everyone felt included and did everything she could to make our time the most enjoyable experience ever. The experience is such a special trip from the amazing activities and meeting the most amazing people and I have made such good friends with everyone on the tour. As a first time solo traveller, I had many doubts but all the stress was taken away by Ovinda and now I am more excited than ever to continue my travels! I highly recommend booking with Tru Travels and anyone who will have Ovinda as their tour guide would be so lucky to have her!

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