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You can find the T&Cs for the competition in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Don't miss this opportunity to win £1000 cash or embark on an unforgettable journey with £1000 towards one of our EPIC adventures! Make sure you enter by midnight on Sunday 11th June. Good luck!

Share your passion!

Anybody can take a picture but can you inspire and create excitement by sharing your experiences?

We've handpicked our Travel Gurus because we think they can, by sharing their knowledge and passion for chosen destinations in the form of a short feature. Curate a unique Guru feature with images, videos and top tips and we will add on your profile card so that people can choose to follow you or get in touch with you.

It's super quick to upload a few pictures, answer optional questions and we will get in touch once they are posted!

What's in it for tourhub?

A destination is more than just a stock photo and a 10-year-old review of a 'great day for all the family', each destination has a story to tell.

We don't just want to be another company promoting our most popular products, we want to empower travelers to share their personal stories and unbiased experiences to help others be inspired and confident about their trip selections.

Yes it's free content for us, but don't worry, we already have plenty of that direct from suppliers and customers!

What's in it for you?

It's simple - Share and get shared!

- Socials - You'll always be credited & tagged (or asked to collaborate) if we share your feature on stories, posts or reels across our multiple social platforms (total following 1.5m).

- Website & Emails - Your content will be viewed by thousands of web visitors daily as well as our travel-hungry email database! Remember we will always link with your social handle!

- Guru Status - Our customers are genuine travelers with a thirst for travel inspiration. You will be seen as an expert, working in collaboration with an aggregator of over 750 of the world's leading tour operators.

- Discount - Watch out for your personal travel discount code (for use sitewide) when you have submitted your first Travel guru Feature!

- Our influencer community - tourhub acts as a crucial connection between influencers & operators or tourism boards who are regularly looking for new collaboration opportunities. We keep our influencers updated with FAM trip and marketing opportunities.

- Discount codes - Once you’ve submitted a Travel Guru feature, you’ll receive a discount code which can be used across our website, as well as a code for you to share with your followers!

You can also choose to join our Affiliate program so that you can earn from your socials.

Step 1: Join our community

Complete a quick profile including at least one social handle so that we can always credit your content.

It also helps us keep you up to date with new ways in which we work with our community of influencers and affiliates.

Step 2: Create a Travel Guru feature

1. Select the destination you have expert knowledge in (Try to avoid whole countries and stick to specific areas, landmarks or towns so that your feature is one of a kind!)

2. Add your inspiring images, starting with your cover image.

3. Add your helpful travel tips and give a unique perspective. Choose between the questions or create your own, you can also just show 'image only'.

4. Your profile card will automatically fill with the image and info that you uploaded in your profile. Then we'll generate and promote your content across our website and socials.

Step 3: Submit & get shared

Between our following on multiple social platforms (1.5m) and our web visitors and loyal customers, you're sure to get your content and travel expertise noticed!

There's even an opportunity to earn with our affiliate program.

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