Svalbard Circumnavigation & Kvitoya

Svalbard Circumnavigation & Kvitoya

14 Days



Svalbard Circumnavigation & Kvitoya

14 Days Starting and ending in Longyearbyen

Visiting: Spitsbergen

Tour operator:

World Expeditions

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Group size:

1 - 114

Physical rating:

Discovery and Cruising

$10824 (USD) The Big ADVENTURE Sale: -$306

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Tour Overview

The island of Kvitøya or the "White Island" is one of the least visited places in the Svalbard Archipelago. Our aim on this voyage is to include a landing at this remote island, which is the eastern most point of Denmark. Following a flexible itinerary, our voyage aboard Sea Spririt offers access to the Arctic's most dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife. With ample opportunities to observe seabird colonies, roaming polar bears, playful seals and packed walrus haulouts, we'll make regular Zodiac excursions to walk across the tundra, up to high points for views across the vast glaciated inland and down to the iceberg-strewn bay where our ship is dwarfed by the monumental landscape.


  • Search for Polar Bear

  • Cruise one of the most wildlife-rich parts of the Arctic

  • Spectacular glaciers and fjords

  • Experiencing the history of the old mining industry in the area

  • Optional kayaking


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Day 1 : Arrive In Longyearbyen

Welcome to Longyearbyen, the administrative center of Svalbard and starting point of our Arctic expedition. At the Longyearbyen airport, you will be greeted by our staff and transferred to a quality hotel, which has been arranged by us and is included in the price of the itinerary. You will then be free to explore the charming, walkable town center. We recommend starting your discovery of the High Arctic at the excellent Svalbard Museum, where you can also purchase hard-to-find polar books and maps. Afterward, you can enjoy an excellent dinner at one of Longyearbyen’s many delightful restaurants. If you are still awake at midnight, you will notice the sun has not set. In fact, the sun will not set for the entire duration of our time in Svalbard.

Day 2 : Morning In Longyearbyen And Embark The Sea Spirit In The Afternoon
Meals Included: B, D

After breakfast at your hotel, the morning is yours to enjoy Longyearbyen. Take in the views of icy fjords and glaciated mountains surrounding this historic coal-mining town. Take advantage of shopping for souvenirs or some last-minute necessities such as cold-weather gear. Just remember, you will soon receive your very own parka to keep and waterproof boots to borrow on board the ship. For lunch, Longyearbyen offers quick and easy meal options including the most northerly pizzas and kebabs in the world. In the afternoon, you will be transferred to the pier where we will warmly welcome you aboard the deluxe expedition vessel M/V Sea Spirit. Get settled in your spacious suite and explore the ship that will be your comfortable home during the extraordinary adventure to come. Once underway, a full schedule of events kicks off with informative briefings and introductions from your expedition staff. After the first of many delicious dinners on board, step out onto the open decks to admire the gorgeous scenery in endless evening light as we pass through the wildlife-rich waters of Isfjorden, one of the largest fjords in Svalbard.

Day 3 : Explore Spisbergen's West Coast
Meals Included: B, L, D

The goal of this voyage is a circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago. We will make an attempt to go to the northeastern most part of the archipelago – the island of Kvitøya, famous for its polar bears. Along the way, we hope to experience the many facets of this incredible High Arctic territory. Much of the pristine nature of Spitsbergen is protected by a system of national parks, and the first one on our way will be the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park, which is the crown jewel of Svalbard’s scenic wonders. This area is well-known for its deep fjords flanked by serrated mountain ranges and immense tidewater glaciers calving icebergs into turquoise waters. The skies are filled with millions of murres, guillemots and little auks, whose eggs are just now hatching at countless breeding colonies located on small islands, mountainsides and sea cliffs within the park. This is also a great chance to encounter marine mammals, including beluga whales and various Arctic seals. This wildly beautiful area contains many enchanting locations like Signehamna Bay and Kongsbreen Glacier (“Kings Glacier”). Human habitation – rare along our route – can be found at Ny Ålesund, a former mining town and airship base that is now home to an international community of Arctic researchers. This is one of the world’s most northerly settlements where you can find a museum, gift shop and post office.

Day 6 : Polar Ice Edge
Meals Included: B, L, D

The Svalbard Archipelago is located halfway between the top of Norway and the North Pole, which means the Polar Ice Edge can be found to the north of the islands! This corner of Svalbard is full of stunning scenery and wildlife as well as rich history from the age of exploration. Our plan is to navigate along the ice edge towards the island of Nordaustlandet and further to the east towards Kvitøya (White Island). However, remember, our route and research opportunities are heavily dependent on the weather. But rest assured, we’ll take the best possible advantage of the circumstances presented to us by nature in this wild and remote corner of the world.

Day 7 : Attempt Landing At Kvitoya
Meals Included: B, L, D

On this part of the journey, we will make an attempt to go to the eastern and northern regions of the Svalbard Archipelago – infrequently visited aboard expedition ships – experiencing the isolation and beautiful remoteness of Svalbard’s Arctic wilderness areas. Kvitøya (White Island) is one of the most rarely visited and closest islands to Franz Josef Land. This place, almost completely covered by ice, became the final resting place of the balloon expedition of the Swedish polar explorer Salomon August Andrée. Kvitøya is not always accessible to expedition ships, but it may provide another opportunity to observe polar bears in their natural habitat. Another impressive location in this area is Karl XII Öya, which is the northernmost part of Svalbard. Polar explorers Alfred Gabriel Nathorst and Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld visited this remote island in the 19th century, and if we are lucky enough, we will be able to follow their trails.

Day 9 : Northwest Svalbard & Nordaustlandet
Meals Included: B, L, D

During this voyage, we expect to encounter significant sea ice concentrations in the enormous Northwest Svalbard Nature Reserve, which covers the rugged northwestern parts of Spitsbergen and the entirety of Nordaustlandet, the second largest island in Svalbard. In this remote and isolated region, ice can persist very late into the summer. The massive Austfonna ice cap rises above the stunning landscapes of the High Arctic. Part of it meets the sea along the 45-kilometer ice cliff known as Bråsvellbreen—one of the great wonders of the Arctic world. The polar desert environment supports little in the way of vegetation, but hosts a prodigious number of seabirds. The cliffs of Alkefjellet are home to thousands of pink-footed geese, glaucous gulls, little auks, black-guillemots, snow buntings and (probably) barnacle geese. Historically, this icy wilderness has proven a good location for spotting polar bear and walrus.

Day 11 : Southeast Svalbard
Meals Included: B, L, D

The Southeast Svalbard Nature Reserve is a truly pristine and rarely visited wilderness containing hundreds of uninhabited islands. On the large islands of Edgeøya and Barentsøya, broad tundra valleys support the territory’s densest population of endemic Svalbard reindeer. The valleys are also important breeding areas for ground-nesting birds such as geese, eiders and sandpipers. Arctic foxes prowl the vast landscape, seeking to provide food for their young cubs, who are just now emerging from their dens. Shallow, murky seas are ideal feeding grounds for walruses resting in large numbers on gently sloping beaches. Historical sites throughout the islands provide glimpses into the region’s bygone era of trapping and hunting. South Spitsbergen National Park is a vast region of varied landscapes, including polar deserts and impassible mountain ranges. The centerpiece of this park is Hornsund, a picture-perfect fjord where countless mighty glaciers cascade from soaring mountaintops into icy inlets. The park also includes the southern shores of Bellsund, a picturesque bay where the remains of historical whaling operations can be found, including wooden boats, cabins and thousands of whale bones — a scene from the distant past, literally frozen in time. Throughout the park, there is always a high probability of wildlife sightings. Wildflowers will be at their peak during this time.
Because of its extended length, this ambitious and in-depth Svalbard circumnavigation expedition cruise is a great chance to get a comprehensive view of the Arctic’s many faces. Every day offers something new and exciting. We will not miss a single opportunity to encounter amazing Arctic wildlife, witness incredible polar scenery and walk in the footsteps of historic expeditions.

Day 12 : West Coast Of Svalbard
Meals Included: B, L, D

Our circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago is coming to an end. We are back to the West Coast of the Spitsbergen archipelago, with its beautiful locations like Alkhornet Mountain (which is also known as bird heaven because its cliffs support over 10,000 breeding pairs of seabirds).

Day 14 : Disembark Longyearbyen Where Trip Concludes.
Meals Included: B

After filling up with one last buffet breakfast on board, we bid you farewell in Longyearbyen. We provide transfers to the airport and flight to Oslo. By this time, you may already be making plans for your next amazing trip with us into the polar world!

What's Included

  • Accommodation
    12 Nights aboard Sea Spirit

  • 12 breakfasts, 11 lunches and 13 dinners

  • 1 night hotel accommodation in Longyearbyen on a triple or twin share basis (depending on ship berth configuration chosen)

  • Group transfer to the ship on day of embarkation

  • Comfortable cabin accommodation and use of all public areas on cruise

  • All shore excursions from the ship including the use of Zodiacs

  • Specialist expedition staff

  • Lectures, videos, slide and film shows and guide services

  • Complimentary Polar Expedition Parka

  • Medical services. There is a resident medical officer and infirmary on board (charges may apply)

  • Rubber boots for shore landings for the time of the cruise

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What's Not Included

  • Air transport and airport transfers before and after the cruises (other than group flight/transfers to and from the ship) detailed in the itinerary

  • Accommodation and meals or other services not included in the ship cruise itinerary

  • Visa, passport and vaccination charges and airport departure taxes

  • Laundry, postage, personal clothing, medical expenses, travel insurance and items of a personal nature such as bar charges, wine and phone calls

  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance to a minimum benefit of USD 200,000

  • Customary end of voyage tips


12 Nights aboard Sea Spirit
There are a variety of cabins available on the ship. Please ask us for more details.


Although there is no commitment to extended walking on this journey we nonetheless want to keep the ‘accent on the active’. We therefore advise that any physical training you complete before undertaking the trip will be to good effect.


Infertile and wasteland are two words one often hears in connection with the polar regions. Yet over 800 species of flowering plant flourish in the Arctic, though by contrast there are only two species of flowering plants on the Antarctic mainland since it is a long way from the next continent, a fact which reduces the chances of new plant species becoming established. The major part of Antarctica is also covered by eternal ice and the climate is much harsher than in most parts of the Arctic. In the few places where plants can grow, mosses and lichens play a bigger role than flowering plants. Some lichens even grow in the polar desert areas in the interior of Antarctica where the conditions are truly extreme. Arctic plants have to be very small to survive. A tall plant would be helplessly exposed to the sharp ice crystals with which the wind would constantly batter it.

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  • Who will be my travelling companions on the tour?

    We have offices on three continents which means your travelling companions will be just that – international and wonderfully eclectic. Part of small group travel means that although travellers come from various locations and backgrounds, you will be travelling with like-minded companions who, like you, are keen to share the experience and forge lifelong friendships.

  • What about environmental impact?

    We believe that adventure travel revolves around establishing a strong relationship with the people and environments in which we operate. Our responsible travel policies have been carefully developed to ensure that we minimise the impact of our presence and help to protect the regions we visit while contributing positively to the local community.

  • What should I pack?

    Your pre-departure documents include a detailed packing list with items that you need to bring. While most of the equipment for daily activities is included in your tour cost, some items like helmets and hiking boots are best brought from home. The pre-departure documents also include information on layering and recommended brands for various items to ensure you are fully prepared for your trip.

  • Do you operate a “single share” option and how does it work?

    Yes. World Expeditions does not require single travellers to pay a surcharge for travelling alone on the vast majority of our trips. Our holidays are primarily on a twin share basis, so if you are joining the group as a solo traveller, we will match you with someone of your own gender. The choice is yours however; if you prefer not to share, we do offer single supplements for private occupancy.

  • Are tips included in my trip price?

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  • Am I suited to small-group travel?

    We recognise that many of our travellers have not been on a ‘group trip’ before. Yet what our departures provide is both structure and flexibility, allowing you plenty of freedom within the framework of the itinerary. You’ll find that with our maximum group size at 16, you’ll travel in a minimal impact style with a great group of like-minded travellers.

  • Can you advise which vaccinations are recommended?

    While our pre-departure kit provides information on vaccinations, we suggest that you consult your doctor, local government inoculation centre or a travel medical specialist in order to get the most current advice regarding vaccination requirements.

Reviews from Travellers on this Tour

Nicola Cromwell Redford(Guildford, UK)  

Svalbard Circumnavigation & Kvitoya

29 Jun 2022

We had lots of complications with our trip - cancellations and rearrangements due to covid restrictions, and unexpected covid tests, but Nicola at World Expeditions was excellent. She was helpful, professional, and quick to respond at all times, despite our numerous questions. And if she didn’t know an answer, she was quick to send a holding reply and go and find out for us. This is our second trip with world expeditions, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

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