Central American Odyssey: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala

Central American Odyssey: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala

21 Days From



Central American Odyssey: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala

21 Days

Visiting: Granada, Illetes, Nicaragua Libre, Ometepe, Masaya Volcano, Masaya, León, La Unión, El Cuco, Casa Molina, Suchitoto, Joya de Ceren, Ataco, Concepción de Ataco, Cerro Verde National Park, Santa Ana, Senda Copan, Copan Ruinas, Quirigua, Rio Dulce, Laguna Yaxja, Tikal, Flores, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlán, Chichicastenango Market, Antigua Guatemala, Antigua

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Tour Overview

This multi-country adventure through the heartland of Central America showcases the region’s dramatic contrasts in people, culture, food, wildlife and natural beauty. While the quartet of countries that will host our journey - Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala – may share a relatively small geographical footprint, they pack a large punch for the intrepid traveller and offer a wide variety of experiences from learning how to make organic chocolate and picking coffee, to trekking up volcanoes and discovering some of the architectural wonders of the Mayan civilisation, deep in the heart of the rainforest.With both Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, as well as some stunning lakes and rivers, travel by water will be a regular feature and will offer great opportunities to spot some of the continent’s most engaging wildlife including howler monkeys, caiman and an incredible diversity of birdlife.Today’s inhabitants of Central America provide no less variety and while many will have Spanish Colonial or African Slave ancestry, especially in Guatemala you will find many indigenous people whose rich culture we’ll take time to discover. This is an epic journey through four interlinked yet very distinct countries, each of whom have their own unique and fascinating story to tell.


  • Explore the striking dual-volcano island of Ometepe and meet the islanders that call it home

  • Search for howler monkeys, toucans and caiman in wondrous natural landscapes

  • Create and taste your own authentic pupusas in Ataco

  • Marvel at the Mayan sites of Copan, Tikal and Yaxha

  • Take a boat ride across Lake Atitlan, Central America's deepest lake

  • Visit the UNESCO colonial sights of Antigua and a nearby traditional coffee farm


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Day 1 : Tour Starts In Granada (Nicaragua)

Location: Granada

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Patio Del Malinche or similar

Meals Included: No Meals

The tour starts today in Granada. Locally known as the "Gran Sultana" it is one of Latin America's most beautiful towns. Founded in 1524 on the shores of vast Lake Nicaragua, it boasts a long history and colonial charm and is famed as one of the oldest European settlements in the western hemisphere. Granada is also a great base to visit pristine nature reserves, active and dormant volcanoes, and the artisan villages in the region. If you arrive early today we recommend a wander around the streets of the city to soak up the atmosphere.

Day 2 : Granada - Las Isletas - Granada

Location: Granada, Illetes, Granada

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Patio Del Malinche or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we head out on foot to explore the city's historic centre. We will include visits to the San Francisco Convent founded in 1529, and La Merced church. Here we can climb the bell tower and enjoy spectacular views over the city, Lake Nicaragua, and Mombacho volcano. Whilst wandering we will observe Granada’s mix of traditional Andalusian and Moorish architectural styles, home to beautiful buildings and specifically an array of doorways reflecting the influence of its two cultures. In the late afternoon we take a boat trip arounds the Las Isletas archipelago. The small forest-covered islands were formed by a volcanic eruption over twenty thousand years ago. They are home to an impresive diversity of flora and fauna as well as San Pablo fort, built in the 18th century to protect Granada against English pirates and from where we can enjoy the sunset over the city and lake.

Day 3 : Granada - Nicaragua Libre - Ometepe Island

Location: Granada, Nicaragua Libre, Ometepe

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Villa Paraiso or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast we visit the local community ´Nicaragua Libre´, idyllically located on the slopes of Mombacho Volcano. This has been set up by a co-operative of local farmers to showcase their rural community and farming techniques. Here we will be treated to a traditional lunch in a rural setting as well as a chocolate workshop to learn how to make organic chocolate from locally grown beans. We then continue our journey to the port at San Jorge to take a local ferry to Ometepe. This striking island is formed by two volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua. Its name is derived from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), meaning 'two mountains'. We stay here for the next couple of nights.

Day 4 : Ometepe Island

Location: Ometepe

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Villa Paraiso or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ometepe is a wonderfully natural environment with stunning backdrop and views of the two volcanoes of Concepcion and Maderas. Today we capture the beauty of the island by hiking through a lush plantation and dense jungle in a Biological Reserve to the San Ramón waterfall. En route we may see howler monkeys, a myriad of birds and also butterflies. We can take a dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall and enjoy a well-earned picnic lunch. We then head back down the trail in the afternoon and make a stop at Ojo de Agua; a natural swimming pool where you can relax and take a swim.

Day 5 : Masaya Volcano - Masaya Villages - Leon

Location: Masaya Volcano, Masaya, León

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: El Convento or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Taking a ferry back to the mainland this morning, we head to Masaya National Park. Here we gaze down into the active Masaya volcano to see molten lava flowing in the Santiago crater below. Our lunch stop will be in the centre of Masaya town, where we can also visit the colouful artisan market. This afternoon takes us to the surrounding villages, including San Juan de Oriente, where we can observe the local craftsmen in their traditional workshops. Later we continue our journey to Leon, Nicaragua's second largest city and former capital.

Day 6 : Leon

Location: León

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: El Convento

Meals Included: Breakfast

Leon is steeped in revolutionary history and folklore, and played a pivotal role in the 20th century political upheavals in the country, and for many it is still hugely defined by it. Leon's legacy is captured with the revolutionary statues, and murals dotted around the city. Graffiti here is not solely the mark of a frustrated teen, but symbolic of the generations of fervent political independence and thought which still lives on in Leon. We will take a walking tour through the historic part of town, home to more than 12 colonial period churches, each unique in design. These range from Baroque to Neo-Classical tiny parish size chapels, to the mighty Cathedral, and Central America's largest church. The art museum houses works of internationally renowned artists, both classic and contemporary. We also have the opportunity to explore the local market and interact with locals going about their every day lives. In the late afternoon we head for the coastal fishing village of Las Penitas for some relaxation by the beach and a chance for a cocktail watching the sunset.

Day 7 : Leon - La Union (El Salvador) - El Cuco

Location: León, La Unión, El Cuco

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Azul Surf Club or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we transfer to the small port of Potosi, the starting point for our journey across the Gulf of Fonseca, to La Union in El Salvador. The journey will take around 2 hours (weather dependent). The motorboat is open-sided so you may get a little damp during the crossing - all part of the adventure! If we are lucky we will get to see turtles, dolphins, and many species of birds. We will make a stop for lunch on the volcanic island of Zacatillo. On arrival in La Union we will need to go through the immigration procedures for El Salvador before continuing on to the beach town of El Cuco for the night.

Please note that if the boat is not operating due to poor weather conditions then we will need to drive to El Cuco. This will be a long day's drive of 8-10 hours via Honduras into El Salvador.

Day 8 : El Cuco - Suchitoto

Location: Casa Molina

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: El Tejado or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

We have a relaxed morning to enjoy the beautiful beach around the hotel. In the afternoon we transfer to Suchitoto, a small town with charming cobblestone streets and vibrant colonial buildings. Suchitoto is the cultural centre of El Salvador, but also boasts the natural and stunning backdrop of Lake Suchitlan, a former river that was dammed. The ecosystem offers budding ornithologists an abundance of bird species to observe, including pelicans, herons and storks.

Day 9 : Suchitoto

Location: Suchitoto

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: El Tejado or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

This morning we take a walking tour around the town centre to absorb the understated charm of the colonial architecture. We visit the home of Laura Pena, a sexagenarian who has been rolling hand-made cigars from local tobacco for decades. Today the art of cigar hand rolling has practically vanished, but we will have the opportunity at trying our hands at the traditional rolling technique. Our next stop is Hacienda Los Nacimientos, the location of a former guerilla camp during El Salvador’s recent Civil War which lasted from 1980 to 1992, and today provides employment for war victims. The hacienda is now used as an organic farming initiative. One of the key products is indigo, a blue dye harvested from the leaves of the xiquilite plant that has been in use since the time of the ancient Maya. We will learn about the process of its production, including its extraction, drying, and milling. For those who are interested there is a 1.5 km walk to Los Tercios Waterfall. Its uniqueness and beauty lies in the vertical wall behind the water composed of large hexagonal columns of rock, created during volcanic activity. However, numerous folkloric legends also claim to explain the origins of rocks' shape.

Day 10 : Suchitoto - Joya De Ceren - Ataco

Location: Suchitoto, Joya de Ceren, Ataco

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Fleur de Lis or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

After breakfast we drive to Joya de Cerén, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993, also called the Pompeii of America. Here we admire a pre-Columbian Maya farming village preserved remarkably intact under layers of volcanic ash when the village was buried by a volcano eruption around 600 AD. This afternoon we visit Nahuizalco, one of the most traditional towns in the area, known for handicrafts and furniture made from tulle and willow. Heading up the mountain to Salcoatitán, located at a little over 3,412 feet (1,040 meters), is a place where the first coffee plantations were planted in the 1860s. We then continue to Ataco where our dinner this evening will comprise of stuffed pupusa created by ourselves during a cookery demonstration. This is a traditional dish in El Salvador made of thick corn flatbreads filled with cheese, beans, loroco and pork. Simple but delicious!

Day 11 : Ataco - Cerro Verde National Park - Santa Ana

Location: Concepción de Ataco, Cerro Verde National Park, Santa Ana

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Remfort or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

This morning we head to the National Park Cerro Verde, an ancient volcano surrounded by the Izalco and Santa Ana volcanoes. Our walk up Santa Ana volcano starts in jungle terrain before gradually ascending above the tree line for great views to the crater. We will enjoy a picnic lunch at the rim where we can see the beautiful turquoise lake below, Izalco and Cerro Verde volcanoes, and the ocean on the horizon. If you would prefer a more relaxed option the National Park has a bird sanctuary with a collection of birds such as emerald Toucanet, magpies, woodpeckers, motmots and hummingbirds. Later in the afternoon we drive to Santa Ana, the second largest city in El Salvador. The walk is approximately 7- 8km and will take 4-5 hours round trip

Day 12 : Santa Ana - Copán (Honduras)

Location: Santa Ana, Senda Copan

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Plaza Copán or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We start the day with a walking tour of Santa Ana where we explore the city's colonial heritage, as it still boasts many traditional houses. In the heart of the city we visit the stunningly beautiful Neo-Gothic Cathedral. The original version was completed in 1575, but it was hit by lightning in the early 19th century and was re-built between 1906 and 1959. The opulent renaissance style Theatre and the Palacio Municipal are also worth visiting. After lunch in the city centre, we transfer to Copán. This will involve traversing the south east section of Guatemala before arriving in Copán, Honduras where we stay for the next two nights.

Day 13 : Copán

Location: Copan Ruinas

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Plaza Copán or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Today's focus will be the mystical Mayan site of Copán Ruinas, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruined citadel and imposing public squares reveal the three main stages of development before the city was abandoned in the early 10th century. Copán, with its temples, plazas and terraces, comprises a typical architectural complex characteristic of the Mayan civilization. The lengthy inscription on the Hieroglyphic Stairway Plaza is of considerable historical significance. The Museum of Mayan Sculpture, is also acclaimed by experts as unique in the Mayan World, boasting the masterpiece of the life sized replica of the famed Rosalila Temple, discovered in 1989. Our lunch spot will be at the Hacienda San Lucas, a beautifully preserved hacienda located in the hills overlooking the site of Copán. Los Sapos, translated as 'The Toads', which lies adjacent to the hacienda, has a collection of old Maya stones and carvings of toads scattered across the site. Archaeologists have interpreted this to be a site for Maya fertility rites, offering one of the oldest labour and delivery rooms known in Honduras. For those who are interested, there is an easy walk back to the centre of Copán to allow you to stretch your legs in the late afternoon. The evening is free for you to wander around this small town and sample some of the local cuisine.

Day 14 : Copán - Quiriguá - Rio Dulce (Guatemala)

Location: Copan Ruinas, Quirigua, Rio Dulce

Accommodation Name: Hacienda Tijax or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we head across the border into Guatemala which is a stone's throw from Copán. Our journey takes us via the archaeological ruins of Quiriguá. Lying along the Motagua River in the south-eastern part of Guatemala, these ruins date back to the Maya Classic Period (AD 200-900), and are located at the crossroads of trade routes between Guatemala and the ancient site of Copán. Culturally, this site offers an array of extraordinary preserved and deciphered stelae, depicting watershed events in Mayan history. We then head north to the Rio Dulce region. Meandering its way through the verdant landscapes of the Rio Dulce National Park the ‘Sweet River’, as it is known in Spanish, runs from Lake Izabal down to the coast and the glittering waters of the Bahia de Amatique. We stay in this natural haven for the night.

Day 15 : Rio Dulce - Yaxhá - Tikal

Location: Rio Dulce, Laguna Yaxja, Tikal

Accommodation: Lodge

Accommodation Name: Jungle Lodge or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we take to the water for a boat ride east along the Rio Dulce towards Livingston. We'll see locals out in their dug out canoes, navigate the long narrow lake of El Golfete, pass through a spectacular gorge, before reaching Livingston. This port on the Caribbean is the cultural heartland of the Garifuna; descendants of the black slave trade from the 18th century who maintain their cultural heritage, language and music today. Returning back upstream we will have lunch and then head north to the amazing site of Yaxhá. Although less well known than Tikal, the ruins at Yaxhá are very impressive with over 500 structures, including temples and a twin-pyramid complex. Climbing to the top of one of the restored temples will give us a truly amazing panorama of the surrounding jungle and the Yahxá and Sacnab lakes, and we’ll spend sunset here. Continuing on to Tikal, we’ll overnight at the edge of the park itself.

Day 16 : Tikal - Flores

Location: Tikal, Flores

Accommodation Name: Villa Maya or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Early this morning we will visit the remarkable ruins of Tikal, set within the lush landscapes of the Parque Nacional Tikal. Considered by many to be the finest collection of Mayan ruins on earth, this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site lies encased in a remote jungle setting. Abandoned over a thousand years ago, the city was once one of the largest and most powerful in the Mayan world, its temples and pyramids spreading across an area of over 16 square kilometres. Deserted since the end of the 9th century AD the city lay lost for centuries, before it was rediscovered in 1848 and its temple complexes again stood testimony to the incredible ingenuity of Mayan engineering. The site is still only partially excavated and the jungle trails that wind through the expansive plazas and past towering Mayan pyramids, enhanced by the choral accompaniment of howler monkeys and toucans, only add to its feeling of remoteness. Those that want to can be there as soon as the site opens for dawn and we can enjoy having the site more or less to ourselves before the masses arrive later in the day. The views from atop Temples 4 & 5 provide vistas that overlook the jungle canopy and stretch out as far as Mexico and Belize. After lunch we’ll head to Flores, spectacularly located on an island in the middle of Lago Petén Itza. We will explore something of its densely packed streets and colonial charm. Ideal for exploring on foot, Flores is filled with narrow cobbled streets and interesting plazas, its red-roofed buildings adding to its enchanting appeal.

Day 17 : Flores - Guatemala City - Lake Atitlán

Location: Flores, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlán

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Villa Santa Catarina or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After an early flight to Guatemala City, we journey to the spectacular shores of Lake Atitlan. This is the deepest lake in Central America and considered by many as one of the most beautiful in the Americas. An old caldera, the lake’s volcanic origins are still very much in evidence, the deep escarpments that surround it still being sprinkled with volcanic peaks that attest to its violent beginnings. Heading down to Lake Atitlan we then gaze upon a setting that Aldous Huxley once described as ‘really too much of a good thing’. Covering over 130 square kilometres, the lake’s fertile shores are dotted with farms producing coffee, corn, avocados and strawberries, whilst the villages that blanket the basin still retain the deep seated traditions of their Mayan heritage. We continue to the small town of Santa Catarina Palopó later this afternoon, where we will spend the next two nights.

Day 18 : Lake Atitlán

Location: Lake Atitlán

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Villa Santa Catarina or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we take a boat trip to visit some of the villages dotted around the lake. At Santiago Atitlán, populated by Tz’utujil-speaking Mayans, we visit the colourful market and observe the spectacularly dressed Mayan women. The local church is adorned with dozens of statues of saints dressed in indigenous clothes, representing a unique fusion of Catholicism and Mayan motifs. The church’s three altarpieces represent the three volcanoes surrounding the town, and these play a prominent part in local myths. During our visit we will go in search of Maximón, a Mayan and Spanish-Catholic deity, also known as San Simon. Venerated as a folk saint he has a dubious track record of womanising, smoking and drinking, and we will hear many tales about his exploits. Today, the effigy of Maximón moves residence between local families and is relocated each year during the procession of Holy Week. Later we visit the village of San Juan La Laguna, famed for its traditional artisans producing paintings and intricate textiles using organic dyes. Returning to Santa Catarina we have the opportunity of visiting the local project of Pintando Santa Catarina), introduced to regenerate the village and local economy by encouraging visitors using the medium of local art. The concept of 'art inspires life' can be seen in bold and grand colourful designs on houses all around the village.

Day 19 : Lake Atitlán - Chichicastenango Market - Antigua

Location: Lake Atitlán, Chichicastenango Market, Antigua Guatemala

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Meson de Maria or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we head to the highland market town of Chichicastenango. The town's colourful and lively market is famed throughout the region and it is an ideal place to pick up a bargain or two amongst the pigs and pottery. You will also have a chance to visit the 400 year old Church of St Tomas, where a unique mix of Mayan ceremony and Catholic faith demonstrates a fascinating centuries old collaboration between the two religions. Heading south we make a stop to see the Stone faced idol, Pascual Abaj, situated on a hill side above the town. The local people or 'Chuchkajaues' make offerings and say prayers at this site. After taking lunch with a local family we drive to the charming city of Antigua. Set in a beautiful valley and surrounded by volcanic peaks, Antigua has been described as one of the finest colonial cities left in the Americas. Dating back to the early part of the 16th century, this World Heritage gem is blessed with a stunning collection of beautifully preserved colonial buildings that have survived centuries of earthquakes, floods and the relentless onset of progress.

Day 20 : Antigua

Location: Antigua Guatemala

Accommodation: Hotel

Accommodation Name: Meson de Maria or similar

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Guatemalan coffee is considered to be amongst the finest in the world, and this morning we will take a tour of one of the region’s small, independent coffee producers. Supported by a number of organisations that promote environmentally responsible agriculture, the tour affords a chance to see how the coffee is picked and washed, graded and then roasted over open fires, before being hand ground on a traditional grindstone. We finish by sampling a cup of freshly brewed local coffee with the family. Returning to Antigua we embark on a walking tour of the city exploring its historical core. This includes a number of its ruined churches and convents such as the 16th century churches of Iglesia San Francisco. The cathedral of La Merced, in its heyday, was one of the Central America’s largest. This evening we will head out for a farewell dinner in one of the local restaurants in the city.

Day 21 : Tour Ends In Antigua

Location: Antigua

Meals Included: Breakfast

The tour ends this morning in Antigua

What's Included


    20 x Breakfasts, 16 x Lunches, 15 x Dinners


    Contributions to carbon offset & tree planting projects for all bookings


    On this tour we will use minibuses, local tourist style charter boats, your own two feet and a domestic flight.


    Maximum: 12


    All accommodation as outlined in the itinerary


    The full services of a Wild Frontiers Tour Leader with local guides where appropriate


    All entrance fees for sights mentioned in the itinerary


    Low / Moderate

What's Not Included

We believe in a completely transparent approach to pricing with no hidden extras. As such, please note that the following are not included in the cost of the tour.Visas & Travel Insurance: Visas will always be tour
ationality dependent but travel insurance is mandatoryTips: Always optional but some guidance will be given in the pre-departure information documentsInternational .Flights: Please ask us for an obligation-free quote for flights which originate in the UKAirport .Transfers: We include complimentary transfers if arriving/departing on the suggested group flights.Beverages & any costs of a personal nature: This will include items such as laundry and souvenirs


Visas are necessary for many of the destinations we travel to and while we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information, requirements frequently change and as such for the latest advice we advise that you check with the relevant embassies or contact our recommended visa agency, Travcour www.travcour.com 

For this tour UK passport holders currently require a visa for Honduras which can be obtained on entry. For Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala UK citizens can enter these countries for up to 90 days without a visa.

Non-UK passport holders or non-UK residents should contact the relevant embassies for individual requirements.

NB. Please note that as of January 2016 US policy (subject to change) has stated that anyone wishing to travel to or via the USA must have a biometric passport. In addition, anyone who has travelled to several countries including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen or Somalia since March 2011, is required to apply for a US visa (rather than just an ESTA). If you are affected by this, the process is fairly straightforward and you can read more about it here - www.wildfrontierstravel.com/us-visa .

Further details will be sent out to you on booking, however ensuring that correct and valid visas are obtained remains the sole responsibility of the client.

Key Aspects to Consider

Anyone in a reasonable state of health, with an open mind and a sense of adventure should be perfectly able to cope with this tour. However, please note we will be covering long distances during the tour and there will be some long driving days. There are some included walks on this tour and the volcano ones can be challenging due to the terrain and heat. You can of course opt out of the walks if you would prefer. There are also a number of boat trips and you will need agility to board some of the boats, although assistance will always be on hand. Whilst vegetarians can be catered for the food choices may be limited. The accommodation is simple and comfortable but may not have all the amenties and facilities in more developed countries, but the charm and character will more than compensate for this.

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    We include complimentary transfers if arriving/departing on the suggested group flights

  • Do you require a visa for this holiday?

    Non-UK passport holders or non-UK residents should contact the relevant embassies for individual requirements.

  • What policies are in place for Covid-19?

    We have a complete Covid-19 hub here: https://www.wildfrontierstravel.com/en_GB/covid-hub

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    Since 2002

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    In most cases, yes. Not only are many destinations making double-vaccination a requirement of entry to the country and/or access to restaurants, museums etc., but additionally on all our group tours for the foreseeable future, for everyone’s peace of mind, we are asking that all clients be double vaccinated.

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