7 Day Multi-Activity Holiday in Southern Dalmatia

7 Day Multi-Activity Holiday in Southern Dalmatia


7 Day Multi-Activity Holiday in Southern Dalmatia

7 Days Starting and ending in Croatia

Visiting: Ston, Mali Ston Bay, Pelješac, Mljet National Park, Neretva, Napoleonski put, Žuljana plaža, Mali Ston, Dubrovnik, River Cetina

Tour operator:

Undiscovered Balkans

Tour code:


Recommended For:

18-30 somethings, Family-Kids

Guide Type:

Fully Guided

Group size:

4 - 8

Physical rating:


Age range:


Special diets catered:


Tour operated in:
Trip Styles:

Active, One Centre Based


Cultural, Eco Conscious


Canoeing-Kayaking, Cycling

This tour is no longer available

Tour Overview

Think you've seen all Croatia has to offer? Think again! Our brand new Croatia Activity Holiday takes you on an unforgettable adventure, revealing hidden gems and secret spots in Southern Dalmatia. Your base will be the charming historic town of Ston, and from there you'll embark on a series of exciting activities that range from exploring the stunning Neretva Delta and the lost Roman city of Narona to kayaking to secluded sea coves, tasting oysters in a protected marine park, hiking along the "European Great Wall," and cycling on Napoleonic trails. This week-long adventure has something for everyone, and there's even some free time built in for you to relax or join additional trips like zip-lining, whitewater rafting, or visiting nearby attractions such as Mljet National Park, Korcula or Dubrovnik. And with an expert local guide to lead the way, there's no need to waste time moving from place to place. This eco-friendly trip is perfect for adventurous souls who want to make the most of their time in Croatia without sacrificing relaxation and downtime.


  • Enjoy a scenic hike through the hills surrounding Mali Ston

  • Cycle through Dingac's steep slopes, wine tasting at local winery

  • Relax and explore the charming towns of Ston and Mali Ston, famous for oysters, wine and ancient wall

  • Paddle up the Norin river to the historic village of Vid for frog legs dinner and museum visit

  • Hike the Napoleon trail with stunning views or kayak to a hidden beach

  • Ttry white-water rafting in Omiš or visit Dubrovnik for history/zip-lining

Places You'll See

Gastronomy Kayak On Norin River

Vineyards Of Pelješac Peninsula

Cycyling Adventure In Southern Dalmatia

Wines Of Pelješac

Untouched Nature Of Southern Dalmatia

Exploring The Norin River Culture

Croatia Hidden Gem

Traditional Mediterranean Cuisine

Immersing Into Local Culture

Exploring The History Of Dalmatia

Croatia Hidden Gem

Wines Of Pelješac

Unusual Holidays Croatia

Adventure Holiday Croatia

Unforgettable Holiday In Southern Dalmatia

Croatia Kayaking Holiday

Croatia Holiday Neretva

Kids-Friendly Croatia Holiday


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Day 1 : Arrival




Meals Included:


You will be welcomed from Dubrovnik airport, and transferred to the village of Mali Ston on the Pelješac peninsula, which will be your base for the week. Ston is a small Croatian medieval town famous for 3 things: the longest fortified wall in Europe, the oldest salt works on the Mediterranean and its delicious oysters and mussels. If you arrive in time, there is the option to walk the amazing walls (second in length worldwide only to the Great Wall of China!). Welcome dinner.

Day 2 : Kayaking In Mali Ston Bay

Mali Ston Bay



Meals Included:

No Meals

Today you will spend the day exploring the Pelješac Peninsula from the water! Mali Ston is a true oasis of peace with its vast vineyards, salt and oyster farms, quiet towns, narrow streets and hidden beaches. Protected from wind and out of the way of any boat traffic, this beautiful and peaceful place has become famous for growing oysters and mussels since the Roman times. We use super comfortable inflatable tandem kayaks that are impossible to capsize and perfect for jumping in and out of all those swimming opportunities! Oyster tasting is an optional extra that is highly recommended (when in Rome…!).

Day 3 : Cycling The Peljašac Peninsula




Meals Included:

No Meals

In Croatia, Pelješac is synonymous with red wines. Today we will cycle through the most famous wine region in Croatia – Dingač, known for its steep slopes where the vines flourish on some near vertical gradients! It would be a shame to not taste some of that famous wine and that’s why we will stop at one of the local family-owned wineries for wine tasting. Our cycling tour will finish in the charming village of Žuljana, where you can finish off a memorable day with some swimming or snorkelling.

Day 4 : Rest Day / Mljet National Park

Ston, Mljet National Park



Meals Included:

No Meals

Time to chill out in the gorgeous surroundings of Ston and Mali Ston. On our “luxury” variant, we offer a day trip to Mljet National Park, an island of exceptional natural beauty just a short ferry ride away. According to legends, this is the place where Ulysses was captured by Calypso in Greek mythology. Mljet is known for its lakes inside of the island and a small island on the biggest lake – St. Marija (a Benedictine monastery from the 13th century). Choose our “standard” package and you can explore on your own with our recommendations (and at extra cost).

Day 5 : Norin River Culture And Gastronomy Kayak




Meals Included:


Time for a truly unique experience in the nearby Neretva Valley. After a short 45-minute transfer, we will take a gentle paddle up the Norin river, an environment that is completely different to that of Ston. River rushes line our route, with plentiful freshwater swimming opportunities both on the way there and back. Our destination is the historic village of Vid, where we will dine at a renowned local restaurant specialising in frog legs (don’t worry, there are other dishes available too!) and visit the archaeological museum just a short walk away.

Day 6 : Napoleon Hiking Trail/Kayaking To A Hidden Beach

Napoleonski put, Žuljana plaža



Meals Included:


Today we’ll hike the Napoleon trail, a road that was built across the Pelješac peninsula in early 1800 by Napoleon’s army. The trail goes from Ston up into the local hills from where you have a unique view of the fortifications, and then it goes through local vineyards, where you can see the sea and island of Mljet in the distance at the same time.

Please note that this option is not always possible in July/August due to heat, in which case we have a pretty awesome Plan B – kayaking to a hidden beach! From Žuljana village, we will paddle to a stunning little cove that can only be accessed from the water, and where snorkelling is possible in some of the clearest waters of the Adriatic. Group evening dinner.

Day 7 : Rest Day / Dubrovnik Visit / White-Water Rafting

Mali Ston, Dubrovnik, River Cetina



Meals Included:

No Meals

You can chill and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of Mali Ston – or, if you’re thirsty for more adventure, we can organise a day trip up to Omiš near Split for white-water rafting! It’s tremendous fun, taking in cliff jumping, a visit to a cave and lots more splashing before returning to Mali Ston. NB, there is a 3-hour transfer there and back, so if you prefer to avoid time in the car, we can instead recommend a visit to historic Dubrovnik. Get there early to avoid the crowds – or instead go zip-lining almost a kilometre through the sky if you need an adrenaline hit! Activities are at an extra cost.

Day 8 : Return To Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport


What's Included

  • Accommodation

    We offer two variants of the holiday package - Standard and Luxury. Both options include a 7-night stay, with the former providing accommodation in a 3-star villa and the latter in a 3-star hotel.

  • Airport Transfers at Destination

    Transfers to/from Dubrovnik Airport are included in the price.

  • Free Wi-Fi at Accommodation

  • Fully Guided

    Personable, experienced tour leader throughout the week is included in the price.

  • 4 Standard Activities with Picnic Lunches

    Kayaking, cycling, hiking and gastronomy kayaking.

  • Four Picnic Lunches and Two Evening Meals

  • Transfers

    Transfers throughout the holiday are included in the price.

  • 'Book to Give Back' Donation

    Donations to our chosen local environmental and community causes.

What's Not Included

  • Country Entry Visas

  • International Travel

  • Tipping and Gratuities

  • Breakfasts and Drinks with Meals

    Breakfasts are included in the “luxury” variant – self-catering on the standard variant.

Check out our Q&As

  • How expensive is eating out or buying food for self-catering?

    Restaurants are great value – mains are generally € 5-10 and you should never pay more than € 2 for half a litre of beer. At the supermarket it’s even cheaper of course – a loaf of bread is 80 cents, milk is 60 cents.

  • What currencies are required for this tour?

    Euro (€), since that's the official currency of Montenegro.

  • Is there a limit to luggage that can be brought on the tour?

    Not really, but we advise packing light.

  • Can you assist with pre or post tour accommodation?

    Not directly, but we can give you some recommendations if needed!

  • Is Undiscovered Balkans a UK company?

    We operate as Undiscovered Montenegro, which is a fully registered UK company, registered company number 06779866. Our Montenegrin company, Miela d.o.o handles our logistical operations in Montenegro, and in other territories, we partner together only with fully licenced, family-run businesses. Payment for our holidays is generally made in Sterling.

  • What is the fitness level required to do this tour?

    This activity holiday in Croatia involves a range of physical activities including kayaking, hiking, and cycling. While some of the activities may be challenging, the itinerary is designed to cater to a range of fitness levels and there are free days built in for relaxation or optional extra activities.

  • Are the local guides on the tour English speaking?

    Of course! All of our guides are fluent or near native in English and even in some other languages!

  • Are you insured for the activities you offer?

    We have full liability insurance up to £ 5 million.

  • Do you require a visa for this holiday?

    No, no visa is needed if you're coming from the EU countries, US, UK, Australia, or Canada...

  • Do we need a car?

    All transport is taken care of by us!

  • Is free Wi-Fi available in the accommodation used?

    In most cases wifi is available, but in some more remote locations or due to bad weather conditions, wifi might be unstable.

  • Are all entrance fees included in the price?

    Yes, all entrance fees are included in the tour price.

  • Will there be an escort accompanying this tour?

    Your Tour Leader is both your pre-departure contact and your on-location guide for all or most of the week (on occasion, they will hand over to another experienced member of our team for a day or two’s activities). Once you have booked, all questions about the holiday should be directed to your Tour Leader.

  • What happens if a group doesn’t make its minimum required number of passengers?

    We're flexible on that and open to tailor-made requests.

  • How hot is it in summer?

    April/May temperatures range from 20-30C. June/July – 25-35C. August – 30-35C. September – 20-30C. October – 15-25C. For the North of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, knock off 10C!

  • How much travelling is involved on your trips?

    We firmly believe that holiday time in the car should be kept to a minimum. No single journey is ever longer than 4 hours, and most transfer times between centres are less than 2 hours.

  • Are flights included in this tour?

    No, flights are not included in the price.

  • Are there many mosquitos?

    Like anywhere in the Mediterranean, mosquitos are around but there are never swarms of them. If you’re worried about bites, bring some repellent and some antihistamines too if you know you react badly to them (hard to buy locally). They are not generally a problem away from the coast.

  • What is the tipping policy?

    Tipping in Croatia is not mandatory, but it's common to round up the bill or leave a small tip, especially for good service in restaurants, cafes, and taxis.

  • What is the maximum group size?


  • Is there a supplement for solo travellers?


  • Will passengers from another country be participating in the tour?

    That's hard to answer, it truly varies, but the majority of our guests are British.

  • How is accommodation arranged?

    We have hand-selected comfortable, characterful guesthouses that perfectly balance local charm with modern amenities for all our holidays. We assume occupation of double/twin and family rooms unless otherwise specified. On each holiday page you will find an accommodation tab – get clicking and have a look!

  • Are vaccinations required for this tour?

    There are no specific vaccinations required for your visit to Montenegro. The World Health Organisation recommends that all travellers be covered for diptheria, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, rubella, tuberculosis and varicella (chickenpox), regardless of their destination. You should also consider being vaccinated for hepatitis A. Since most vaccines don’t produce immunity until at least two weeks after they’re given, visit a physician at least six weeks before departure.

  • Is the tour coach air conditioned?


  • Can I pay for my holiday in a different currency?

    Yes, but as Lloyds Bank UK somehow still does not offer Euro or Dollar account internet banking we prefer to arrange alternative currency payments via Paypal, for which there is a 3% surcharge.

  • Do I need to bring any specialist gear?

    Yes, you will need hiking shoes or sandals, a hat suitable for outdoor activities, rain jackets just in case, a reusable water bottle and a fleece if you’re hiking or heading into the mountains. A head torch is also handy. If you book with us, we send you a list of appropriate clothing etc in a pre-arrival email a few weeks prior to your stay.

  • Are airport transfers included in this tour?

    Yes, airport transfers to/from Dubrovnik Airport are included in the price. Other locations require an extra fee charge.

  • Are children permitted to take part in the tour?

    Our recommended minimum age for this holiday is 7 – but we can make exceptions for exceptional kids! Please do bare in mind that activity level is moderate and that some fitness level is required for kids too.

  • Is a stay of less than one week possible?

    For our multi-activity holidays, in July and August, our minimum stay is one week. At other times, we can occasionally offer shorter stays (3 nights, 2 activities minimum) at our discretion. We do not arrange accommodation only breaks – sorry.

  • Is there any free time to explore places during the tour?

    During this holiday, there are no rest days, but we give our guests some free time each day to enjoy on their own!

  • What is the standard of the hotels on this tour?

    3 stars.

  • Can you cater for vegetarians or other specialist diets?

    Within reason, yes. Of course, your choices will be restricted if you don’t eat certain foods, but it ought not to prove problematic for us or our partners. Please note, however, that for our all-hiking, kayaking or Albanian you may have to put up with limited options.

  • Are any meals included?

    The holiday price includes two evening meals and picnic lunches during four standard activities, with breakfast included in the "luxury" variant and self-catering in the standard variant.

  • Will I know the names and details of all the accommodation before I depart?

    Of course, you'll get the trip note prior to your trip with all the necessary information.

  • Are all the relevant entry visa’s included in the price of the tour?

    No, entry visas are not included in the tour price.

  • Who will be my travelling companions on the tour?

    While we cannot say for certain who your travelling companions will be, many of our guests are from the UK and some holidays may be fully booked by a group of friends or family. We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all guests to share experiences and create lasting memories.

  • What documents will I receive before I travel?

    You will receive a trip note with all the necessary information!

  • Is any experience necessary for any of the activities, for example the kayaking?

    No experience is necessary for any of the activities – our kayaking, rafting and canyoning guides have BCU or equivalent qualifications and all our other guides are equally experienced and qualified in their fields. Full safety equipment is provided where necessary. The exception is our kayaking holidays; these are not recommended for novice paddlers.

  • Do you operate a “single share” option and how does it work?

    While it depends on the specific holiday and accommodations available, we always strive to meet the needs of our guests. If a guest requires a solo room for any reason, we will do our best to provide one, but if such accommodation is not available, it may be necessary to share a room with another solo traveller of the same gender.

  • Will the accommodation included meet local health and safety regulations?

    Of course, ensuring that our guests have safe and comfortable accommodation is of utmost importance to us. All the accommodation included in our holidays meets local health and safety regulations and while it may be simple, it is always clean and equipped with all necessary basic features.

  • How long has the tour company been trading?

    Undiscovered Balkans is part of Undiscovered Montenegro, a UK-registered adventure travel company founded in 2008 by British husband and wife team, Emma and Ben Heywood.

  • Can I join the tour once it has departed?

    While we appreciate your interest in joining our tour, unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests who wish to join after the departure date. We highly recommend booking in advance to secure your spot and ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

  • Am I contributing to any charity by booking the tour?

    At our tour company, we believe that responsible travel not only benefits the environment but also the local community, which is why we are committed to our "Book to Give Back" motto. By choosing to go on our tours, you are not only experiencing the best of what the destination has to offer, but you are also supporting the local economy through our "Going Local" initiative.

  • Is there WiFi at our accommodation?

    We have free WiFi throughout all of our other accommodation options. Please be aware however, that in remote areas reception can be sporadic.

  • What happens if I need to change my holiday date once I’ve booked?

    If it's early enough for us to update the chn

  • How fit do I have to be to enjoy the activities?

    In all cases, please refer to the activity level rating provided on each holiday page, and the “activity levels explained” tab on the “About” menu. As a rule of thumb, you don’t need to be a marathon runner or champion athlete to enjoy most of our holidays (those who regularly push themselves to their physical limits would find our trips “soft”!), but you do need to be in good health and have a re

  • Are your holidays suitable for young children?

    Active families love our holidays – you can read what guests with children have to say about us via reviews on Responsible Travel and Tripadvisor. The minimum age for most of our holidays is 7 years but we can make exceptions for kids as young as 5 years old if your child is active, adventurous, can swim and has experience of hiking for at least 7 miles including some uphill stretches. On the othe

Book with Confidence

  • Low Deposit

    Undiscovered Balkans requires a minimum deposit of 30% or the full booking value, whichever is less, with the final balance not due until 45 days before departure.

  • Cancellation Policy

    We don't charge a cancellation fee, here is a summary of undiscovered balkans charges.

    At 90 days before tour starts: Forfeit 30% of booking price.

    At 40 days before tour starts: Forfeit 60% of booking price.

    At 28 days before tour starts: Forfeit 75% of booking price.

    At 14 days before tour starts: Forfeit 90% of booking price.

    At 7 days before tour starts: Forfeit 100% of booking price.

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