How to reduce your carbon footprint but still explore the world!

Train, Japan

Japan is famous for its rail travel, which has routes stretching all over the country’s 4 main islands. Considered a fast and reliable method of transportation, the ‘Bullet Train’ is even considered a tourist attraction in itself.

Citizens and visitors of the country alike are welcome to use the trains at any time of day, and there are many types of trains to use to take you almost anywhere in the country.

It’s well known that Japan has bullet trains, and slower ‘Local’ trains, but there are actually 5 train types that vary in speed and the number of stations they stop at!

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Tuk-tuks & Rickshaws, Sri Lanka

Tuk-tuks (or Rickshaws) are a fun and adventurous way to travel. Their open sides and small size means that you can get closer to the action, hear the conversations and pull up just about anywhere!

The local drivers often love to chat and can show you a whole new side of the destination you are visiting! Tuk tuk tours are a fantastic way to explore in convoy with your group, hopping in and out at your own convenience!

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Sailing, Croatia

Sailing is an idyllic way to travel, and what’s more, to this day, remains one of the greenest and most sustainable ways to travel. Often also providing your accommodation, there are usually plenty of harbours and marinas to pull into when you want to come back to land and explore.

Croatia is especially popular with sailing groups, with May and June being the best time to set sail as the weather is starting to warm up, and the oceans are relatively calm for easy boat control.

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Mountain Biking, Wales

Cycling is a self-sufficient activity that has zero negative impacts on the environment and can provide the best views of landscapes often unreachable by vehicle!

On a tour, the operators provide the bikes and even the routes so the only limit to cycling is how much you can push yourself!

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Active Adventure, Colorado

Similar to cycling, the only thing limiting your journey is how far you're willing to travel. Walking is the cheapest way to travel and has almost no negative effect on the environment.

Travel with a group of like-minded ramblers or meet new people along the way!

America has plenty of National Parks to choose from, and it’s up to you how far you go!

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Coach/Tour Bus, India

A bus may not seem like the most obvious sustainable choice but the fewer individual journeys the better!

India is a packed yet picturesque country full of colourful culture and the best way to ensure that you see as much of it as possible in a short amount of time is on a coach or bus tour.

Not to mention that a guide is an absolute must to get the best out of this mesmerizing country!

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