2021 tourhub Wrapped

The Stand Out Operators

We’ve chosen 3 operators who went above and beyond with their services, providing support for their tourists and operating at an exceptional level of hospitality even in the most difficult of times!

tourhub’s Stand Out Operators of 2021 are:

No. 3 - Culture Trip - Culture trip has always pushed the boundaries for more people to travel inclusively to evermore destinations whilst striving to improve their sustainability when traveling around the globe.

No. 2 - G-Adventures - Throughout everything, G Adventures have continued to ooze positivity, even collaborating with Hostelworld to bring us a brand new and exciting style of touring - ‘Roamies’

No. 1 - Intrepid Travel - revitalizing themselves, Intrepid Travel has donned a new coat of paint this year, providing a whole new purpose by taking part in climate activism such as attending COP26 as well as supporting the vaccine equity awareness movement.

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Our Stand Out Influencers

These are the people behind (and in front of!) the camera, gathering outstanding pictures to inspire us; some travelling to the ends of the world to showcase undiscovered and unique locations!

tourhub’s Stand Out Influencers of 2021 are:

No. 3 - @Fokkebok - This photographer and travel blogger couple have truly put focus on the beauty of the natural landscape wherever they’ve travelled whether that be the mountains of Europe or the white sandy beaches of Thailand.

No. 2 - @findingalexx - Alexx is a solo female travel blogger & photographer with a knack for finding the most epic experiences around the globe. She's an expert on making the most of time and money while travelling so that you can truly maximise everything your tour has to offer.

No. 1 - @pedrofcarreira - Pedro is a solo traveller from Lisbon who captures the most beautiful photos of everywhere he travels. The unique photography style of his travels brings inspiration to all travel lovers and this year they took their shot and for that, they are our top star of the year.

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Our Stand Out Tour Styles

Of course, the destination is important but we believe that the journey is where the real fun lies! Whether it’s hiking, sightseeing or train-hopping, everyone has their ideal style of exploring and this year these were your favourites.

No. 3 - Foodie Tours - One of our favourite parts of discovering new cultures is tasting new and exciting foods! Your senses are important when creating those amazing memories, and in 2021 you guys did not want to neglect those taste buds!

No. 2 - Luxury Tours - After working through a pandemic or being trapped in lockdown, quite a few of you wanted to treat yourselves to those little extra luxuries like a 5* hotel, upgraded transport or a private tour guide - and we don’t blame you, you’ve earned it!

No. 1 - Adventure Tours - If you’re going to finally break out of the day-to-day routine then why not push your limits and create incredible memories at the same time - our travellers definitely got back into the swing of things and ‘lived their bucket lists with adventure tours in 2021.

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The Stand Out destinations of 2021

Finally, the big one (it does include the entire planet) 7 continents, nearly 200 countries around the world and millions of destinations from the highest mountains to the lowest canyons, from world heritage sites and the most modern of cities; these were our Stand Out destinations in 2021:

No. 3 - Greenland - With its natural landscape, Greenland is a truly stunning land to traverse. Our travelers chose to escape from the modern world to become one with the natural world and its unique geological landscape.

No. 2 - UK - With its many possibilities and attractions, the UK provides a variety of different tours for everyone, whether it’s hiking through the Lake district or lavishing in the luxury of London, staycations within the UK have become one of the most popular ways to discover somewhere new that was right in front of our faces this year.

No. 1 - Peru - With its natural beauty like the Andes mountains, the diversity of the Amazon rainforest, and one of the seven wonders of the world - Machu Picchu, there is no surprise that Peru tops our list with its natural and historical prowess.

That’s a wrap! We want to thank all our influencers, operators, travelers, and followers for making 2021 a year to remember! See you in 2022 - get that bucket lists ready!

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